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Friday, March 27, 2015

What Solution Really Means To The Negro

As a manager and a publisher my job is to solve problems. However when it comes to the Black community I realize that most Negroes just don’t want the solutions to solve their problems.

To understand why the Negro does not want solutions, one has to understand the psychological disorder of co-dependency. What is Co-dependency? Co-dependency is when one partner relies excessively on another partner.

In this dysfunctional relationship one partner usually carries most of the emotional and in a lot of cases the financial load. Because one person is doing all the heavy lifting, both partners feel like they’re not getting their needs met.

The Negro is in a Co-dependent relationship with the White liberal. In this relationship the White liberal is his abuser. And the Negro is the victim. Like the abusive husband and his wife the co-dependent and the abuser participate in a vicious cycle of abuse and apologies over and over again.

Usually the co-dependent cycle between the Negro and the White Liberal runs like this: The White liberal abuses the Negro through his racist and White Supremacist policies.  The victimized Negro protests. The White liberal apologizes, tells him it’s not his fault and offers some sort of compensation such as a government program, or whatever crumbs he decides to toss from his table to pacify his Negro partner’s whining.

Seventy percent of Negroes come from single mother households where they saw a co-dependent relationship modeled for them with their parents. Even some of these Negroes from two-parent homes came from a home where co-dependency was their model for relationships.

The Co-dependent Negro does not want solutions. Why? Because being a victim is how a co-dependent person gets their needs met.

Solution means that things are done. The problem is solved. Game over. Finished Both people have to move on with their separate lives.

But a co-dependent person doesn’t want to move forward. The co-dependent person wants to continue going around and around in the vicious cycle of victim and abuser. Because they think that the only person who can help them get their needs met is the White Liberal.

Again solution means that the Negro no longer can go back to the master’s table to beg. The problem is solved. The person has to move on, go out and stand on his or her own two feet.

For the Negro, the victim is a position of power. It’s a way they believe they can gain leverage on their abuser. As they blame and shame them for their wrongs they can get “apology” gifts and other compensation from them.

Unfortunately, in the real world with the rest of the White and nonblack people who aren’t co-dependent; the position of the victim is not a position of power. It’s a position of weakness.

In the real world a victim is a powerless person. They are unable to meet their own needs or take control their own lives. They are unable to make choices about their own future. When people have to pull their weight in addition to their own both partners are slowed down and their growth is impeded. As the relationship progresses both partners reach a point where their lives stagnate.

The goal of problem solving is to get a person to a situation where they can become able to function on their own. Once the problem is solved, people can go on to focus on other issues. But with the Negro things often remain stagnant. He or she just never wants to move on. Because moving on means Change.

And a co-dependent person does not like change. Change means venturing into the unknown. Having to take responsibility for oneself. Having to take responsibility for the decisions one makes. Focusing on other issues that take priority now that the issue has been solved.

The Negro does not want solutions because that means his or her life paradigm will change. As long as they have that White racist straw man to blame for all their problems they can go back to his table and beg for whatever crumb that are dropped to him as part of the blame n’ shame game. Being a victim means they believe they can remain fed, clothed and cared for.

Instead of caring for themselves. Self-reliance is a journey into the unknown. And Co-dependent people don’t like anything that’s not guaranteed.

The natural process for a victim of a tragedy is to transition to a survivor. With counseling, survivors learn from their experiences, put the past behind them, and move forward. But the Negro’s journey stagnates at the victim stage so they never move forward. Thanks to White liberals, Black Pastors, and Pro-Black AFROSIMPTRICKS enabling the Negro with their excuse filled rants and diatribes they’ll never get to the point where they start making the steps towards recovery.

This cabal of enablers makes a majority of their money at the expense of keeping the Negro a victim. As long as The Negro believes they can’t do for themselves they can reap profits from doing for them. While the individuals in this Unholy Trinity argue amongst themselves they promote programs, job training and other grant money hustles to enrich themselves at the expense of the Negro’s ongoing victimization.

The co-dependent relationship between the Negro and his enablers is the real reason why the Black community has not grown in the last 50 years. In fact now it’s actually impeding the progress of White America. Co-dependency is a race to the bottom where both victim and abusers blame and shame game of finger pointing usually ends two ways when one or both individuals hit rock bottom or when either the abuser or victim die.

Rock bottom is a hard and horrible place. But I believe it’s the only solution for many of these co-dependent Negroes out here. Rock bottom is where people have no other place to go but die. It’s a place with no crutches, no excuses, and no point of return. A person cannot be a victim at rock bottom, it’s either get up and fight or die. Those who fight back survive and rise to the top. And those who won’t wind up falling on their knees.

When a person hits rock bottom they push past the enablers the excuse makers and the bullshitters and start doing the hard work of rebuilding their lives. I think it’s only when the Negro and Whites finally hit a true rock bottom they’ll finally start working on solutions to the issue of race in America.

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  1. Once again the decadence of the 70s through 90s has driven the world into the muddy earth and prevented movement, where people whine about rights and programs yet don't have the nerve to fix things.