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Monday, April 11, 2016

BUSTDOWN TOWN- The Place Where Old Hoes Go To Die

Where do women go when they’re beauty has faded and they’re forever dumb? BUSTDOWN TOWN.

Where do the hotties go when they’re not anymore? BUSTDOWN TOWN.  

Where do women go after they’ve turned 40 and their third or fourth marriage has failed? BUSTDOWN TOWN.

Where do women go when they’ve had their third kid by their second or third different father? BUSTDOWN TOWN.

Where do former Playboy Playmates, models, aspiring movie starlets, and faded former Hollywood faces go when their careers go downhill? BUSTDOWN TOWN.

Where do gold diggers go when their prospects for rich Simps run out? BUSTDOWN TOWN.

Yes, BUSTDOWN TOWN. A residence of former hotties, old hoes, side pieces, bimbos, single mothers, divorcées and washed up starlets and celebrities. They used to turn heads. They used to be the faces that graced all the magazines. They used to be in movies and TV. They used to catch they eye of all the men on the street. Now everyone just looks at them and shakes their heads.

What qualifies a woman to reside in BUSTDOWN TOWN? Well, all a woman has to do is meet these criteria:

Just be single,

Over 40, (Well, if you’re 35 and you have multiple kids by different fathers you can get a waiver,)

Be divorced at least once,

Had multiple casual sex partners in the past,

Be a side piece or committed adultery at least once,

Have fading looks that she used to use get ahead in life,

Be a woman still going to bars and clubs in her middle age looking to hook up or date like they did when they were in their 20s,

And still trying to be sexy well into their old age.   

Sorry, but married women, and married women with children do not qualify for residence in BUSTDOWN TOWN. Nor do Spinsters, widows, responsible single women, or older women in committed long-term relationships. Because these women have the common sense to know that they’re too old to be doing stupid shit like this.  

No, the residents of BUSTDOWN TOWN are easy to recognize.

They’re the 45 and 50-year-old women dressing like they did when they were 21, stuffing their sagging and fat bodies in slinky knit short dresses that show off their former assets. They’re the women whose size 14 bodies are spilling out of teeny tiny bikinis on the beach. They spend their nights in bars and clubs with their faces painted with gallons of makeup looking for a man, any man to pay some sort of attention to them, then cry themselves to sleep because everyone has just stopped giving a shit about them.

The residents of BUSTDOWN TOWN believe that they’re still hotties. Dimes. Top Shelf. But their sexual marketplace value has depreciated to the point that they have nothing to offer men but junk that needs to be put in the trunk and forgotten about.

The beautiful face, plump breasts, and firm asses, they used to get free dinners, drinks, cars and clothes from Simps with have gotten saggy and stretched out. And that bomb pussy has been blown out by the multiple dicks that ran through it like the 4,5, and 6 trains in Grand Central Station.

And because these women have no values, no morals, no integrity, and no character, there’s nothing attractive about them to appeal to any decent man looking to build a family with.

Back in the day these women were the women every man wanted to get with. Now every man with some common sense just runs away from them before they can sink their claws into them.

Luckily, for Simps the pussy in BUSTDOWN TOWN is at rock bottom prices. 50, 60, 70, and even 80 percent off what it was when these females were in their prime. Ass that used to cost a Simp steak and lobster at a five-star restaurant or a trip to Cancun can be had for a box of fried rice and chicken wings or a 2-piece chicken dinner and a can of Colt 45.

And if a Simp just imagines what they looked like in their prime, they might have a good time with this woman.

But if a Simp really wants to enjoy himself while he pounds down some of that roast beef looking pussy, he can just take a paper bag and put it over the head of this female and staple a picture of what they looked like in their prime on it before he fucks them. Yeah, your dick will feel like it’s a hot dog in a hallway, but a Simp can finally go out and tell his friends how he fucked a hottie.

Chances are he’s gonna get a venereal disease as a result of sticking his dick with this broken down hobag, but he can still say he finally got the chance to fuck a hottie.

If you’re a Simp with no chance of tapping any ass head on down to BUSTDOWN TOWN. Sure the pussy is way past its prime, but these women are so desperate for attention they’ll give any man time. Because women age like cheese and men age like fine wine.


  1. Honestly, Shawn, I strongly believe we've reached a point where the majority of our Black women have made Bustdown Town their home, regardless of their age or how they look. It is simply the absolute obsession for attention that takes them there.

    Any time a camera is on a Black woman, she feels the need to coon and tap dance. I cringe every time one of those 'viral' videos of a Black woman behaving like a fool on a news report (re: Sweet Brown) makes its rounds.

    I know your books feature positive Black women characters, but maybe you could include a subplot about your lead protagonist schooling these mislead Black women. Perhaps telling them to stop wearing weaves, being so aggressive, and to keep some form of dignity.

  2. A commentary about Black women is coming in Spellbound.