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Monday, May 8, 2017

CW’s Flash Has Run Out of Gas

On Tuesday CW’s Flash revealed Who Savvitar really is. And with that plot twist the show has officially jumped the shark.

Yeah, I don’t need to watch this show anymore.

Who is Saavitar?
*SPOILER* Barry Allen from an alternate Universe.

Damn. Just Damn. There’s a plot twist to not give a shit about.

The big problem with CW’s Flash is that the show has ONE STORY. Last year Zoom’s story was the same as Reverse Flash’s in Season 1. And now Saavitar’s story is the same as Zoom’s. The only difference is that Season 1 was focused on the past, Season 2 was an alternate earth and Season 3 is set in future.

Can the writers of the show find something else to write about?

When it comes to CW’s Flash it’s like watching NCIS, the show where every episode is the same as the last one. Story wise The Fastest Man alive runs around in a circle in between time travel and alternate reality stories and the series has fallen into the same creative quicksand that sank Star Trek: Voyager. And Like Star Trek Voyager’s writers Berlanti’s writers are is so caught up in jargon, gimmicks, and technobabble, that they’re forgetting things like plot and character development.

CW’s Flash stated out as a fun show. And when it focused on Barry taking on his rogues it was a blast to watch. Every episode was like a DC Comic come to life. But since the middle of Season 2 the show has gotten slowed down by bad writing, sappy romance and plot twists that are absolutely ridiculous.

Barry Allen must save Iris West from being killed by an alternate reality Psycho Simp version of himself? Good Gravy, I can’t believe I even typed that. But that’s the place where Berlanti’s writers are right now.

Sadly the run downhill for The Flash is Par for the course with these Berlanti shows. At Season 3 The Flash is right in the middle of his Berlanti Curse. And Supergirl is following right behind him. On Supergirl her series what could have been an exciting an action packed Cadmus storyline has been bogged down by the Kara/Mon-El Romance and Maggie Sawyer and Kara’s Sister’s lesbian relationship. Arrow got its shit together for the first half of the season then went back to being part of the Jump the Shark Stunt show with the HORRIBLE plot twist revealing Adrian Chase is Prometheus. And I haven’t given a shit about Riverdale after Chuck Clayton gave Veronica Lodge a Sticky Maple.

I won’t even talk about Legends of tomorrow, That show has been shit on a plate with a cherry on top from day one.

I wasn’t expecting much from Flash’s Season 3. But to my surprise Berlanti’s writers actually exceeded my levels of disappointment. When writers stop using the source material for stories and start making shit up, that’s the point where I stop watching. At this point I’m about to find something else to do rather than watch CW’s superhero shows. Because there’s nothing super about them.

Riverdale fans, Tighten your chin strap. Next year YOU get to experience the Berlanti Curse first hand!


  1. Characters being subjected to time travel or encountering alternate universe versions of themselves seem to be a staple in several superhero stories, not just in the Flash but also the X-Men and Legion of Super-Heroes when you think about it.

  2. Shawn, do I really want to know how bad Legends of Tommorrow is?


    1. Pretty bad. It's just not watchable due to the bad writing.