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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The High-Tech Lynching of Ray Rice

A couple of days ago, the Baltimore Ravens terminated running back Ray Rice after video of him punching his girlfriend Janay Palmer was released by TMZ. And the NFL banned him for life.

I’m sorry but this is excessive.

Moreover, it appears to be a smear campaign against Mr. Rice by a cabal of White Supremacists, White Feminists and Black women. If one looks at what’s transpiring, what’s happening to Ray Rice is just what the media did to Heavyweight champ Mike Tyson close to 30 years ago.

Back in the 1980s, the AmeriKKKan Media made every effort to turn boxer Iron Mike Tyson into a stereotypical Black Brute. And they used his then wife Robin Givens as the gateway into perpetuating that image. From the interview where Ms. Givens said Mike Tyson a “manic depressive” in a condescending tone, every effort was made to turn Tyson into a Black Brute, a violent and savage Black man with no discipline and self-control. Eventually, this escalation of brute violence and sexual behavior climaxed with his conviction for the rape of Desiree Washington in 1991.

Ray Rice’s image is being demonized in the exact same way Tyson’s was. He has been made into a poster child for domestic violence. However, what tabloids like TMZ won’t tell viewers is that Rice was defending himself. The video they showed was incomplete and does not show his wife first spitting on him, and then slapping him.

And he’s being demonized the same way RTA bus driver Artis Hughes was for defending himself against unruly rider Sha’dia Lane. Hugehes like Rice lost his job trying to defend himself against a woman who decided it was her right to farebeat, and argue and spit on a bus driver.

And he’s also being demonized the same way Rayon McIntosh was for defending himself against two violent lesbians who decided slap and jump over the counter when they were about to be caught trying to pass a phony $50 bill.

In all these cases Black men were made out to be the bad guys. And no efforts were made by the media to hold Black women accountable for their irresponsible, reckless and out-of-control behavior.

The double standard created by White feminists 40 years ago is that it’s never okay for a man to hit a woman.  However, if a woman hits a man I say all bets are off.

In life, for every action, there is an equal and opposite REACTION. And a generation of girls never learned this due to White feminists teaching girls a dysfunctional way of thinking .

Ladies, if you hit, be prepared to be hit back. My mother taught me this at six years old. And it was one of the reasons why I avoided starting fights at school. But most girls over the last 30 years are learning that if they hit someone the man is just supposed to take it.

I’m sorry, that’s not how it goes. If you are a woman and you hit a man, I say that man has every right to defend himself.

The Bible says do unto others as they would do unto you. If women don’t want to get hit by men then they don’t put their hands on men.

Ray Rice is not the bad guy here. Janay Palmer is. And like Robin Givens and the two lesbians at McDonald’s who the AmeriKKKan Media tried to turn into victims, they were the perpetrators.

And these Black women were used as tools by the White Supremacist media to take away economic power from a Black man. Like Tyson 30 years ago, and Rayon McIntosh five years ago, Ray Rice lost his job due to this propaganda smear job perpetrated by a tabloid dealing in OPINION like TMZ.

Under pressure from White Feminists, and White liberals, The NFL like the KKK wanted to take down the Black Brute. And they did it with a high-tech lynching. First by releasing him from his contract and then banning him from the league. Hanging him with a noose that chokes him out by taking away his income and his livelihood.

By starving him to death White Supremacy sends a message to other Black men that Black women are above them on the social food chain in AmeriKKKa and to go against them you will be punished with death if you stand up for yourself like the MAN.

The message sent with the lynching of Ray Rice to Black men is the only way for a Black man to survive in AmeriKKKA is to take the emasculated BITCH role of Mangina like Barack Obama, a Simp like Steve Harvey or a COON like Tyler Perry. A role beneath the children and possibly behind the pet dog.

A total disruption of God’s natural order.

Brothers, you have to realize are ON YOUR OWN these days. When engaging men or women of any race you have to remain calm and in control of your emotions. Don’t let them cause you to lose control.

Most Black women like Janay Palmer and Robin Givens before her have NOTHING TO LOSE. There will always be a safety net of Welfare, government programs, White boys, Simps and Cap’n Save ems to take care of her.

But there is no SUPPORT System for YOU Black man. If you go out of the game and lose your job, you are GONE. And in many cases gone for GOOD.

Five years ago I lost a Civil Service job due to a Black woman backing up the lies of a White man. He accused me of sleeping on the job when I was looking down. I haven’t been able to find a job since.

So I know where Ray Rice is coming from. And I know how White Supremacy uses Black women young and old as TOOLS to undermine any Black man who is trying to work to build himself up. The Best thing for a Black man to do is watch himself when he’s out there. Again, brothers you are ON YOUR OWN. These are SHARK INFESTED waters and there’s a cabal of predators out to TAKE your careers and livelyhoods and keep you in a subservient position. Watch your back!!!


  1. Yeh but good luck with that- very unpopular stance.

  2. Thank you actually speaking the truth in the midst of overwhelming corruption. No person has the right to physically attack another person wither a man or woman, but this is not acknowledged by the media. A woman could virtually be beating a man to death and no one sees anything wrong, but the moment he attempts to defend himself everyone goes into a uproar. Not to mention unjustified verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse the man my endure. I do not know what was said nor do I possess a detailed account of the events that transpired before the elevator incident. The point is Rice was literally cornered with no where to go on the elevator, and when people are cornered they are forced to react. Imagine if he would have allowed her to spit and pummel him into oblivion on the elevator? The headlines would be completely opposite with people laughing in comic relief of the woman on man violence. Everyone is accountable to have a certain respect when engaging with others, including women and "simps" who believe otherwise.

  3. Shawn,

    Your post is brilliant as usual. I'm so sick of the racist double standard when it comes to Black men. Society is obsessed with controlling Black men and their relationships. Meanwhile, white men can get away with murder in their relationships and not a peep from the usual suspects.

    Shawn, keep on speaking truth to power because this needs to be exposed.