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Monday, December 14, 2015

Why Men Must Pay Themselves First

From birth many a man has been told by his mother that he has to put a woman first and take care of her. And Madison Avenue advertisers and Hollywood movie studios reinforce this idea by telling him he has to sacrifice ever dollar he’s worked for to provide for her needs and to make her happy.

When that’s not his job. No man is responsible for a woman’s happiness. She is.

If a man is not married to a woman he owes her NOTHING. If he’s single, his main priority in life should be focusing on his needs and what he wants to accomplish in life.

What most men don’t understand is that in this age of Feminism women are can get jobs faster than a man, and get paid the same as a man if not more. And if women want things to be eaual in terms of economics then why should a man pay her way in life?

In fact things are actually economically imbalanced as it is between the sexes. Sure women make just as much as men, But what many of the pundits and politicians don’t factor in is in addition to that high paying job many women have, they usually most a couple of boyfriends, a fuck buddy and a couple of simps paying for her dinner, drinks, clothes, shoes, shopping sprees and cell phone bills. And with all these dudes and even the government bankrolling her $5 coffees, her iPhone, and her designer clothes and other assorted gifts and trinkets, she has an income far larger than the base salary she reports to the IRS.

So why should a man come out of his pocket spend his hard earned money taking care of some woman when she has multiple revenue streams including her salary?

He shouldn’t.

A Smart man pays himself first. Why? Because every dollar spent on him improves his quality of life.

Most women are going to get money from someone. Whether at her job, from her husband, her boyfriend, her fuck buddy, her side dude, or a sugar daddy she’s seeing as a side piece. Not to mention all the Simps and Tricks out there ready to get their pockets picked.

Just make sure the your wallet stays in yours.

Most women are going to be taken care of by someone. The question most men need to ask themselves is: Who’s taking care of you?

A man’s main goal in life is to take care of his needs first. And part of taking care of a man’s financial needs are paying himself first. Every dollar he invests in himself allows him to build wealth that will take care of himself in the future.

How does a man pay himself first? Simple. Put some money in the bank every paycheck. $25, $50, $100, or $200 is a good start if you can. Over the course of a year a guy can have a couple thousand dollars saved up. That’s money he can use to invest in himself and his long-term goals. Too many men who put women first put their needs last. And because they’re helping her get rich they never enrich themselves by working towards the goals in life they set out to accomplish in life.

Yeah, she gets what she wants when you help her. But what does that get a man?

Nothing. Some think because they got some beat up used fish smelling pussy with 500,000 miles on the odomoter like a 89’ Yugo they have something. But a man can get sex anywhere for free in a world where women outnumber men 4 to 1.

Guys, don’t sell yourself short. Put your money in your pocket, not hers.

Guys, YOU worked hard for your money. So use it to take care of YOU.  Pay yourself first and Save your money. If you have a goal in life and you’re working put some money away towards it achieving it. Whether it be buying some stocks and bonds, paying for publishing a book, getting that certificaton, or starting your own business, every dollar you save towards your goals is going towards YOU and what what makes YOU happy.

What a man spends his money on says a lot about what a man considers a priority in his life. And when a man pays himself first he’s making a statement that he’s the most important priority in his life. And that his needs come first before anyone elses’. When a man pays himself first he can have the money to buy for other things that build wealth like Mortgages, stocks and bonds and commercial property or franchises in fast-food restaruants. Fixed tangible assets that build value over time and can be passed down to the next generation.

Paying yourself first means you making money for you a priority. If a man took just a fraction of the money he invested in making women happy he’d be able to improve the quality of his financial life tremendously.   

Guys, Get your money right for you. These women are going to being taken care of. So take care of yourself. Because no one is going to look out for you but you.

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  1. Today's world is a society of moochers, where everyone expects everyone else to give out free money and presents for nothing. Whatever happened to getting things for yourself?