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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sorry DC, I’m Still NOT Buying your Comics!

The only DC I'll Support! 

Currently in the DC Comics Rebirth storyline there have been some major developments.

Superman’s origin has been retconned one Mo’ again. Now the Classic Superman and the New 52 Superman have been “merged and their histories are one. There’s speculation that Conner Kent will get a Rebirth, but we’ll see.

Flash and Batman have met Thomas Wayne of Flashpoint. Ted Kord is back as Blue Beetle. And there’s speculation that the classic DC Universe may be on its way back again.

Sorry DC I’m not falling for the bait this time.

Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me twice Shame on me.

When it comes to DC Comics they have cock teased comic fans for almost seven years making promises that the Classic DC Universe will come back.

I’ll see it when I believe it. Until then my wallet stays closed.

Goeff Johns says the developments in Rebirth are all part of a bigger story. Part of his two-year plan to make everything make sense from the mess that is Flashpoint, New 52, and Convergence. Once he explains everything regarding New 52, Flashpoint and Convergence in Rebirth it’s supposed to lead up to the Crisis of 20l8 that’s supposed to change everything back to Classic DC.

The big problem is that Johns bad writing is part of the problem. So how can he create a constructive solution to all that ails DC? For me asking Johns to fix the dysfunction in the DC Universe is like asking the Joker to cure his own insanity.

The real Crisis at DC is still in the editorial department and it’s been in the editorial department for over 15 years. Nothing is going to change at DC until the Dan Didio era ends. When that happens then many of the comic fans standing on the fence will have the incentive to go out and buy DC Comics again.

Most DC Comics fans are waiting for Didio to be handed his walking papers and his editorial regime to be sent packing. For them that would signify the end of an era and the beginning of real change within the DC Comics brand. Most DC fans want a new person in charge at DC, someone who has no connection to the original gang of four or Goeff Johns. A publishing professional who can remain objective and manage the catalog of characters and keep things consistent in the DC Universe. Someone who will set a tone and a direction for the brand and make serious efforts to repair the decade and a half of damage done by years of mismanagement.  Someone who will make efforts to check the creator excesses that have made DC Comics virtually unreadable for almost 15 years.

I’d love to see someone like Jim Shooter, Paul Dini or Bruce Timm in the job at DC. Someone who comic fans can feel confident and trust to set a course for the DC brand in the 2010s and onward. Until that person is hired by Warner Brothers there’s no reason to take any of the breadcrumbs being offered in DC’s Rebirth.

DC Comics fans want to get back to the hope. However, as I see it right now Warner Brothers isn’t really serious about changing anything. No matter what happens with DC’s Rebirth I’m still keeping my wallet closed. Sorry DC, I’m still not buying your comics.


  1. I don't know who these "fans" of which you speak of are but save for the "Twibo" debacle I have ZERO issues with the past 15 years.
    Joker and by extension Batman have had stellar storylines like Hush, R.I.P., Batman and Robin:Must Die, Death of the Family, Court of Owls, Zero Year, Endgame, etc. etc. so as a reader of DC Comics from 1988 on I am quite happy with the current state of affairs.

  2. I essentially reached the point where I pretty much don't bother with DC's main universe. Since they alter continuity so often, whatever happens ends up having no feeling of weight for me with the plot, because the plot will be rendered an Elseworlds story once the event is done and continuity is reset again. The once DC series I am actually bothering with right now is Dark Knight 3: The Master Race, mainly because it's a simple superhero story and tragic elements like Jason Todd's death have remained part of the narrative. But otherwise, I have pretty much accepted and moved on from the main DC Comics, because the universe of the 90s is done, and it won't come back. I liked the animated series of Batman and Superman from Timm and Dini because they weren't on a "let's kill superman" or "let's tell Superman's origin story again" type of obssession like they are now. In fact they never gave you a dead Superman, they gave you a Superman who had villains that could challenge him a great deal, but he got better at it. Nowadays though, Timm is hit and miss. Gods and Monsters was decent, but Superman: Doomsday was an attrocity, Batman: The Killing Joke movie was an attrocity, basically, it's a gamble with Timm now compared to the 1990s, time for some new talent.

  3. They made Lana Lang the creepy stalker bitch again. Which is rediculous considering she was a superheroine for a few issues of superwoman, and she had her own boyfriend and was fine being "just friends" with Clark Kent during the New 52.

    As for DC Comics, they need to stop doing major continuity shakeups and just do teamups for events without shaking up continuity neccessarily, BELIEVE ME, it is possible.


    1. Yeah, but the deal is that DC essentially pulls one gimmick, which leads to another gimmick, and so on... That's what Shawn is talking about. DC is basically not working with the continuity that they have. They run through status quos faster than they previously have. Same with Marvel.