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Monday, March 9, 2015

Shawn’s Question to President Barack Obama About Trayvon Martin

 Several years ago President Barack Obama said Trayvon Martin could have been his son. However, a few weeks ago in 2015 his Attorney General said he would not be pursuing federal Civil Rights charges against George Zimmerman.

Here’s Shawn’s question to President Obama: If Trayvon Martin were truly your son, would you have been satisfied with your Attorney General not pursuing charges against your son’s killer? Would you believe that justice was served?

Moreover, if your daughters Sasha or Malia were murdered in the same way Trayvon Martin was, would you be satisfied with your Attorney General not pursuing federal Civil Rights Charges against Mr. Zimmerman? Would you consider that justice in their case?

Here’s another question I want to ask President Obama: Do Black men’s lives matter to you?

When you watch the actions of Mr. Obama and his attorney General Eric Holder you see what hypocrites they are. And you see how little value a Black man’s life matters to him. Now Mr. Obama says that Trayvon Martin could have been his son. But by allowing his Attorney General Eric Holder to not file Federal Civil Rights charges against George Zimmerman he creates legal policy and sets legal precedent that sides with the White Supremacists who thought it was justified for George Zimmerman to racially profile and murder Trayvon Martin.

Sending a message to the world that Black men’s lives don’t matter. When the two most powerful Black men in America are willing to establish a legal precedent that clearly states they don’t care about the lives of Black men, then it tells the world that no one else should give a damn about them either.

After all, Black men are just niggers. So you can just kill them like roaches. What President Obama and Attorney General Holder did in the cases of Travyon Martin and Michael Brown was a defining statement on Black male self-hatred.

I truly believe Black America got to see what cowards our first Black President and our first Black Attorney General were with their handling of the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases. By not pursuing Civil Rights Charges against George Zimmerman and to an extent Darren Wilson, President Obama and Attorney General Holder clearly showed they’re more afraid of White Supremacists than they are of the Black community that almost unconditionally supported them in two elections. In the aftermath of the verdict for Trayvon Martin, Mr. Obama gave a half-hearted speech about justice in the hopes of pacifying the Negro masses. Then he showed that same apathy and indifference in the aftermath of the Grand Jury decisions of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

And instead of taking on the case of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner head on, Holder let things float in limbo for two years. And when pressured, he announced his resignation.

 Only when the U.S Senate dragged its feet on confirming his Black female replacement (Because it’s just easier to blame the Black woman for enforcing White Supremacist policies and call her a Negro Bed Wench) Holder decided to just bite the bullet and Pimp slap the very 93% of voters who helped get his boss Barack Obama Elected with a White glove, a pinky ring and powder.

All while the STUPID Negro masses sat there with shit-eating grins on their faces. Still hoping that their Black President will Change their part of America.

The message Barack Obama and Eric Holder both sent to the 93% of Black voters who supported him with their decision on Travyon Martin and Michael Brown was this:

 They’ve got theirs. Fuck You.

What’s most damning about this legal precedent it is that we have a pair of the most powerful Black men in America establishing a standard about the value of a Black man’s life across this country. From the White House to the Projects it’s clear a Black man’s life doesn’t matter to anybody Black.

And that’s the big problem in the Black community. A Black man’s life doesn’t matter to Black people across this country. From the Black male President of the United States to the Black male Attorney General to the teenage thug on the street sagging his pants, a Black man’s life has no value to any of them. Four years after the death of Trayvon Martin, Black men still continue to murder each other in Black-on-Black crimes. Indifferently killing each other with the nonchalance a man would use when he stepped on a roach.

Now I have a question for you Negroes: Who does a Black man’s life have matter to in order for it to have value to the world? White people? Or does it have to have value to Black people?

My answer to that question is that a Black man’s life has to have a value to other Black men in order for it to have value to the world. In order for others such as Black women and White Men to see the value of a Black man’s life we have to show how much we value each other as men. And the only way we can show the value of Black man’s life is to through our actions. In order for us to stop sociopaths like George Zimmermans from killing our Black boys we have to also stop the Pookies, the Ray-Rays, Jaheems, and other assorted Negro terrorists like gang members and thugs from killing them as well. The entire Black community must declare war on the cabal of Sold out Blacks who practice White Supremacy with the same passion and fervor we use when go after the White men who practice White Supremacy.

Barack Obama said years ago Trayvon Martin could have been his son. But what truly makes him and Attorney General Eric Holder hypocrites and cowards is the fact that they both had the political power to show how his life mattered by establishing legal precedent to make sure that no other Black parents’ son wound up dead like Trayvon Martin. But instead of using their political power to establish that precedent, Obama and Holder sided with the status quo of White Supremacy who murdered Emmit Till 50 years ago. Thanks to the cowardice of Obama’s Black male Attorney General Eric holder it is now legal precedent that a Black man’s life should not matter to Black people and that it’s perfectly fine for Whites and nonblacks to kill a Black man like a roach.

I have to wonder:  Is this the Hope and the Change Black people enthusiastically voted for in 2008 and 20l2? Because it looks like a return to Jim Crow to me.

*With that being said, now I go back to writing blogs about African-American Fantasy and the comic book industry*


  1. Obama is a pimp to the black community and a man-hating faggot.

  2. I don't think the lives of WHITE men matter to him at this point.