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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Why Islamic Terrorism is Just as big a FAILURE as the Civil Rights Movement

Isis Militants

In the media everyone is talking about ISIL,(I refuse to call them ISIS and sully the goddess’name) the latest Islamic militant group to come up out of the Middle East. They say they’re bigger than Al-Queda. They’re the next big threat to the world.

I say they won’t get half as far as Osama Bin Laden. And he got no further than the late Yasser Arafat and the PLO.

Let’s face it, Islamic Terrorism is just as big a FAILURE as the Civil Rights Movement. For the last 40 years various Islamic militant groups have hijacked planes, carbombed, suicide bombed, kidnapped people and even blown up the World Trade Center here in New York. But for all the death and destruction not one of these Militant groups one has made a single step in progress. Why? Not a single one of these Islamic extremists in groups from the PLO to ISIL has ever come up with an economic plan for the region.

What these militants don’t understand is that Nations aren’t built on religions. They’re built with economies. And the big problem in the Mideast is for all the religious rhetoric is no one in the Mideast has come up with an economic plan to build the Middle East into a region that can compete with the Americans and the Israelis they supposedly hate so much.

And because they have no economic plan, they express their frustrations by hijacking planes, blowing up shit, beheading of journalists like Daniel Perl and committing international atrocities like 9/11.

Just like a lot of the dysfunctional Black males here in America who terrorize inner-city neighborhoods. They destroy their own neighborhoods because they have no skill at BUILDING them into communities.

Economics and Religion are two separate things. And most in the Middle East like most Black people can’t separate the two concepts.

It takes no skill to destroy. But it takes intricate skill to help BUILD a NATION to form relations with TRADE partners to facilitate COMMERCE. And that’s where ALL the Islamic militant groups FAIL MISERABLY. Not a SINGLE ONE of these militant groups such as Al Queda or ISIL has a VISION to BUILD the Middle Eastern Block into a true economic powerhouse. And this is in spite of it being one of the richest regions in the world.

For example, Egypt overthrew its dictator Hosni Mubarak a few years ago in a campaign that used social media. But in spite of all the hoopla on social media and all the efforts for democratic elections, the military was forced to run the government a few months after the election. Why?

There was no economic plan to BUILD Egypt into a country that paid its people first. So in spite of all the change, the flow of dollars remained the same at the end of the day.

Historically, wars have always been about economics. When Rome sought to conquer Egypt back in the B.C. days it was for its wheat, its corn and its trade routes on the Nile River. In America, the Colonists went to war because they felt the British were taxing them excessively. World War II was waged so Hitler, Moussolini and Emperor Hirohito could divide the world’s economic resources for themselves.

No one goes to war without a plan for economic profit. Except for Islamic militants. No, they just want to scare people with terrorism. Which is why the situation in the Middle East has gone nowhere for the last 40 years.

Usually the goal of war is to take assets from other countries to add to that nation’s own economic resources. However, if one takes a closer look at the situation in the Mideast, there is no plan for an economy or nation building. What’s the goal? Destroy Israel? I hate America? How does that build an economy? How does that build a competitive Middle Eastern economy that can compete with the US, Russia, and China?

Not a single Islamic militant from any of these groups has thought about economics in the four decades they’ve terrorized the world. And that’s why the terrorism campaigns of Islamic groups such as Al Queda and ISIL have gone nowhere in 40 years. What is the plan for after the war? Hating the other side is not a plan for building a nation or an economy. Eventually the victors in the ware are going to have to trade with those countries they hate in order to survive and stay competitive with the rest of the world.

And all that hate in the Middle East does is leave a people open to be exploited by a cabal of international war profiteers. Where are all the Islamic militants getting their guns and couscous from to wage their terrorist campaigns? Aren’t AK-47’s are Russian? Aren’t Uzi’s Israeli? Aren’t MRE’s American? Aren’t most those UN care packages of rice made in other countries?

That’s right, no Arab in the Mideast owns a single gun factory. Nor do they manufacture their own couscous. For all the oil and precious natural resources in these Middle Eastern countries, most people in wartorn Middle Eastern countries get all their food and weapons from other countries like the US, Russia, and China.

And all of those businesses in those countries are only supplying militant groups like Al-Queda or ISIL in the hopes of International corporations reaping a bounty of natural resources they can sell on the open market.

The way I see it the Middle East is a mirror image of the modern day Black community. Everyone is so caught up in the rhetoric of organized religion (not true Islam) that they can’t see who’s supplying the guns or the butter to both sides. Nor are they asking who’s paying for the guns and the butter that keeps the terrorism going in their countries.

And because most Middle Eastern people can’t separate economics from religion they wind up getting taken advantage of by clerics who laugh all the way to the bank at the expense of their own people.

The same way most Pimp Pastors here use Pseudo-Christian religion to pacify and exploit the Black masses here. Exploiting their people why they laugh all the way to the bank.

Too many of the masses in Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and Syria are too busy buying into pseudo-religious propaganda to follow the dollars of international big business. And too many are caught up in their emotions to ask important questions of the businesspeople who are so eager to help them wage jihad. Not a single one of these militants ever asks: If someone is fighting for you, what’s in it for them? And how much money do they expect to make on the deal?

When I look at the terrorism perpetrated by groups like Al Queda and ISIL, I see a mirror image of what’s going on in the Black community where government funded gangs like the Crips and the Bloods pay Black people to terrorize Black people in inner-city neighborhoods here in the US. But because most of the Negro masses are so caught up in their emotions of the violence perpetrated on them every day by these sellouts, they don’t ask how these groups are being funded; how they’re getting the guns or the butter to wage war on their own people.

If they did a little research they’d probably find the wealthy people giving them the guns and the butter is the exact same cabal that funds organizations like Al Queda and ISIL to terrorize and oppress their very own people.

There’s a reason why most of the leaders of these Islamic fundamentalist groups don’t have an economic plan to enrich their own people. That’s because they’ve sold out to big business a LONG time ago. And most of the so-called militants on the ground are so emotionally invested in organized religion preached to them they can’t see they’re just pawns of the leaders they’re working for. Basically cannon fodder.

Yeah, they get promised seven virgins on death. But most of the masses of men can’t see how they’re being fucked over by people in this life.

People all over the world need to understand terrorism isn’t just about fear. It’s about economics. The whole goal of international terrorism is for a small group of wealthy people to destabilize a region so that the masses can wind up thinking in a reactionary way so they can be exploited economically and politically by foreign big business. And While the poor people are busy fighting each other and for some religious or political cause, those same wealthy businesspeople from foreign states are dividing the region’s economic and natural resources for themselves and using those people as a stepping stones towards building their own empires.

All the talk of Islamic States from groups like Al Queda and ISIL reminds me of the AfroSIMPTRICK Black militants here in America. It’s a lot of TALK, but at the end of the day won’t turn into CONSTRUCTIVE ACTION. Yeah, they can blow up stuff and murder millions of people, but not a single one of these groups can come up with an economic plan to build a nation that can enrich their own people and pay them first. Sadly, most of the masses are so brainwashed by organized religion they can’t see the shell game run on them by a cabal of corporations out to make blood money on the backs of their own people.

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