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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

White Liberals, Nice Guys & The Negro


  1. I see what you're saying, and I agree with most of it. However, you are aware that there are women who are negros as well? Why are black women totally ignored in this otherwise on point video? Do we not matter?
    Also, it's not totally the white liberal's fault. What about the majority of black men shirking their responsibilities as men? What about the majority of black women who tolerate and enable the foolishness of such men? I say at this point in time, it's more our fault than theirs. Not because your enemy gave you a pile of crap on a Mikasa plate means you have to eat it!

  2. But what about the Black women who PICKED the bum Black men who they knew were irresponsible? But what about the Black women who make excuses to hide from their own poor choices? Black women always make themselves out to be the victim when they were in fact the perpetrator.

    Black women wanted a lifestyle upgrade in the 70s-1990s and they decided to side with White feminists and White liberals in creating the welfare state. They are just as much responsible as the Negro for the sad state America has fallen in, and I hold them just as accountable.