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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

John Haynes: The Man Who Rules the World & SJS DIRECT Cover Kickstarter Update

Well, we’re at the 24-day mark for the SJS DIRECT CoverKickstarter. And so far we’ve raised $195 or 3% of the money needed to pay Bill Walko to design the covers for this years’ SJS DIRECT titles. I’m still pushing towards meeting the goal of raising the $2800 needed to fund the project.

I’m offering lots of great rewards this year including paperbacks, eBooks, and book packages. Andnd Bill is offering ten (10) donors a chance to own a single figure art commission of a character of their choice for a $110 donation.

Over the next 30 days I’ll be giving readers a sneak peek at the four titles that are part of the SJS DIRECT 2016 catalog.  This week I’ll be presenting a sample chapter of John Haynes: the Man Who Rules the World. A follow-up to 2011’s critically acclaimed novel The Temptation of John Haynes, The Man Who Rules The World is a non-stop action packed epic tale that practically features almost every character in the SJS DIRECT Universe!

Time Magazine has named Morris Phillips CEO John Haynes “The Man Who Rules The World”. But that world is put in jeopardy when Lucifer resurrects God Katious, a malevolent despot out to conquer the planet. With the nations’ leaders in fear of his all-powerful Gem of Omnipotence, and gods falling before his feet, John must have mountain moving faith in God to help him overcome a threat that seeks to destroy all of humanity.

Chapter 2

Marcus Jefferies has a somber look in his eyes as he slumps in the back seat of the police cruiser. For one who calls himself a block, he crumbles easily under pressure. A pity. I thought I could have used him as the stumbling block who would have caused John to fall. It looks like I’ll have to find another to end his existence upon my earth.
A flash of light takes me from the streets of the South Bronx to the Ninth Level of Hell. Harmonic wails echo through the darkened caverns filled with brimstone caves as the most depraved souls are tormented for their sins in the past life. I know just the man I want to bring back to my world.
I gesture and a ball of blue flames erupts from my hand to light my way as I march down the pathway. While I pass by cells imprisoning history’s greatest men and women I laugh as they wail in anguish and plead for me to end their agony. When I step inside the cell at the end of the path I’m surprised to see the man inside isn’t suffering. Instead he cuts a cold look at me while my imps cower in the corner. “MastiKatious I presume.” I greet.
The tall muscular chocolate colored man wearing a loincloth rises from the slab he’s sitting on and makes eye contact with me. “You presume correctly Lucifer.”
I gesture and the fire in my hands rises to the ceiling. As it illuminates the cave the former King of Katia’s eyes stay locked in mine. “I would think the man who once ruled the greatest nation in the world would be the most miserable here.”
“I will rule in that world again.”
Even in the midst of eternal damnation he still has aspirations for power. It’s good to have a dream. I’ll entertain his delusions if they’ll help me accomplish my goals. “But you’re locked in my cage.”
“It’s a minor setback.”
“What would you do if you were free from it?”
“Take my kingdom.”
“Unfortunately, you’re stuck in mine.”
MastiKatious’ hands clench into fists. “You are no lord over me-”
I smile at him. “But I have been given authority over you. And I’m willing to release you from this torment if you do a work for me.”
The cold stare of the former King of Katia changes into a piqued look. “What labor do you wish done?”
 “I’ll give you the world if you give me the life of one man.”
“I only want my kingdom-”
I gesture again and a flash of light makes the copy of Time Magazine with John on the cover appear in my hands. “This man rules my world. Take his life and you can have the world as your kingdom.”
MastiKatious takes the magazine from me and smiles on hearing my plan. “You can’t control him can you?”
This is a surprise. I never thought he’d be so astute as to understand the subtle politics transpiring him. “Then you’re aware of who John Haynes is?”
“I use your imps to keep abreast of my daughter’s affairs.” MastiKatious replies. “You made this man a god and now you fear he’ll take your world from you.”
 “Just as I have made him a god over men, I can make you a lord over him.”

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