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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Isis: Bride of Dracula Chapter 1

Today I’m presenting a Sample Chapter of Isis: Bride of Dracula A follow-up to 2015’s Isis: Night of the Vampires, Isis Bride of Dracula is an action packed adventure where the Goddess Next Door and John Haynes team up to take on the dark Lord of the Vampires!

Dracula! Using his supernatural powers the Vampire Lord transforms Isis into his Vampire Goddess and sends her on a mission to murder Morris Phillips CEO John Haynes. Can John overcome the threat of the Vampire Goddess and escape Dracula’s house of Horrors in the Hamptons? 

John Haynes cost me a soul. And one soul is just one too many.
Now that Lilith Graves walks among the living during the day, rumors are circulating among the Undead that there’s a possible cure for Vampirism at night. If that word spreads among my brood I could lose control over my order in the Legion.
I’m filled with anxiety as I get off the elevator and rush through the red Berber carpeted halls of the Lucerne Building. I know it’s extremely early in the night for a meeting, but it’s the only time I could get on the Lord’s schedule. The faster we come up with a solution to dealing with this man the faster I can get back to business as usual with the brood.
The time on my Smartphone reads 7:28 as I push past the tall glass doors with the Lucerne Holdings logo on them and approach the reception desk. When the Lord’s receptionist sees me she pastes on a smile. “Mr. Lucerne is expecting you Count.” She says.
“Thank you Nora.” I reply.
I hurry through the reception area and through the maze of cubicles. Then I make a right and head down the hall to the Lord’s corner office. When I approach the tall mahogany doors of his executive suite they jerk open to reveal him sitting at his antique desk dressed in an Italian tailored red suit, black shirt, and red tie. As I step into his office I greet his smile with a grimace. “Count Dracula.” Lucifer greets as he drops his door opener on the desk. “I was hoping for one of your grand entrances with all the fog.” 
If this were a casual visit I would entertain him with a show. But with my livelihood at stake I’m in no mood for grandstanding. “I have no time for theatrics Lucifer.” I say. “We have serious business to discuss.”
“We do. Have a seat.”
I ease into the oxblood nailhead chair in front of his desk and meet his brown eyes with my red ones. “Thanks to this enemy of yours I lost the soul of Lilith Graves.”
“I know.”
“What do you plan to do about it?”
“What can I do about it? I deal in souls. The undead are under your jurisdiction.”
He knows why I can’t go after him. “Lilith is poisoned with his blood. I can’t bring her back into the brood-”
“Lilith Graves is an acceptable loss in regards to John Haynes.” Lucifer snarls. “I would sacrifice a thousand members of my Legion to get that man off my earth.”
He may be willing to discard the souls of the condemned like so much refuse, but that’s not a gamble I’m willing to take. This one man’s life is not worth a thousand members of my brood. “We have to do something about this! If word gets out about this cure-”
“Don’t worry. I’ve got this under control Vlad.”
“But demons are talking-”
“So they always talk. Outside of some rumors on social media the undead masses don’t know Lilith Graves has been cured of Vampirism. And the two demons who worked alongside her in the Morris Phillips Tower have been reassigned to my library in the Antarctic.”
“That’s not going to contain the situation-”
“But it will allow us time to work on a solution until we can squash the rumors.”
“Is that why you summoned me?”
 “As long as John lives he’s a threat to both our operations.”
“What do you propose? With his immunity to vampire bites I can’t turn him into one of my undead-”
“Who says you have to bite him?”
I give him a look. “I thought you dealt in souls Lord-”
 “This man’s soul is not worth me taking.” Lucifer snarls. “He doesn’t have to become a member of the undead Vlad. I just want him dead.”
 Good enough for me. “How do you propose I even get close to this man? Even with power like mine I can’t challenge a demon on E’steem’s level-”
“You won’t have to worry about E’steem.” Lucifer continues. “My sources at the tower tell me that John will be out for dinner with her sister Isis tonight at Grimaldi’s. It’ll be the perfect opportunity for you to assassinate him.”
I’m not liking this. Normally I like to prepare when I stalk prey. Having to go into an Italian restaurant to take down my foes really takes me out of my element. I could easily go from hunter to hunted. “I don’t know Lord, this is short notice. I didn’t bring any of my tools with me-”
“Oh, I doubt you’ll need any tools to kill John.” Lucifer replies. “And as for weapons, there’s going to be one right in front of you at the restaurant.”
And I would be a fool not to use it to my advantage. I smile as I start formulating a plan to dispatch of John Haynes. “Well, I always did have a way with the ladies.”
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