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Monday, February 22, 2016

John Haynes: The Man Who Rules The World Concept cover & E’steem: The Witches of Eastland Chapter 1

Reworked the John Haynes: The Man Who Rules the World Concept cover this weekend. This one looks a LOT stronger than my previous concepts. This one I believe will catch a LOT more eyes. 

The final book that’s part of the SJS DIRECT CoverKickstarter is E’steem: The Witches of Eastland. In this humorous tale, The Devilish Diva takes on three teen witches who attend a Prominent New York Boarding school. 

Bad girl gone good! Good girl goes to school! When E’steem refuses to help a student at the Eastland Boarding School learn sorcery, she and her coven help Lucifer give E’steem a spell of trouble. Can the Devilish Diva teach three witches a lesson about magic they’ll never forget? 

She thinks she’s so much. Wait till we show her.
I rush through the halls of the Eastland dorms with Blair’s designer lipstick in my pocket and a smile on my face. Now that I’ve got one of her most prized possessions we can finally cast a spell on her that’ll make her wish she was never born.
I’m giddy with anticipation as I approach dorm room 316 and rapp my knuckles on the door once, twice, then three times. On hearing the secret code my fellow witch Willow cracks the door open and gives me an anxious look. “Did you get it Raven?”
“Yeah, I got it.” I say. “You guys ready?”
“Ready as we’ll ever be.”
I slip through crack in the door Willow made and rush into our dorm room. Candlelight illuminates the room from the five points of the pentagram we sketched out in the middle of the floor this morning.  After I get Blair’s lipstick out of my blazer pocket and hand it to my fellow witch Tempest she places it in the center of the star. Once we take each other hands we begin chanting the bad luck spell we found online.
Khitis Inyerah Dualeh Aekx Blair Warner”
For a moment, a blue glow illuminates the tube of lipstick. And then it stops. Crap, the spell didn’t work.
“What did we do wrong?” Tempest asks?
 “It was supposed to turn green.” I sigh.
“Well, we did everything we were supposed to.” Willow snarls grabbing her iPad off the bed. “We got the item of the intended and we chanted the spell-”
I look down at Willow’s iPad and figure out what the problem is. “Guys, our mystic energy isn’t strong enough to cast this kind of spell.”
“Not strong enough?” Willow snarls. “We’re one of the strongest Covens at this academy!”
Er…We’re the only Coven at this academy.” I say. And in order for Magick to truly work we need to focus a lot more mystic energy.”
“How do we do that?”
I wish I had an answer for them. “I don’t know. It’s not like we can go to one of our teachers for help on this-”
“Maybe we can.” Tempest says.
Tempest hurries over to my desktop and clicks on an e-mail I got from the Headmistress this morning. “Guess who’s coming to Eastland.”
“John Haynes? Big deal-”
“Yeah, it’s a big deal.  She says heading over to the Dark Coven YouTube Channel. As the fight between a tall voluptuous almond colored woman in a tattered red dress and a she demon plays in the browser, I watch in awe as she casts a spell that turns the air around her into a solid dome. When the demon fires a blast of blue hellfire at it, it sucks all the air out of the dome and she falls unconscious. “You know who always comes with him?”
“That’s E’steem!” Willow barks. “The Sorceress everyone talks about on the Gremoram Acknoram boards!”
“…And she’ll be here tomorrow with Mr. Haynes.” Tempest says.
…And with my job as ace reporter I’ll be able to interview them tomorrow afternoon for the school paper. And maybe she’ll give me a scoop on a magic spell or two.

E’steem: The Witches of Eastland will be coming out this Spring! Help me put a GREAT cover on this book! Please donate to the SJS DIRECT Cover Kickstarter today!

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