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Monday, August 21, 2017


Thanks to the support of YouTube donors, & some money I got from writing a couple of articles for, The Legendary Mad Matilda will be coming to Paperback & e-readers this Halloween!

Mike Williams, a regular reader of my blog and the artist for the AWESOME Deak Sledge Webcomic designed the cover for Legendary Mad Matilda. He did an AMAZING job with the art on this cover. His style is a perfect fit for Matilda’s Goth aesthetic and the dark tone of the story. I love how he made all the blacks different shades and textures to show the difference between the cloth and leather Goths wear, and how he used shadow and light to provide a contrast to the Tim Burton style stripes on the background. He’s added great depth to the story on this cover and those little touches he’s that bring the story of an African-American Goth to life. It looks just like I imagined the mugshot Matilda has on her vanity in Spnisterella.

The greatest part of putting this project together was being able to participate in Group Economics. The money I got from Black donors on YouTube and freelancing for the Black owners of website was paid to a Black artist to design the cover by a Black writer to publish a story featuring an African-American Goth. So at the end of the day Black dollars went from Black hands to other Black hands and were circulated in the Black community three times through three Black businesses.

I’m happy to be able to be able to get this book to readers; many readers in the Black community and the Black Goth community, and the Goth community have been asking when the conclusion to the Spinsterella Trilogy would be released, and I hated telling them the book had to be put on hold due to my financial issues. Now that the book has a cover, everyone can find out what led to Matilda leaving the Club scene and becoming an employee at Amalgamated Consolidated. Will there be more stories featuring Matilda Crowley? Depends on how the sales of this book go.  

You can pick up the two previous stories in the trilogy Spinsterella and Spellbound in paperback and e-readers on and online bookstores today. And Check out Mike’s Deak Sledge Strip, it’s one of the best webcomics online today!

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