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Friday, June 3, 2016

DC Comics Rebirth- It’s ALL ALAN MOORE’S FAULT


Okay, I haven’t written a blog over the last couple of days. I’ve been on a roll on the Spinsterella prequel Spellbound and I’m getting closer to the climax of the story. So that’s why I’ve posted a pair of video blogs to tide people over this week. I hope to get back in the blogging groove soon.

Now I know DC Comics just launched the first issue of it’s Rebirth Relaunch. And we now who the villain behind the New 52 is.

Alan Moore!

Damn. Just Damn.

How is it Alan Moore’s fault? Welp, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons created Watchmen for DC Comics back in 1986.  And the Watchman Character Dr. Manhattan took 10 years out of the DC Universe and used it to create the New 52 Universe.

So technically, according to DC’s editors Alan Moore is to blame for the New 52 Universe, Not Dan Dido, Jim Lee and Warner Brothers executives who insisted dark n’ gritty DC superheroes would resonate with new readers back in 2011.

I’m gonna have to call bullshit on this one.

When you peel back the surface of this Rebirth Relaunch you see that NOTHING has really changed at DC. Yeah, WB’s management is making some superficial changes after losing ten percent of DC’s market share to Marvel and indies and the EMBARASSING box office performance of Batman V. Superman. But it’s clear to me that WB and DC editorial keep trying to have it their way at the expense of comic fans.

Yeah, Rebirth DC is filled with emotional moments like the REAL Wally West FINALLY making an appearance after five years and the REAL Superman showing up in the New 52 Universe. But nothing has really changed at DC.

Fifteen years of failure at DC and we’re supposed to believe Alan Moore’s 30-year old characters are responsible for the mess that is DC?

Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

If DC was really serious about change, they’d just launch two or three 64-page specials and wrapped up and ENDED the New 52 Universe. Then DC could have focused on relaunching its classic characters in the Classic DC Universe.  

But instead we get a long convoluted plan from Goeff Johns featuring an elaborate two-year storyline to explain away the New 52 at Alan Moore’s expense.

I’m still not seeing any reason to buy DC Comics for the next two years. If anything I see more reasons to stay at the sidelines.

Personally, I plan on staying there until the Didio Era ends. When I hear about a housecleaning at DC Comics similar to that of WB’s film division on DC properties I may finally have a reason for picking up a DC Comic.

DC and Warner Brothers continue to toss crumbs at its fans hoping to bait them into buying their mediocre comics. It’s the same okie-doke but in a brand new package.  Seriously, how do you get change from doing the exact same things?

Most comic fans today haven’t figured that out.

As it stands now neither Warner Brothers or DC isn’t serious about changing the direction of their failing company. They’re just continuing the practice of shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic while they put lipstick on a pig and sell kisses on its customers. I’m sorry DC fans, you’re not witnessing a Rebirth of DC Comics, it’s just another re-hash of the New 52.


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  2. I seriously question the wisdom of why every time DC wants to change something it has to be some cosmic universe shattering crisis that crosses over with every single title you have. Enough is enough already. Honestly I just don't care anymore. I don't know what the solution is, but it's not this. I would point out that your characters exist in a universe where time travel exists; where magic exists; where realistic androids exists; where clones exists, and any sort of continuity gaffs (if they are important enough) could easily be explained by one of the things listed above. I would also point out that usually when you change your brand to make it "cool, sexy or edgy" that usually leads to the brand to become completely toxic to the general public, and nobody wants to touch it afterwards. Honestly, I'm amazed that DC Comics even still exists at this point. I can understand keeping the characters around for merchandising potential, but the comics themselves are in the death throws. Every now and again, Didio and Co will do something shocking to keep the comics alive, and reader interest alive, but I honestly think it's a lost cause. And, this Frankenstein Monster called Rebirth isn't going to save DC Comics either.

    1. Well John, it is definitely more convoluted than it has to be by a long shot. I personally just collect episodes of Young Justice, StatIC Shock, and old comics by this point. I have done that for years now, because years ago, I found that DC, and also Marvel, weRE stuck doing long and convoluted stories. Not to mention gritty material such as Identity Crisis and others. I am guessing that in six months to a year, DC will be back where it was sales wise before rebirth. IMO, they should have done and ending story for the New 52 and then just reverted back to the Post Crisis Universe all the way.

    2. Relaunches and Reboots need to fail for the the big two, at which point they would stop limping along and focus on a wide audience like they used to and when they actually sold more comics then. 200,000? That was cancellation bait in the 1970s. How many comics sell above that without a reboot/relaunch? I hardly know any that do. Dc and Marvel have widdled down their audience and shrunk their net size thanks to the 1990s. It was a stupid move, and that would be the best if they permanently undid that.


  3. According to the story, it's not Moore per-say, it's his creation Dr. Manhattan. As to the question of whether or not Dr. Manhattan is behind the time-distortion between pre-Flashpoint DC and New 52 DC:

    From an in-universe perspective, yet.
    From an out-universe perspective, no.

  4. This is just another New 52 repeated, I can already see it having similar results at DC/WB

    1. I would rather that the hierarchy at DC Comics just go. Really I do. The top brass are poison to their characters, and the movies in the live action department from DC suck.