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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Flash Season 3- Another Victim of the Berlanti Curse?

Entertainment weekly announced that season 3 of CW’s The Flash will adapt the critically

 panned storyline FlashPoint this season.

Looks like the Berlanti curse strikes right on time. 

Damn. Just Damn.

I knew The Flash was in trouble starting around the middle of season 2. The Zoom storyline really meandered for a couple of episodes, and that lackluster finale pretty much set up this HOT MESS. On seeing his Daddy die emo Barry ran back in time to save both his parents from death.

Turning what was once a fun sci-fi superhero show into a time paradox. Every time the writers ran into a jam this season like the AWFUL Arrow crossover, they just have Barry run back in time to go find a Deus ex Machina to set things right.

The big problem with CW’s The Flash these days is that it just runs around in circles. Just when you think this series is going to build some momentum towards a strong finish, it goes right back to Barry getting emo over mommy and Daddy and going back in time to make things right.

With this adaptation of Reverse Flash in the first season Zoom in the second and now Flashpoint I have to wonder if this show is going to be The Flash or just the Goeff Johns show?

Seriously, I’m really getting tired of seeing John’s fingerprints on The Flash. Goeff Johns isn’t the only person to write Flash stories. And he wasn’t the greatest Flash writer of all time. Berlanti and Warner Brothers need to get him off a pedestal. There are a lot of great writers who contributed to The Flash’s 50 plus year history and I’d like to see their stories adapted to television. Guys like Mark Waid and Bill Messner-Loebs have told some great Flash stories. Their contributions to the character deserve some screentime too. Maybe if we saw their stories adapted onscreen it’d put some balance and perspective on the character.

And I’d like to see some more of THE ROGUES. Remember those guys? Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Golden Glider, Rainbow Raider, Trickster, Gorilla Grodd, and Weather Wizard? The first season featured Barry running through his rogues gallery in between the quest to take down the big bad Reverse Flash. Then Zoom popped up and the Rogues stopped showing up on this show and we got a bunch of Earth 2 jobbers who got lamer and lamer with every episode.

Seriously, I’m still waiting for Mirror Master and Top to pop up on this show. It’s a shame that the Rogues have taken a backseat to all this time travel drivel. And with FlashPoint taking center stage they’re being pushed to the third row in a show where they should be center stage. I want to see Barry kicking bad guy ass, mentoring Wally, and moving on with his life. Not being a Emo SIMP brooding over his parents deaths and running around in time travel circles. The Real Barry Allen would be making efforts to honor his family by preventing more deaths. But this Emo chump spends most of his time being emo over mommy and daddy or Begging behind Iris Wests’ skirt.

I’d hate to see what happens to this Barry when he finds out about the final fate of Iris West. With him being an emotional wimp he’d probably put on a black costume and call himself the Dark Racer or some shit like that. Seriously, the writers need to give Barry some BALLS and a resolve. He’s not acting like a hero. He’s acting like a BITCH.  

And it’s getting tiresome. The Flash used to be a fun show with a great balance of action, science fiction and adventure with a little comedy thrown in. But all this time travel crap, and alternate universe nonsense is bogging down what was once a promising show. All the cool stuff that makes The Flash a fun comic is not getting put onscreen in the TV show. That’s what made Arrow unwatchable for two going on three seasons and now that negative energy is starting to race its way into The Flash. FlashPoint gave us the hot mess that was the New 52 in the comics and it looks like it’s gonna bog down DC’s TV shows too.

The adaptation of FlashPoint may be the turning point for The Flash. The point where the show jumps the shark and heads down Arrow’s road to crappiness. I don’t want to believe there’s a Berlanti Curse. But it seems like around the middle of Season 2 most of these Berlanti shows turn to shit. 

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  1. I wonder if it's so much Berlanti or DC Comics trying to push Flashpoint down everyones throats. Can't agree with you more about Geoff Johns, a big reason why I shied away from the Flash is because they used the Geoff Johns origin. Mesner-Loebs is my favorite Flash writer. Would also have loved to see Max Mercury on the show, or Johnny Quick. A better storyline to adapt is the Trial of the Flash, which was probably the highlight of the silver/broze age Barry Allen era of the Flash. And you're right about the Mirror Master, come on that guy should be at the top of your list for villains.