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Monday, May 18, 2015

Negro Children of the Corn

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  1. Good video Shawn.

    You correct. The problem is the breakdowmn of the family.

    But you are incorrect in the source of the problem.

    It is White Supremacy.

    Who run the school systems ? Whites and Jews
    Who runs the social service aparatus ? Whites and Jews
    Who run the the courts, prisons, etc.. ? Whites and Jews
    Who set up thr system for the wholesale incarceration of Black men ?? Whites and Jews

    ...even Clinton came and apolohized for his role in the Crime Bill that he passed which made for harshee sentences....

    Blacks here are primarily the victims of White Supremacist policies.

    The solution will be to identify the true causes and the apply the proper solution....however, this can never happen if people refuse to identify the real issue.

    White Supremacy