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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Isis: Bride of Dracula Now Available on Kindle, Smashwords, & Paperback

Isis: Bride of Dracula ISBN-13: 978-1530191000
ISBN-10: 1530191009
Dracula! Using his supernatural powers the Vampire Lord transforms Isis into his Vampire Goddess and sends her on a mission to murder Morris Phillips CEO John Haynes. Can John overcome the threat of the Vampire Goddess and escape Dracula’s house of Horrors in the Hamptons?   

For a limited time I’m going to be offering a Price break on the Vampire Arc in Paperback! Until May 5, you’ll be able to get Isis: Bride of Dracula for only 7.99 and the previous story Isis: Night of the Vampires for $8.99!

Bill Walko did an AMAZING job on this MIND BLOWING cover and the story is just as action packed and exciting! Readers, you are in for a TREAT with this Isis series adventure! I urge you to go your copy today in Paperback and eBook on Amazon and Smashwords today!  

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