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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thoughts on Tamera Mowry-Housely’s EXTRA EXTRA SALTY TEARS On Oprah

I was reading about Tamera Mowry-Housely and her appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she was crying over people calling her the White Man’s Whore for being Married to Adam Housely, a white man and being attacked by internet trolls about her interracial marriage.

Now I don’t condone people making personal attacks on anyone about who they want to date or marry. Any of you sistas want a white man, go right ahead and date them and marry them.

Just don’t complain when things don’t go as you expected like Tamera Mowry is  right now.

But I find this appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show to be extremely suspect. What most in the public eye don’t know is that Tamera Mowry has been dating Adam Housely for over a DECADE. And she’s been married to him for the past three years. She’s probably heard everything and worse.  Especially dating a man who works for FOX News over a decade.

So why is she whining about your interracial marriage to a White man on a Black-owned network now? Why cry the EXTRA EXTRA salty tears to the Black community about being criticized by alleged “internet trolls” about being married to a White man TODAY?

Because White people won’t listen to her whining. And she hopes if she can get Black people to talk about her, then maybe the Mainstream White media will pick up the story.

It’s a gambit for attention. And a poor one at that.

Black people are the LEAST to care about an interracial relationship between a Black woman and a White Man. Black folks didn’t bat an eyelash when Halle Berry had her Baby Mama Drama with French Canadian male Model Gabriel Aubry a few years ago. Nor did they care about her marriage to Oliver Martinez and the birth of her second child to Martinez.

Nor did they care about Garcelle Beauvais getting cheated on by her White husband. And they didn’t say much when Tonya Pinkins lost her entire fortune and custody of her children to her White ex-husband over 20 years ago. And right now not a word has been said about actress Persia White and the younger White man she’s been dating.

If anything it looks like Tamera seems to be a little sour about not getting any of the Press or the fame Kerry Washington is getting from starring in Scandal, and the press Halle Berry enjoyed for her numerous interracial relationships in the White-owned mainstream media.

After all, Tamera has had the interracial relationship longer than any of the people I’ve mentioned, but it hasn’t made her as popular as either.

And there’s a reason for that. Why? While alleged internet trolls (codewords for Black men) on the internet have called Tamera Mowry the “White man’s whore” She has never PLAYED the White Man’s whore like her contemporaries Halle Berry and Kerry Washington have on film or in television. And unless you play the role the White man’s whore, in AmeriKKKan media, no one is going to care about you or cover the story of your life.

So Tamera comes to Mammy Oprah and starts crying the EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA salty tears to the Black community about being mistreated by “nasty internet trolls” (codewords for Black men) in an attempt to get attention. Desperately waving to the Black female masses to let us know she’s still here.

Playing the victim card in Attack mode and the Race Card in defense mode in an attempt to shame Black people into paying attention to her and her relationship with a White man.

Not understanding she’s invisible to the White-owned corporate media for a REASON.

I find it interesting that Tamera Mowry like Most so-called biracials likes to be Black. But only they only want to be Black when it’s only convenient for them.  And they only want attention from Black people when they can’t get it from Mr. Charlie.

Well, Tamera, you’ve got Shawn’s attention. And as a fellow Christian, I was going to keep my mouth shut. But since you want attention I’m going to give it to you.

I remember watching you on The Real last summer bragging to everyone how you were married to a White man and watching you being totally ignored by your co-hosts and the audience. Now you lob this Hail Mary in another desperate attempt to get attention.

Here’s the deal: Tamera, this is AMERIKKKA. And I spell it with three K’s for a reason. This country does not like Black people like you and I. It has never liked Black people like you and I. It has no use or purpose for Black people like You and I except for slave labor in its prison industrial complex.

No one in White Supremacist AMERIKKKA wants to promote happy, healthy interracial relationships. It just doesn’t fit the narrative of the White Liberals who control AmeriKKKan media at the big six.

Now I know you want to have a happy, healthy interracial family relationship just like your mother and father had in Germany, but The powers that be who control the White Supremacist AmeriKKKan media doesn’t want White men to see Black women as their wives or their mothers. The rich White people who control this country have these fears of genocide by interracial relationships. And they don’t want to promote relationships like yours because they fear it’ll lead to the extinction of the White race.

No, here in AmeriKKKa, White Supremacists only Want White men to see Black women as whores, mammies and side pieces, who serve them and their perverted sexual appetites. They don’t want to promote the idea of a good Christian girl like you having a successful marriage to a White man. It’s bad for business.

Here in White Supremacist AmeriKKKa, the White woman is the PRIZE for the poor male salarymen. The ideal standard of beauty. The female of all females to be coveted. The woman that every man has to have.  Selling that fantasy to millions of White men, Black men, Latino men and Asian men is a multi-billion dollar business.

And White Supremacy doesn’t need beautiful Black women like you creating competition for that business.

Tamera will probably be surprised to hear that many of the “internet trolls” attacking her aren’t Black men like Oprah and many in the media believe them to be. No, most of those “internet trolls are actually White Women. White women who hate the idea that this clean cut black woman is married to one of “their” men.

These are the same kinds of White Women play sweet and innocent in the public eye. But behind the scenes make Nigger jokes to her husband at the water cooler when they see him at the job at FOX News.

All while they laugh in Tamera Mowry’s face.

Tamera, your attempts to gain attention and sympathy from the AmeriKKKan masses are only going to fall on deaf ears. Why? You’re not telling the story they want to hear.

There’s only one story that White AmeriKKKans, especially White women want to hear about Black women married to White men: The one regarding their divorce.

Seriously, Tamera, in a world where Black children like Trayvon Martin and Renisha McBride have been murdered by white men just simply for the color of their skin, it’s hard for people to sympathize with you for being attacked for by internet trolls (again, codewords for Black men but actually White Women) for being married to a White man who works for Fox News. In most Black peoples’ eyes you are sleeping with the enemy. And whatever happens to you, happens to you when you go behind enemy lines.

Again, You chose to have a relationship with this White man for over a DECADE. You chose to go public with that relationship a few years ago. Your parents had to have told you what the consequences were for being in an interracial relationship in an institutionally racist country like AmeriKKKa growing up.

You should have known that things weren’t going to be easy. And that you would encounter all sorts of racism and prejudice from all sorts of people varying from dirty looks to racial slurs and even physical violence. If you truly love this man, you have go with God and let Him protect you. If it’s in His will, it’ll work out.

But don’t play the victim. Don’t go begging for attention like this. Don’t put your business out in the street like some desperate chick. Don’t be like that Retarded Black woman who called the Dr. Laura show a few years ago expecting sympathy from a White Supremacist media structure.

You took vows to be with this White man for better or for worse and you should have known what you were getting into before you got into it. These are the good times; it’s only gonna get harder from here. If you can’t handle the little barbs people are taking at you now, then your marriage is destined to fail like Tonya Pinkins’ and Garcelle Beauvais’.

Just don’t come running back to the Black community bitter and angry with a sad story when things don’t work out. You’re not a victim. You made the choice to be with this man for Better or for Worse. The only person responsible for the success or failure of your relationship is staring  YOU in the mirror.

Seriously Tamera, Black people are dealing with a whole lot worse in this world like the George Zimmermans in it. If Internet trolls are the least of your worries, then hit the block button and keep it moving.


  1. Thank you Shawn for talking about this. It's the same thing with NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio and his wife. The GOP and Bloomberg were playing racial politics with their family. The mainstream media didn't cover the race-baiting campaign because they don't like legitimate IR. You and I know that they don't like BM/WW IR and I'm sure that they don't like legitimate IRs between WM/BW either.


  2. Why dont you take a one way ticket out of a country you obviously hate so much? Dueces to wrong ignorance!

  3. Wow. Somebody needs to learn ENGLISH. This comment makes absolutely NO SENSE and has NOTHING to do with the points presented in the piece.

  4. But, why are you so adamant that she did this for a spotlight? Oprah asked her if they receive racist hate regarding them or their marriages and she answered. AmeriKKKa, as you put it, may not have a tolerance for interracial relationships and you clearly don't like the fact that her husband works for FOX. As a correspondent. Not an anchor, where he's in the field covering natural disasters, talking about the latest technology and riots and wars. If she wanted so much attention on her relationship, she wouldn't have ended their reality show. It's one thing to have an opinion, but another to jump to conclusions when you clearly don't have facts about or know Tamera personally. Get off your high horse, Christian. Who are you to judge ANYBODY? White supremacist, FOX News, Adam or Tamera. Or her parents. Racism isn't okay, or excusable, but neither is you judging a woman you don't know.

  5. Er...Check the expiration date. This blog is THREE YEARS OLD! Tamera and Adam have moved on and so should you.