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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Shawn Reviews DC Icons Static Action Figure

When it comes to DC products these days, my wallet is closed. However, there are rare cases when I can recommend making an exception.

I got the DC Icons Static Action figure as a gift from family member this weekend. Knowing how much I loved Milestone Comics back in the day, they didn’t want me to miss out on it. Characters of color in action figure form are rare, and Milestone characters are rarer than that. So if you’re a fan of Milestone’s characters like I am, you have to pick up this figure.

Fans of the Static Shock animated series won’t probably recognize this version of Static. That’s because this figure is based on Static’s costume from Static #1 of the original Milestone Comics line. And it’s a spot on representation of that comic. He literally looks like he jumped off Denys Cowan’s classic cover and dipped himself in plastic.

Static has most of the articulation a super-poseable figure should have such as:

Ball, neck,
Bicep swivel,
Ball shoulders
Double elbows,
Upper torso joint,
Ab crunch,
double knees,
calf swivel,
and Rocker ankles.

I missed the thigh swivel and waist articulation on most Marvel Legends and DC Universe Classics on this figure, but Static has enough range of motion to do many of the standard poses.

Originally, The DC Icons Static figure was supposed to come with alternate electric hands and Static’s trademark coat. But that stuff didn’t cost out. So we got an alternate head with a Malcolm X hat, an electric base and a manhole from Dakota City for him to fly on. I’d rather have his trademark coat than that useless masked head. When everyone thinks of Static from a Milestone comic, we think of his X cap and his coat.

Since Static is known for his hat, that masked head without the hat is going in a fodder box. And In order to alleviate the coat situation, maybe I’ll find a Star Wars Black Obi-Wan on clearance one day and jack him for his Jedi Robe.

DC Icons’ Static figure is supposed to be in the six-inch scale, but runs on the small side.  The very small side. DC Icons are on the smaller side of the scale, that’s why they’re not a line I’d consider collecting. However, with Static being a teenager he’s fugdeable into a DC Comics display. You can probably put him with most DC Robin and Superboy figures and he probably won’t look too out of place.

I really like this figure and I urge you to pick it up. While he’s on the small side and a tad pricey, he’s a great representation of the Classic Static from the comic. This is probably a once in a lifetime chance for us comic fans to own a Milestone character in action figure form, so if you’re a fan of Milestone characters, this one is a must buy.

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