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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Isis Coming To DC’s Legends of Tomorrow To Spite President Trump

Isis is coming to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Producer Marc Guggenheim says he wants to take a Jab at President Donald Trump So he’s introducing a Muslim Superhero based on DC comic book heroine from the 1970s.

A Muslim Superhero named named Isis. Based on the goddess from Egyptian Mythology.

Damn. Just Damn.

Can’t Marc Guggenheim see the contradictions here? Most Muslims don’t want anything to do with the Heliopolitan faith or the gods of Heliopolis. So why would a Muslim heroine name herself after a goddess of another religion?

But Diversity. Even though it doesn’t make any sense. Because President Trump is alleged to be Islamophobic.

Can these producers please leave their SJW politics out of these DC TV Shows? It’s bad enough that Supergirl Season 2 was infested with so much feminism that it became unwatchable. And it sucked the life out of Riverdale when the Berlanti Productions’ writers decided to turn Chuck Clayton into a cipher to take a potshot at Bill Cosby. Now the producers are looking to use Legends of Tomorrow to take a Potshot at Trump.

Well maybe Mark Guggenheim needs to get the mote out of his own eye before looking at Donald Trump’s plank. Because when it comes to Black men these liberals have been practicing racism on their shows for the last few years.

James Olsen was went from lead and love interest in the back half of Supergirl Season 1 to becoming emasculated in his role of Guardian of the Freindzone in Season 2. John Diggle has been Oliver’s butler for 5 years. Mr. Terrific has been changed from a heterosexual man who was world’s third smartest man in the comics into a bumbling, stumbling gay idiot. And both Firestorm and has been neutered and asexualized.

So the pot shouldn’t be calling the kettle black.  I find it funny that James Olsen can’t have a relationship with Supergirl on CW’s Supergirl but Barry Allen and Steel can have relationships with Iris West and Vixen on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

But Trump is the racist. Yeah right.

The liberal producers who are still butthurt about Donald Trump winning the election are just as racist as they allege Donald Trump to be. They want to include a Muslim Isis into the Legends of Tomorrow to jab him but their attempt at “diversity” shows us how racist they truly are. If they really wanted to prove that they weren’t racist to everyone they’d do something about the stereotypical way Black men are depicted on all these Berlanti shows.

Seriously, I just want to see a good superhero show where good guys take on bad guys. And we’re not getting that on most of these Berlanti productions. Instead of telling stories that are true to the source material we’re getting people trying to push their own political agendas. The 2016 election is over. Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti need to just move on and just make some great superhero shows.


  1. Or, y'know get their fucking hands off DC and Archie and take their shitfest elsewhere

  2. You clearly have higher expectations for live-action shows/films than I do.

    1. I have the highest expectations for anything. If you can't do it well, it ain't woth doing!

  3. With a name like ISIS it is clear that DC is no longer being subtle. Neither are Marvel Comics and Archie.

  4. Shawn James, this might interest you:

    1. I said I wasn't watching Supergirl after all the femininism this season. Looks like they're continuing to push it further for Season 3. And they want to make a conservative look like a bad guy. Looks like I have more reasons to NOT watch this show.

  5. I mean seriously, are the producers on TV so bad that Indy Sci-Fi writers know the world around them even better? That's pathetic.