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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Helicopter Pilot-How Ex-Boyfriends try to Blow Up Your Spot

Guys when you hear a woman say she’s still friends with her ex, watch out.

In most cases when a woman breaks up with a guy even when she says it was on amicable terms, she makes an effort to not see this dude anymore. At all.

But if she’s still talking to this dude, watch out. And if she introduces you to him REALLY watch out. You may be putting your life at risk getting involved with these two.

This female may still have feelings for this dude. And he may still have feelings for her. That’s when the ex becomes a helicopter pilot, hovering over your relationship waiting to drop a bomb on it.

Most smart guys who hear a woman is still talking to an ex charge her to the game and keep it moving. Why?

Because they know that sooner or later they’re gonna have to deal with the noise and the drama of a Helicopter ex-boyfriend and his Cockblocker™ Missiles. Or a Lancelot White Knight™ on a Kamikaze run.

In these cases both parties may say it’s over. But they’ll still be talking to each other, going out together platonically, and sometimes they may even still be having sex.

With women, it’s not what they say but WHAT THEY DO. And if they’re still talking to an ex, their ACTIONS are telling you they aren’t available for any type of relationship with you or any other man.

Females who are still “friends” with an ex have unresolved feelings about them. And until they resolve those feelings about this man, they really shouldn’t be dating. If a woman can’t focus their undivided attention on you, they’re focusing it on that ex.

For example on the fifth season TV show A Different World., Dwayne Wayne an Whitley Gilbert had broken up because Dwayne had dinner with another woman. And Whitley had gotten involved with a candidate for Senator. And while she was trying to have a relationship with this candidadte, Dwayne kept popping up helping out on his campaign. Going wherever they were like campaign rallies and such. Whitley even slept with Dwayne behind dude’s back!

And the clueless senator, not seeing that Dwayne is in a Helicopter dropping bombs on him and trying to blow up his relationship proposes to Whitley after winning the election. And she says yes. And at the wedding Dwayne drops a bomb on the Senator’s spot marrying Whitley at HIS own wedding!

Now in 1991 this was an exciting event on TV. But looking at it in 2014 it was one of the biggest SIMP moments in TV history. The total emasculation of a Black man on live national television. Dude should have gotten a clue when she said “I just came out of a relationship” and “we’re still friends”.

If you ever run into this situation in real life, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

Seriously, when women use these phrases head for the door. If you look up, This ex will be flying around in the helicopter waiting for the right opportunity to drop that bomb on your spot.

At first he’ll buzz around and introduce himself. He’ll say he’s just a friend and things ended amicably between him and the woman. He’ll pop up at social events. He may even call to hang out with you. On the surface, his behavior will appear friendly.

But in reality he’s pissing and marking on his territory. These little behaviors are attempts to trying to control you and your time with this woman. He doesn’t want you to get close to her.

Because that means the relationship is truly over for him. And as he can remain a “Friend” he still has a shot at this woman.

You see, this ex knows he’s fucked up. He knows he’s lost a good thing. And now he’s trying to get her back.

And in some cases, she wants him back. That’s when she’ll introduce you to her ex. In these cases she’s using other men to make him jealous. To make him see what she can get and what he’s lost.

This game can go on for years between these two. Don’t wind up a pawn in it. This is how one man winds up dead, the other winds up in prison and she’s back out here playing two other fools.

If the Helicopter pilot’s Cockblocker™ Missiles can’t break through your game, he’ll come in with a Lancelot White Knight™ kamikaze run trying to physically attack you. In this assault, he’ll start a fight. And the objective of the fight isn’t to win.

He wants you to beat him up. He wants you to hurt him. All the while the ex will be looking to guage her reaction. It’s to see if she still has feelings for him.

And when she sympathizes with the ex and calls you a monster for beating him up, it’s game, set and match. She goes back to her ex and you wind up getting played.
For some couples, this is a cat and mouse game they play for years. They’ll talk and talk about how things are over, but when push comes to shove, they always wind up in a fight and back together with each other.

It’s a headache and pill situation. Leave these two to each other. It’s just not worth the grief.

Guys, getting involved with a woman who has an ex that’s still around is a waste of your time. And time is something you can’t get back in life.

Understand that your time is the most valuable thing out here. More valuable than women or even money. So when you hear “we’re still friends” charge that woman to the game and keep it moving. You don’t need to have your time wasted by a chick who’s just not into you.

Women who still are talking to their exes and talking about their exes are emotionally unavailable. Sure they may be physically there. But they won’t be able to focus their full and undivided attention to you in a relationship.

Why? Because they still have feelings for that ex. Feelings they haven’t dealt with. Sure they may like you, but in their hearts they can’t commit to you. Because they’re still waiting for the ex to make another move. One last plea to see if he’ll reciprocate feelings for her.

Again, in these cases it’s best to charge these women to the game and keep it moving. Let her deal with her feelings with that ex.

Most people who say it’s over after a relationship never have contact with that person. No friends, no just hanging out, nothing. That person has been charged to the game and they’re keeping it moving towards the future. People who are stuck in the past can ruin your future. So when you hear a woman say she’s still “friends” with an ex, leave her right where you find her. There are too many women out here who are focused on today to deal with a woman trying to get back the one who got away.

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  1. Finally, someone said it! I've actually had ex-girlfriends try the "Can we still be friends?" after a breakup, regardless of who initiated it and my answer is always a stern "No." I delete and block their numbers, e-mail addresses and their social network profiles because I've witnessed firsthand with friends how the ex will always hover around and try to drop a bomb to ward off any future person that may show interest. There's a reason it didn't work in the first place, and whoever is stupid enough to let them hang around in any fashion is quite simply delusional about the situation.