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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Halle Berry Postcards From the Edge of BUSTDOWN TOWN

Just when I think I’ve written my last Halle Berry blog, Halle Berry does something STUPID enough to make me head back to my keyboard.

According to The Root.Com, Halle was attending conference for the annual Student African American Brotherhood conference (SAAB) at request of actor Dondré Whitfield, (the national spokesman for SAAB) and she decided to address the boys there with an impromptu speech.

I find it comical that Dondre T. Whitfield invited Halle Berry to speak to close to 300 young Black men instead of finding a Black man like myself. What could Halle Berry teach young Black men about relationships after three failed marriages and one baby daddy?

 But I guess Simp ass Steve Harvey wasn’t available to provide them with misinformation about manhood.

Before I go get the chef’s hat and the barbecue out, I’m gonna give Salli Richardson-Whitfield a Warning: You better watch out for TEH BUSTDOWN. She’s already wrecked her own home three times. And she may be gassing up the wrecking ball and training it on yours. TEH COUGAR IS ON THE PROWL and LOOKING to be a SIDE PEICE. WATCH OUT FOR YOUR MAN SISTA! WATCH OUT!

Seriously, wrap this around your head: Halle Berry, the original Girl who Swirls, A woman who said she “tried Black men” and deifies White men and has two kids by two different White guys is going to speak to Black men about relationships with Black women.

I’m a screenwriter. And I can’t make up shit as crazy as this.

Now at that conference, Halle Berry said that her three failed marriages were a result of a bad decision to marry “boys” instead of grown-up men. It’s funny how these Negro women will revise history when things just don’t go their way.

Now David Justice, Eric Benet, Gabriel Aubry and Oliver Martinez are “boys” in her rearview mirror and not the “grown up men” she decided to marry.

All four of these guys were of legal age when she married them. And they were emotionally mature when she decided to marry them. In fact she couldn’t find enough good things to say about them when she was getting her way.

Let’s go back in time when Halle put Gabriel Aubry on a pedestal and said he was the love of her life. That he was better than her two previous Black husbands David Justice and Eric Benet.

And when she couldn’t get her way with Aubry, she said Oliver Martinez was better than Gabriel Aubry.

But now they’re all boys and not men. It’s sad that at 50 years old, Halle Berry is so emotionally immature that she still has to take potshots at her exes. You’d think an older woman like Halle Berry wouldn’t continue to behave like a 16-year-old. But these statements prove that Halle has grown OLD, but hasn’t grown UP.

Berry also said that the men had a responsibility to treat women with decency and respect.


This coming from a woman who decided to degrade herself by participating in a borderline pornographic sex scene in Monster’s Ball. And the woman who bashed up four different men after her relationships went sour.

Here’s the deal: Men treat women with respect who respect themselves. When women learn how to value themselves as women, men who value them will treat them with decency and respect. Simple as that.

Halle also goes on to say, “As women, we need our men to stand up and be men,” she told the group, who hail mostly from colleges and universities across the nation. “Take care of us and serve us. When you do that, we will fall over and bow at your feet. But you have to start it, because God made you first.”

I’ll agree with Halle on one point. God did make us first. And we do need our men to stand up and be men. And many like myself do stand up to be men.

Unfortunately, Halle’s big problem is that she doesn’t know how to be a woman. In fact from the way her ex-husbands tell it her problem is that she wants the men in her life to fall over and bow at HER feet.

Halle Berry is obsessed with having power and control over men. In all her relationships she tried to dominate and control her husbands and her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. She tried to dictate the terms for the relationships. She wanted BOYS, not men to have relationships with.

If Halle wants men to take care of her and serve her, then maybe someone needs to give her Bobby Juice Johnson’s phone number. He’s pretty much written the ten commandments of Simping. Because only a SIMP lives to serve women.

Here’s the deal: Men do not serve women. Women do not serve men. Men and women work together to support each other as PARTNERS in a relationship. Yes, God made men first. But men like myself are looking for women who are looking to FOLLOW our lead.

The main reason why Halle’s marriages fail is because she does not know how to follow the leadership of a man. Instead of following God’s natural order and being the helpmeet and support to the men she gets involved with, she insists on being the one in charge.

In her quest to be the leader in the relationship, she chooses weak, soft effeminate, Beta males to have relationships with. And as she tries to get power and control over them they start to realize that she’s trying to emasculate them and abandon the relationship.  

Basically, the paradigm I go in depth discussing in my book Why 70 Percent of Black women are single. Halle follows the model for the paradigm of failure to the letter.

From her statements, I guess Halle Berry isn’t gonna ever get married again for the second time now that Marriage #3 to Oliver Martinez is over and done with.

Again Salli, WATCH OUT.

Old ass Halle Berry has no business giving advice to Black men about manhood. Again, if Black men want to know about relationships with women they can read this blog or head over to YouTube and get some advice from men like Dr.David Carroll, or a licensed psychotherapist like MadVooDooMan aka, the Iceman. Or they could watch the YouTube channels of men like Akwesi100, and BIGBKEL. Or they could read books like the ones I write in my Simp trilogy on Kindle and Smashwords. Only a man can teach another man about how to have relationships with women.

Halle’s biggest problem was that she never had a father in her life to model manhood for her or to teach her how men treat women in a relationship. Since she never had a good relationship with the FIRST man in her life, she doesn’t know how to be a partner in a death to us part relationship with the LAST one she was supposed to be involved with. The only thing that Halle Berry can teach men is what kind of woman NOT to have a relationship with, a woman just like her.

I wonder what other postcards Halle Berry is going to send us from the edge of BUSTDOWN TOWN. Shirley McLaine couldn’t come up with crazier shit than this.

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