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Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Brother’s Keeper-Keeps The Dysfunctional Status Quo In Control In The Black Community

In the aftermath of the Baltimore Riots, President Obama is taking the opportunity to promote My Brother’s Keeper, his nonprofit program to mentor young Black males and provide them with “mentoring” and “employment opportunities”. However, most in the Black community don’t see how the Negro community is being exploited by the brother in the White House and his White Liberal supporters.

My Brother’s Keeper is the typical White Liberal response to a crisis situation like the Baltimore Riots. And because most Black people can’t think critically and can’t see things from a broader perspective, they can’t see the vicious co-dependent cycle transpiring in front of them in the pattern of events:

Cops kill Black man,
Negroes protest looking for “Justice”
Negroes Riot and destroy their own commuinity,

White Liberal brings in government programs and other crumbs from his table to pacify the angry Negro masses,

Issue of race and providing true equal opportunity for all Black people gets swept under the rug for another decade or so until another Black man is killed by a White cop or a nonblack person.

And the same cabal of hustlers in the Unholy Trinity such as Nonprofits run by White and Black liberals, Pro-Black AFROSIMPTRICKS and Negro Pastors continues to profit off the misery of the Negro.

My Brother’s Keeper is not about providing “mentoring” and “opportunites” to Black boys.  It’s about providing a steady stream of grant money and government funds to the same group of buckdancing, bojangling, Negro opportunists who have exploited the Black community for the last 40 years.

Most people in the Black community have no idea that the people who will be running President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper program will be the same incompetent Black leaders who have FAILED the Black community for the last 40 years. And this cabal of con men have no interest in providing real mentoring and employment opportunities for young Black males, just getting an opportunity to put tax-free dollars in their pockets from grantmakers, the government and corporations. Basically they’re pimping the Black masses.

The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. We’ve been through this vicious cycle of dead black man, marching, protesting, rioting and government programs for the last 40 going on 50 years. And nothing has changed. 

Funny for how the Liberal’s promises of hope and change things always remains the same for Black people.

We don’t need mentors to be our brother’s keepers. We need Black FATHERS to return to the home.

Want to help most of these Black boys right now? Change the Welfare policy that says that the father can’t be in the home in order for the Black single mother to receive benefits. That one policy change would have an IMPACT on FAMILIES IMMEDIATELY.

And if anyone in America was truly serious about helping Black boys they’d be ready to give Black men JOBS NOW.

Really want to change a Black man’s life? Give him a JOB. When a man has a sense of PURPOSE he has the MOTIVATION to do BETTER. When he has INCOME he can start building and taking his life to the next level. With INCOME he can start taking care of his family. With INCOME he can start building his hood into a community of homes and businesses.

But liberals like Barack Obama don’t want the Black man to have that sense of purpose. They don’t want him to get motivated to build up his community. Why? He and his White Liberal friends and the cabal of Pastors, Civil Rights activists and Pro-Black AFROSIMPTRICKS won’t get any of that grant money if the Negro masses can start proving they can do for themselves.

This cabal needs the Negro to remain a VICTIM so they can profit off his misery. And as long as the Black man is at the bottom of the social hierarchy they can make money off him through mentoring programs, job training programs and other nonprofit hustles meant to keep the money flowing out of the Black community and right into their pockets.

It’s not hard for an employer to just walk up to a Black man and hire him. There’s no need for a job training program to do that. You know a Black man without a job and you know what he can do, you just go and hire him. Simple as that. Instant life changer. Man learns discipline, responsibility and a work ethic. He learns valuable skills and work experience. He gets the money to start building and taking his life to the next level.

If he has children, his sons and daughters see him as a role model. A leader. The head of the family. It’s hard for a Black woman to say a N*gger ain’t Sh*t when the Black man has money in his pocket and is providing for his family on equal footing as her.

The cost of giving that Black man a job is couple of thousand dollars a year. That’s billions less than the My Brother’s Keeper program will cost over the next few years. And it’d have a direct impact on the black community immediately.

When sons see their fathers working, they work too. The model for manhood for Black men can only be taught by another Black man. And the father, the man who should have been mentoring and leading his sons hasn’t been in the home for close to 50 years thanks to the White liberal policies that created the Welfare state in the Black communities. It’s time to bring that Black man back to his home to take care of business regarding his family and his children. 

God made the Black man to be the leader over the family. And the family will NEVER work without him in place in God’s natural order. For close to 50 years the White liberal, the White feminist and the Black woman have all tried to replace him with artificial substitutes and every time they have FAILED. No stepfather, boyfriend, “uncle”, “man”, government program or other man-made artificial substitute will EVER replace the father and the role God defined for man in his home.

The Baltimore Riots were a damning statement on the Great Society programs of the 1960’s. They proved that the Welfare state established by Lyndon Johnson was a complete FAILURE. In their aftermath the Black family has collapsed into the chaos we saw on those Baltimore streets.

The Baltimore Riots have proven we don’t need any more government programs. We never needed them anyway. All the War on Poverty and the Great Society programs of the 1960’s did was keep Black people poorer.

The Democrats lost the War on Poverty. Now it’s time we tried a different strategy to provide equal opportunity to Black men.

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  1. Shawn, good post !

    However you are still missing the point.

    "They don’t want him to get motivated to build up his community. Why? "

    The name of the game is not profit. The profiting from the misery in the Black community is secondary.

    The main objective is WHITE SUPREMACY.

    The point of the whole project is in fact to keep Blacks poor, disorganized, demoralized, downtrodden, ,,,,,men with no resources, uneducated, families broken,.....

    This is in fact THE POINT. To keep Blacks down.

    The biggest threat to White Supremacy is the Black man. Hence he has to be kept down and out.
    -War on Drugs (i.e. war on Black men)
    -Welfare (War on Black man and his family)
    -Family Court (Anti-Black man family Court)
    -Stop and Frisk ( Stop and Frisk Black men )

    The whole point of the enterprise is to create what has been created.....a type of neo slavery.

    "My Brother's Keeper" is just another boondoggle to distract people from the White Supremacist practices against Black in particular.

    To first solve a problem, demands that you properly define it .

    The issue is WHITE SUPREMACY and its practices against Blacks. Eliminate the practices and eliminate the problems. Period. All else is intentional sophistry and nonsense