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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donald Trump is President...And it’s All Barack Obama’s Fault

Donald Trump is President of the United States. And it’s all Barack Obama’s fault.

Why is it Barack Obama’s fault? Because Hilary Clinton said she’d work towards preserving the legacy of Barack Obama. And what was Barack Obama’s legacy?

Promising Hope and Change for America.

Unfortunately, most Americans like myself didn’t get any hope or change from Barack Obama’s presidency over the past eight years. All most Americans got was apathy and indifference from an aloof politician who was completely disconnected from the people he served.  

The nails were being put Barack Obama’s political coffin back in the spring of 2009. Back then he put his legacy above the needs of the American people. When it was time to sign legislation for an unemployment benetits extension he had the chance to show what kind of leader he was. But instead of standing up for the American people against his own party during one of the worst economic periods since the Great Depression, he let the Democratic Congress and the Senate he was in charge of go on vacation for two weeks while unemployed American people like myself struggled to make ends meet. 

Sure they came back and passed the unemployment benefits extension two weeks later, but the damage was done. Obama showed that the needs of the American people weren’t a priority, just establishing Barack Obama’s legacy in history as the first Black President.

ObamaCare and the legacy of health care reform was more important to Barack Obama than twenty million unemployed people like myself. With a recession going on and a Democratic majority in both houses, two weeks vacation for Congress and the Senate shouldn’t have been a priority. But Democrats in the House and the Senate put themselves above the American people. And that’s why they lost the House in 2011.

And the fact that his Secretary of State Hilary Clinton completely destabilized the Middle East showed how inept Barack Obama was at keeping on top of international politics and foreign policy. ISIL wouldn’t have been allowed to establish its roots if the inexperienced Commander-in-Chief hadn’t gloated about killing Osama Bin Laden early on. While he was celebrating that minor accomplishment, the Hydra of Islamic terror was growing a new head as Al-Queda in Iraq became ISIL and expanded its reign of terror over 28 countries. Any regular Joe who took a Global Studies class or just read a newspaper regularyly since 2001 knows Islamic Terrorism is a Hydra. And when you cut off one head, two more grow in their place. But Barack Obama and his secretary of state Hilary Clinton were such novices on foreign policy they couldn’t understand how to slay this beast. Once Barack Obama got Bin Laden’s head as a trophy to put on his wall and a bullet point for his resume, he could care less about the needs of all the people in countries terrorized by the spin-off terror groups like ISIL.  

The only thing that mattered was Barack Obama’s legacy. As the first Black President he was obsessed with accomplishments for himself like reforming health care. Even though experts told him his reform policy ws flawed and wouldn’t work, he and his Democratic Congress insisted on using their super majority to push through that flawed piece of legislation known as the Affordable Care act in the face of numerous warnings it’d be a complete disaster.

And while Barack Obama rammed his Affordable Care Act down the American People’s throats, his administration continued to ignore many large voting blocks that were his base such as Black men. While Black men like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and Keith Scott were killed by police and sociopaths like George Zimmerman, Barack Obama just sat back and did nothing to stop the racial powderkegs from ignigting across the country.

Sending a message that Black lives didn’t matter to him. Even though 98% of Black people voted for him in 2008 and 93% voted for him in 2012. His first Black Attorney General Eric Holder tendered his resignation when pressed by Black people to do something about the cases of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Then his second Black Attorney General Loretta Lynch just took knees in the cases of men like Eric Garner, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and Keith Scott.

 Democrats thought American people were supposed to keep supporting Hilary Clinton based on the track record of Barack Obama. Unfortunately, Barack Obama’s record was a rickety platform to stand on. Barack Obama is the worst President in American history surpassing Herbert Hoover, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter.

Instead of hope and change, All Americans got were excuses and bullshit from Barack Obama. It was always someone else’s fault that he couldn’t get anything done. The Democrats in the House. The Democrats in the Senate. Republicans. Conservatives. White men. White Women. Black men. Black Lives Matter. Even though he had control over both houses for two years from 2009-2011, the fact that he couldn’t even get an unemployment benefits extension in the first few months of office passed showed how weak and ineffective a leader he was. Americans were always LAST with Barack Obama.

Even though he promised the American people hope and change. Change they never got.

All Barack Obama has to show for eight years in office is an Affordable Care Act that’s no longer affordable to the average American. That so-called Affordable Care Act he passed in 2009 is now so expensive now most healtcare providers are abandoning the program and next year it’ll cost the average American $16,000 a year. It would have just been cheaper to just extend the existing federal Medicaid to people and families making under $150,000 a year, but Obama had to do things his way and cost struggling families money they just didn’t have to spend.

Hilary Clinton said she was out to preserve Barack Obama’s legacy in her administration. Running a campaign that proved to be just as elitist, aloof and disconnected as Obama’s the arrogant Hilary Clinton took the people for granted in her obsessive quest to establish a legacy as America’s first woman president. And because she took the American people for granted she wound up losing the election.  

Hilary Clinton put the legacy of Barack Obama first. And when she did that she sent a message to the American people they’d remain LAST. Letting everyone know that there’d be no hope of things changing for them in her administration.

Plain and simple, the American people are tired of being put LAST. They’re tired of being put on the back burner while elitists like Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton focus on maintaining their legacies instead of serving the needs of WE THE PEOPLE.

The Constitution’s first three words were WE THE PEOPLE. And WE THE PEOPLE had a referendum on government on November 8, 2016. Thomas Jefferson said when an old government that didn’t serve the people, they could put it off to establish a new government. From the results of the election it’s clear that WE THE PEOPLE don’t want a Black president, or a Woman president. They want a President and a Congress that has the courage, character and resolve to serve the needs of WE THE PEOPLE. If they don’t see that with Donald Trump, and the Republican Party WE THE PEOPLE may be repeating this process in 2018 and 2020 until America’s politicians finally get it.


  1. I think Supergirl's outdated by the time Trump's already president. It really is a PC Superman and not too many people liked it (possibly accounting for its lowered ratings over time). Its lesbian, racebending, feminist and immigrant thing isn't going to sit well anymore. Or if they're going to get diversity, it'll be compromised and minimised. Supergirl gives way to the somewhat less PC Superboy and the latter's going to be better remembered and tolerated by then.

    1. Ad, yes, what they did with Hank Henshaw and the Cyborg Superman concept was messed up. Martian Manhunter is Jonn Jonzz, or his human disguise is detective John Jones. The Cyborg Superman was a clone of Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, and yet the TV people figured that we will make him be the alter ego of the Martian Manhunter as a cyborg hacker. He wasn't the Cyborg Superman, he was more some wierd redux of Victor Stone. Supergirl is losing it. There was no reason why the Martian Manhunter couldn't be Detective John Jones as an alter ego. Having someone with detective skills would add a little to the show, and there would be no problem with a Detective John Jones, because it wouldn't butcher the Cyborg Superman concept.

  2. We were doomed no matter who wins. In fact, we've probably been doomed since Reagan was in office from the looks of things...

    1. I actually agree with this. Considering how huge the national debt is, there's easily no way the government will ever pay that off or get out of deficit mode. That's just the start. The damage done by outsourcing is horrendous. Even tax penalties on businesses that outsource manufacturing labor would be too little, too late. The best that can be done is slow the doom down.


  3. Ol' Willie BojanglesNovember 13, 2016 at 10:41:00 PM PST

    Naw lookie heah, young fella

    I'se from yo' grandmammy's time and I'se been tellin' folks fo' years naw - dat buckdancin', shoe-shinin' mulatto jus' goan bring dis heah great country down to her knees naw. Black folks ain't s'posed to be up in dat dere white house - dat where the white man belong.

    Naw finally we done right and put a good ol' white man back in de office - jus' like God wanted us tuh. Dis am de right order of thangs! I'se rightly neber eber heard of no nigger bein' president!

    And dat zip coon name be Barack Obama - he African or sumtin'. An' dem African folks hate black folk. Don't axe me why!