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Monday, August 7, 2017

Isis: Escape From Transylvania Sample Chapter

I’m in the middle of writing a cover letter and outlining some new Isis and E’steem series stories. So here’s a sample chapter of Isis: Escape From Transylvania, the sequel to Isis: Bride of Dracula and Isis: Night of The Vampires!  

Chapter 15

As John slumps over into the headrest, I look over to Lucretia across the cabin. “Hey, can we get some pillows?” I request. “Mr. Haynes seems to be jetlagged.”
While Lucretia grabs a pillow out of the overhead compartment, I let out a long yawn as my eyes water. That’s weird, I never feel jet lag. And I fly across multiple time zones at high altitudes all the time. I can understand John boy being tired from working all those long days in the office, but I shouldn’t be feeling anything ten minutes into a transcontinental flight.
As Lucretia approaches us with the pillow for John, she greets me with a smile as I take it from her. As I get up out of my seat to put the pillow under his head I start feeling dizzy. “Are you all right Isis?” Lucretia  asks.
Wait a minute- we’ve never met. So why does she keep calling me by my name? When I look out the window and don’t see her reflection in it I realize we’ve been set up. “You’re a Vampire!” I bark.
Lucretia ’s eyes grow wide as I lunge at her. On seeing me putting up a fight, the other two stewardesses rush over to her as I stagger into the aisle of the cabin. As I try to swing at them, they grab my arms and twist them behind my back. “I should have known you demons were liars!” I snarl.
“We’re far from through with you goddess! ” Lucretia says opening up the jewel on the large silver and onyx ring on her left ring finger. “You’re both going to pay for what you did to my father!”
Lucretia points the spray nozzle inside at me and shoots me in the face with pink dust. Oh my God! That’s the Sandman’s dust of dreams! That’s what they must have put in my shake! I do everything I can to fight off the effects of the drowsiness overtaking me as I’m shoved back into my seat, but it’s too strong. The last thing I see before everything turns black is Lucretia ’s smile.

Isis: Escape From Translyvania is one of several titles delayed because I don’t have the money to pay an artist to design the cover! So if you could donate to my Patreon or my PayPal, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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