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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Why The Comic Book Industry is in Neutral

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  1. Very true, in fact, the sad truth is that with little exception, the comic book publishers have become highly exclusive over the years. I used to remember getting DC books off the shelf at the local Pharmacy near Philadelphia 20 years ago. Now it seems you have to get them ordered online or pick them up at an comic store, but it seems those shops are in danger of failing in favor of a Barnes and Noble at the mall.

    It's this "exclusivity" that pretty much makes casual comic buyers unwelcome. Nowadays, perhaps the best thing to get is the large volumes of reprinted comics. I mean, it's the first stories of these DC/Marvel characters, and for the price of 20 bucks a volume. That's more than what you would get nowadays with 20 bucks comic book wise, even with DC's 2.99 price tag, since One volume of Batman Chronicles is an entire year of Batman stories from back where Batman had only Detective Comics and Batman Comics.