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Friday, May 8, 2015

Thoughts on the 2015 Baltimore Riots

Some will say that the Baltimore riots were about racism. Others will say they were about Police brutality. A few will try to say they were about getting justice for Freddie Gray.

I see them as a damning statement about the sad state of affairs regarding the Black family.

What people saw in Baltimore is a Black community reaping the bitter harvest sowed from 40 years of supporting White Liberal policies, White Feminism, and promoting the proliferation of single mother households. From the seeds planted two generations ago we saw a generation of directionless youths using the death of a neighborhood drug dealer and convicted felon as an excuse to loot and burn their own neighborhoods.

The Baltimore riots weren’t about civil disobedience. They were anarchy pure and simple. These were teenagers wandering the streets stealing and destroying property. Getting themselves PS4s. Getting themselves alcohol. Getting themselves Air Jordan sneakers. Stealing whatever they could get their hands on and taking what they wanted. Almost a repeat performance of the mayhem that transpired in Ferguson almost a year ago after the death of Michael Brown.

What’s even more damning about the riot in Baltimore is that all of this mayhem transpired in a city that’s over 63% Black with a Black mayor, a Black police commissioner and a predominantly Black police force. A city that has followed the policies of White Liberals in the Democratic Party to the letter for decades.

Policies that have had a direct impact on the Black family for the last two generations. What we saw in Baltimore were chickens coming home to roost on two generations of Black single mothers who thought they could raise sons and daughters on their own.

These Savage Negro Children of the Corn who burned and looted their own neighborhood are the bitter harvest of two generations of Strong Independent feminist Black women who supported White Liberals and the Liberal Welfare policies that removed Black fathers from the home.

The events in Baltimore have proven that Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs of the 1960s are COMPLETE FAILURE. And thanks to those policies there is NO LEADERSHIP in the Black community at all right now. From the churches to the public schools to the home, no one man or woman is setting the standard for leadership and establishing the mission for the Black community.

This is why we have children wandering aimlessly using the death of a neighborhood drug dealer as an excuse to commit their own crimes. This is why these teenage rioters are so callous that they’d set fire to a Senior Citizens home. These feral Children of the Corn have no moral center, and no moral compass.

What does burning down a senior citizen home filled with elderly Black residents have anything to do with getting justice for Freddie Gray? How does making elderly people homeless and putting their lives at risk in a fire get justice for a case of police brutality? How does burning down a senior home stop police from brutalizing Black men? What does looting a Game Stop for PS4s and XBOX ones have to do with Civil Rights? What does burning down a CVS these kids stole from have to do with Civil Disobedience?

Again, what we saw in Baltimore is what happens when there is a complete degeneration of the family structure. Without the father there to lead the family under God’s authority the entire Black family unit fell into CHAOS. Without a solid family structure to teach the next generation they wind up wandering lost and directionless.

Yeah, the media showed us a Black single mother discipline her son in the middle of the Baltimore riots. But all of that degeneracy wouldn’t have happened if Black fathers were in the home in the first place. People called this single mother the mother of the year, but not a single person has asked: Where were the fathers of these children who were looting and burning their own neighborhood?

The Black father has been surgically removed from the home by those White Liberal welfare policies. And after two generations of dysfunction we now see the direct impact of his elimination from the Black family in the Baltimore riots. Two generations of children without fathers growing up with no direction, no focus and just running on emotions. From the misguided young people marching across the country to Washington for the umpmillionth time to get whatever “Justice” is, to the dysfunctional savages rioting in Baltimore none of these children have received the guidance and lessons on leadership only a father can give them.

If these Negro Children of the Corn were properly educated about their history they’d have understood that all the Black neighborhoods from Watts to Crown Heights South Central to Newark to Ferguson that were destroyed by riots ears never recovered from the carnage. When most businesses in those areas were burned and looted, the owners Black, White, and whatever ethnicity just packed up and left. And the few jobs that were there for Black people were GONE FOR GOOD.

In the aftermath of those riots property values declined. And because there was no economic infrastructure the tax base eroded. And the community got poorer. And in the place of the Black-owned businesses came Arabs, Koreans and other foreigners selling inferior goods at higher prices to the Negro masses. These foreigners then took Negro dollars and used them to finance their own journey to the middle class while the Negro led by the single mother financed her own poverty and the unemployment of her sons and daughters through continuing co-dependence on Welfare programs.

Because that father was NOT there to teach his son a sense of responsibility and to model leadership his children learned to be just as dysfunctional and co-dependent as their mother was. And because she has no idea on how to lead a family her children wind up being just as fucked up as she is.  

If these children were taught about their history from their fathers and grandfathers they’d have come to understand that rioting and looting is not a part of any smart Civil Rights leaders’ Civil disobedience plan. Most of the protests for Black men from Trayvon Martin to Freddie Gray don’t get justice for these men because they aren’t led by anyone with a plan or a direction. None of the Civil Rights dinosaurs, Negro Pastors, or Pro-Black AFROSIMPTRICKS have a set of goals or a plan of action to deal with the real issue which is the decline of the Black family and the FAILURE of Black leadership from top to bottom.

All these Negroes hopped up on emotions do is talk about “Justice” but just don’t have any idea on how to achieve that goal. For all their marching and protesting all they’ve got are sore throats and tired feet. The definition of insanity is doing the exact same things and expecting a different result. How many Black men have Black folks marched and protested over the last seven years? And how many got “justice” they protested over?

And what they don’t understand is that the world is tired of hearing them whine, moan and complain. People’s ears are starting to get deaf to all the noise behind the rhetoric. For all the talk the Negro never takes any ACTION that has any IMPACT. And the greatest action that could have any impact that could be had is all these Black single mothers swallowing their pride and admitting they just can’t raise a child on their own.

The issues plaguing Baltimore and most Black communities these days aren’t just about race. They’re truly about the complete collapse of the Black family. The Strong independent Black women of the 1970s listened to the White feminists and White liberal politicians who told her she didn’t need a man. Now 50 years later her grandchildren and great grandchildren are bringing a bitter harvest of mayhem and chaos to her from the seeds she sowed.

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