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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wonder Man Action Figure Mod

For my 43rd Birthday I was given a Marvel Legends Wonder Man from Captain America’s Abomination wave by a family member. While I love this updated version of Simon Williams Hasbro produced, I wasn’t a fan of the costume they chose.

While I’d love to have a Safari Jacket version of the Man of Wonders for my Marvel Legnds collection, I much prefer the red and black togs he wore in the West Coast Avengers over that overdesigned mess of a costume he wore in Uncanny Avengers. 

Since I’m a fan of classic versions of characters over modern, those stupid red armbands and legbands on Wonder Man’s costume HAD TO GO. Using a couple of coats of Delta Ceramcoat Medium Flesh on his biceps and Delta Ceramcoat Black on his legs I painted over those red bands. Then I took a piece of electrical tape and made his belt. A few coats of Michael’s brand burgundy and I finally had a Wonder Man ready to join my West Coast Whackos.

FUN FACT: West Coast Avengers was one of the first series that I started collecting regularly when I was 14 years old! Took close to 20 years, but I finally have the core members of that team in action figure form! Thanks ToyBiz and Hasbro!

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