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Monday, September 19, 2016

Isis: Samurai Goddess Concept Art

I’ve been sketching up character designs for the upcoming Isis: Samurai Goddess cover.

The cover I’m planning features Isis facing off against a trio of female Japanese assassins known as The Manga Girls and their boss Cassandra Kachimura in a Japanese Gardern or a City street. There’s gonna be lots of ACTION on this cover!

The concept art for the three Manga Girls are inspired by Go-Go Yubari From Quentin Tarentino’s Kill Bill. I decided to vary the hairstyles so that each character would stand out in the final design. Along with the weapons, it makes them each more distinct.

I spent several weeks studying Japanese weapons and Chinese weapons and did my best to get them looking somewhat like them. Tanara wields the nunchucks, Akikio wields the tessen fans, and Wakana wields the Meteor Hammer. Don’t let the school uniforms fool you, each of these chicks are deadly masters of the martial arts! 


The boss Cassandra Kachimura herself is inspired by O-Ren-Ishii from Kill Bill. After studying the Japanese Kimono I think I have it rendered fairly decently. While Isis faces off against the Manga Girls, Cassandra Kachimura is standing behind Isis looking to sneak up on her with her samurai sword raised high in a killing strike.

Isis: Samurai Goddess is a fast paced adventure featuring Martial arts action and intrigue. I took a lot of inspiration from Quentin Tarentino’s Kill Bill, 1970s Bruce Lee films, Doc Savage pulps and NYPD Blue for this story and did lots of research on Japanese culture. I’m hoping to have Isis: Samurai Goddess out by the end of this year or in early 20l7, depending on how my finances are and when I can get the cover designed.

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