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Monday, September 15, 2014

No Good Deed is #1 at the Box office…GOT DAMN!

This weekend No Good Deed, the movie featuring Idris Elba playing a Black Brute was #1 at the box office with $24.5 million dollars in ticket sales.

Damn…Just Got Damn.

The success of No Good Deed at the box office truly shows me how double-minded the Negro is. Several weeks after rioting in the streets over the death of Michael Brown by a White cop in Ferguson, and going on a Caravan for Justice for Eric Garner for being murdered by a White cop who put him in a choke hold in Staten Island, scores of Negro men and women headed to the theaters across the country to watch a movie featuring a Black brute terrorizing and menacing both Black women and white women.

Buying tickets to watch a movie featuring the very stereotype that got Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin killed.

Showing the world how inconsistent the Negro is regarding social issues.

Any Negro who went to see No Good Deed this weekend and went to a rally for justice Michael Brown, Eric Garner or Travyon Martin this summer is a Hypocrite. By buying a ticket for this movie you have PISSED on the graves of those Black men.

How can the Negro ask for justice while going to a movie that breathes new life into the very stereotypes that got each of those three men killed? How can the Negro protest the way these Black men were racially profiled and depicted as thugs in real life media but then go and watch a fictional movie with the exact same stereotype that got those three men killed this summer?

A total inconsistency in action and words from the Negro.

I find it funny since the trailer for No Good Deed premiered we haven’t seen Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, The Nation of Islam, the NAACP, The Urban League, The Divine Nine Black fraternities and sororities, or any of the other Black organizations protesting this movie and its racist stereotypes with the same tenacity and passion they had when Eric Garner got choked out, Michael Brown got shot in the street or when Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman two years ago.

Make THIS into a Movie Hollywood
$24.5 Million dollars. Wrap that around your head. The Negro can find $24.5 million dollars to watch a movie that perpetuates the worst stereotypes about Black men but will BALK at spending 99 cents on an eBook I write featuring positive humanized images of Black people. Some will even say they’re spending too much money.

And these same Negroes who can find  $24.5 million dollars to watch a Black brute terrorize people onscreen in No Good Deed somehow magically can’t find money or the time to participate in Group Economics and watch humanized images in movies like The Great Debaters, Black Dynamite, Pride, Akeelah and the Bee, or I will Follow.   They can’t find money to watch Will Smith’s After Earth.

But these same Negroes will write an article talking about how Hollywood won’t make summer Blockbusters for Black people and have Snaa Lathan co-sign it on Twitter.

Well, what’s anyone’s financial incentive to make those movies for you Negro? You spend $24.5 million dollars to make a movie featuring a Black Brute #1 at the Box office, but let a $100 million dollar Black sci-fi movie like After Earth TANK at the Box-office during the summer last year. You let Black indie movies with great stories made by Black people movies DIE at the theater.

But a movie made by White folks breathing new life into old stereotypes perpetuated since Reconstruction in the South you give $24.5 million dollars to and make the number one movie in America.

God Damn.

Any Black man or woman who bought a ticket to see No Good Deed this weekend paid for a bullet to kill their son, husband, brother or Nephew. By watching this movie you have sent a message to the WORLD that you validate these stereotypes about Black men as a social norm for yourself and the Black people in your community. That a Black person’s life has no value unless it’s taken by a nonblack person or a White cop.

Contrary to popular belief, No Good Deed is not just a movie. It’s White Supremacist propoganda meant to perpetuate a negative image about Black men. What most Negroes don’t know is the images in these movies set a STANDARD for how Black people are viewed. 14 years ago Halle Berry ushered in a new generation of Jezebels with her Oscar winning performance in Monster’s Ball. And Idris Elba’s performance in this movie is clearly being used to usher in a new age of Black Brutes and Brute culture in the black community.

Art imitating life. Which I know will lead to the deaths of countless young Black men when they try to emulate the behavior of Simp ass Colin like they did gangsta rappers for the last 25 years.

First Lee Daniels’ The Butler #1 at the box office last year, and now this Big Black Brutefest is #1 at the box office this year. I feel like I’m wasting my time writing these books and screenplays. I’ve been working my ass off for the last twenty years to elevate the Black image and take it out of the sewer. And Black people continue to buy media featuring the very stereotypes that lead to brothers and sisters getting harassed by cops and racially profiled by them.

It deeply disheartens me to see No Good Deed as the #1 movie at the box office this weekend. It makes me feel like I was wasting my time and my money trying to publish positive Black fiction all these years. It’s becoming clear to me what the Negro wants is a Minstrel show. And that both Black man and woman are Hell-bent on taking the Black community backwards instead of moving it forward. What saddens me most about the success of movies like No Good Deed is that Black folks would rather perpetuate a stereotype about themselves than embrace their humanity.

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  1. Preach Brother. I concur! I concur! I concur! And it's heartbreaking when the enemy is within. I mean to say, WE are our own worst enemy, no other race, US!!!