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Friday, November 25, 2016


What is a Workplace Simp? A Workplace Simp is a man who puts his career at risk trying to win the favor of a female co-worker on the job. In this eBook men will learn why Simpin in the workplace has them working against themselves and prevents them from achieving their personal and professional goals on the job.

Having worked in Job readiness years ago and running into my own obstacles at jobs I had, I wrote STOP SIMPIN in the Workplace so men all over the world could learn what mistakes NOT to make in the workplace when they interacted with women on the job! Readers will learn how to identify female predators in the workplace, what boundaries to set with women on the job, what sexual harassment policy really is, and what workplace Simps to avoid on the job. STOP SIMPIN In The Workplace is essential for any man who is in the workforce or a teenage boy about to enter the workforce!

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