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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

When A Black Person Gets Another Black Man Fired….

When a Black man enters the workplace there’s often a whole bunch of people who want to see him leave. And unfortunately, most of them are other Black people.

Many of these sellouts who work behind the scenes to get a Black man fired off his job belive they’ll get some brownie points with their White and nonblack bosses and some of the more delusional ones will believe they’ve actually accomplished something important in life. But in reality they’ve actually hurt not only their community but themselves as well.

When Black folks work to get Black men fired they tarnish the image of all Black people at that company. Sure, the sellout who worked so dillegently to cost another brother his job has a job. But that door closes for any other Black people at that company. When one Black man is perceived to have not performed well at a job no others will ever get hired there. The next person who will be hired at that company to fill that job will definitely be Hispanic, Asian, Arab or White.

And those people aren’t going to look favorably on Black people there.  When they get an opportunity to consisder someone for a job it’s definitely NOT going to be another Black person.

When Black folks work to get Black men fired from their job they also start the road towards their own termination. In most cases this Tap-dancing shoe-shining Negro is usually the only Black person in the company. And because they’re so short-sighted they can’t understand that there’s strength in numbers. When there’s more than one person in a company and they have skills valuable to the company they can create a platform to meet their business needs at that organization. With that platform they can get other qualified Blacks hired and get contracts for Black businessmen who decide to leave and start their own businesses.

But because this jealous crab in a bucket shine can’t see past themselves, and their steady paycheck, they don’t understand how more Black people in a business helps them long-term. With them being the lone Black person in the company they have no allies to help or support them. Usually this Negro will believe that White folks and everyone else will be on their side, but usually winds up for a rude awakening during a crisis in the company. Because they didn’t have Black allies in the workplace to support or protect their Black ass this shoe-shining Negro usually winds up being shown the door as well. 

When Black folks work to get other Black men fired from their job they take money out of their community. When that Black man is working he’s putting food on his table and supporting his family. He is spending money with Black-owned businesses. All that money from his paychecks is flowing into the Black community. And when he’s terminated from that job, that money stops flowing into it.

That means no money to take care of his kids. Or to pay bills. So a family suffers because the father can’t provide for it.

What many of these crab in a bucket Negroes don’t understand is that when a Black man isn’t on the job there are no Black dollars in the Black community. And because there are no Black dollars in the Black community there’s no tax base or tax revenue. So that means there’s no money for schools, libraries or other public services Yes, the sellout has their job and their money and they get to live well, but their and the other people in their community suffers.

When Black people work towards getting Black men fired from their jobs it keeps the unemployment rate high in their communities. Sure a Black woman can find a job in a month or two, but it can take Black men YEARS to find another full-time job. Every Black person who works to get a Black man fired makes it that much harder for that Black man to get that next job.

Why? Because now that Black man doesn’t have any references and in some cases can’t use that employer on their resume. So they wind up with a huge gap on their resume. Sure, the brother may have skills. And they may have done some work for themselves. But they have a harder time selling what they have to offer to employers due to the fact that they are Black men and the fact that they have a tarnished work history. Once a man has been fired it become ten times harder to find that next full-time job.

And in that those years they’re out of work that Black man is not only trying to find a way to make a living, but also trying to find a way to explain that employment gap to potential employers. When a Black man has been fired from a previous job it becomes that much harder for them to convince another employer to take a risk on them.

When Black folks work to get other Black men fired from their job they hurt the employment opportunites for others. That Black man who is working on a job is oftentimes saving their money to start a business. When they get fired from a job due to another sellout throwing them under a bus those plans get derailed. And in the long-term that means they can’t start a business. A business that would possibly hire other Black people.

Many of these crab in a bucket Negroes will smile watching a Black man get fired by a White or a nonblack person. Some will feel a sense of pride watching that brother being escorted out of the building by security guards. A few Black women will even have an orgasm. In their eyes they fucked him up.

But they have no idea on how they fucked over their communites and themselves.

When Black people work towards getting other Black men fired they may benefit in the short term but in the long term they hurt their race. Yes, this Negro has protected their position. Yes, they have a few brownie points with some racists. And in some cases they’ve even gotten their revenge on someone they didn’t like. But because they couldn’t work with someone who was the same color as they are their neigborhoods remain the poorest in the world. 

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