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Friday, January 17, 2014

Critical Thinking About Tamera Mowry-Housely’s EXTRA EXTRA SALTY TEARS

I had a moment to think critically about Tamera Mowry-Housely’s emotional breakdown on the Oprah Winfrey show.

On the show Tamera Mowry-Housely specifically calls out Black men as the internet trolls who are attacking her and calling her the “White man’s Whore”.

What most people who don’t think critically don’t know is that this is a two-part stunt. The first part is to get Tamera Mowry’s name back out there. The second part is of this is race-baiting to get people riled up against Black men. When one deconstructs the story they see that the ultimate goal is to malign the image of Black men in the media.

First off Black men have never really cared about interracial relationships Black women have had with White men. Most Black men like myself knew Tamera had been dating Adam Housely for years. In fact I’ve known that many Black actresses like Kerry Washington, Persia White, Salli Richardson, Tonya Pinkins, Karyn Parsons and Halle Berry have dated White men or are dating White men.

Many if not most of the famous Black actresses in Hollywood have dated White men at some point in their careers. And over the last 20 years while these Black actresses had their relationships with White men, Black men for the most part just kept it moving.

Here’s a logic bomb that deconstructs the entire emotional tirade on Oprah: There are four Black women for every Black man out here. Why would they waste time hating on Tamera when there were three other available Black females out there for them?

What people need to understand is that it’s a slow news cycle. And when it’s a slow news cycle the media goes out for its favorite boogeyman: THE BLACK MAN.

And Tamera Mowry-Housely’s story is just one of several out in the media meant to malign the easiest villain in AmeriKKKan media: the Black man.

Over the past few months we’ve had the Knockout game, Street Harassment and now this. All meant to target the Black man as the bad guy.

And one has to understand: Oprah Winfrey has made it a point to bash up Black men like a demolition derby on her misandristic network and her TV shows for over 25 years. This is why I found the entire Tamera Mowry situation to be SUSPECT.

All one has to do is look at Tamera Mowry’s behavior on the Talk show The Real to know this is bullshit. On that show six months ago (Broadcast on the Monday after the George Zimmerman verdict) we can see Tamera laughing and bragging about her marriage to a White Man and her baby with him.

If you watch her on that FIRST EPISODE bragging about her marriage to Adam Housely, Does that look like someone who was tormented by Internet trolls for three years?

What’s going on here is a part of the White liberal media’s plan to malign the image of the Black man. Make him a bad guy. Look at him as a troublemaker and a shit starter.

Black folks, when you watch this media you cannot let your emotions get involved. The goal of stunts like the Tamera Mowry-Housely situation are to get you emotionally involved. So you can see Black men as the bad guy and attack them just for being Black men.

Many people who run websites and message boards such as myself have to deal with “internet trolls”. And internet trolls come in all races. And from what I’ve experienced writing a blog for the past five years, I get trolls from all races. I get a lot of women coming to my blog getting upset over content. But I don't say it's Black women. It could be a White woman making those comments.

I hit the block button, delete the comments and keep it moving. If the comments are really vicious, I leave them up there so people can see how STUPID these people are. And if they’re really STOOPID comments, I do a blog deconstructing the nonsense while having a laugh at THEIR expense.

For Tamera Mowry-Housely to just single out Black men shows that there’s an agenda behind this. And that agenda is to make the Black man look like a monster in the eyes of AmeriKKKan public.

Again, most people, especially Black people hadn’t heard about Tamera Mowry’s decade long relationship with Adam Housely. And those who knew like myself were too busy to care about it. So all this talk of internet trolls reminds me of the Street Harassment Propoganda broadcast by these Black feminists out here.

Again, this whole stunt sounds like Tamera is trying to get some of the fame Kerry Washington has received for playing the Black Jezebel on Scandal. And while she plays the victim of “internet trolls”, the White Liberal Media takes another swipe at Black men.

Portraying Black men as bad guys for picking on a poor defenseless interracial couple. An interracial couple no one has given a crap about over the past decade. Because they don’t fit the White Liberal’s narrative.

And again, because it’s a slow news cycle, they trot out Tamera Mowry. Why? Because her victimization by alleged internet trolls fits within the White Liberal's narrative to make the Black man a Boogeyman and a villain.

Black folks you have to read between the lines of AmeriKKKan media. Not everything you see and hear is the truth. It’s not until you deconstruct the messages presented to you that you see the truth behind them.


  1. Shawn,

    My question is where's her husband's when those incidents happened? He didn't defend her against those trolls who didn't like their being together. Those trolls weren't Black. They are more than likely nonblack people disguising themselves as Blacks to vent out their racist bs on message boards and social networks.

    Here's another perspective on the Tamera Mowry-Housely's situation by Ed of Dream and Hustle:

    What's your take on white privilege in interracial relationships, esp. when her husband took the easy way out?

    La Reyna

  2. La Reyna,
    Great article you sent me.

    The way I see it Adam took the easy way out to protect his interests in White Society. As a correspondent for FOX News (RED FLAG) he didn't want the bad publicity reflecting on him.

    Any other husband would have told his wife to hit the block button or explained to her that most of the trolls aren't Black men, but people posing as Black men.

    But Adam, coming from white privelege came out with these indifferent responses.

    If anything, Adam is only with her I'd say because he wants to show his friends he's "not a racist" and he has a "black wife" A half-assed reason for being involved with anyone.

    When I look at pictures of them together on Facebook, Tamera's body language says she's desperate, but He's not really into her. he's got on a pasted on smile and he PULLS AWAY from her. She's holding onto him for dear life and he wants to get the HELL AWAY FROM HER.

    While in contrast Tia and Cory stand Close and smile genuinely.

    I may have to do a blog on White privelege and how it relates to interracial relationships, it seems like a topic that needs to be discussed.

  3. I'll also point out that Tamera and Adam broke up for a while and got together again after Tia got married and had her baby. So the entire relationship might be out of desperation on her part.

  4. Shawn, well thank you. You know what, you are so right about this one. Adam just want to protect his white privilege without consideration for his wife and child, who is considered Black, like it or not. He didn't protect her like any husband/fiance would have done. He didn't care one bit except to condemn phantom Blacks supposedly opposed to his marriage with Tamera.

    Black people aren't the ones attacking interracial relationships, esp. between BW/WM. If anything, we're extremely tolerant and generous, which is far more than white society ever done. In fact, I hear hate crimes and racial profiling involving wm/bw relationships and racial profiling against the children of such relationships. Case in point: White father was profiled by white police officers and security guards for supposedly having "kidnapped" his own daughters at a Wal-Mart in Virginia last year. Where's the outrage from mainstream media regarding this? Not a peep from them.

    Mr. James, what's your take on the white Hollywood and politicos sudden interest in adopting Black babies? I found that suspect as well.


  5. I'd have to say it's just a PR stunt meant to deflect people from their previous racist behavior. People like Mitt Romney and Madonna and Angelina Jolie will adopt a Black kid just so when people call them racist they'll say "I have a Black Child, I'm not racist" For them the child is like a pet.

    It's a lot like those old shows Diff'rent Strokes and Webster where they'll have this WHite family taking care of the Negro child, but it's not about caring for the child, it's about showing that White people can't be racist. Those shows used to be so patronizing and insulting.treating Blacks children like novelty pets, instead of peopel. They often showed the only way for a Black child to achieve any success in life was with a white Benefactor who adopted them into the "right" (white) way of thinking.

  6. I was just re-watching re runs of her talk show. Tamera for a while has hit a weird nerve with me. She seems very insecure in her racial identity. In fact, she reminds me of myself at a point in my life. I went to a little white suburban school. Other than my brother, and some super creepy morbidly obese black boy a grade below me, there was not another black soul in that school. I was forced to be in a situation where I could only have crushes on little white boys. But these little while boys thought I was ugly: Dark skin, kinky hair, big lips, thick thighs, and wide hips. By the time I got to high school, my mission was to "de-BLACKEN" myself as much as possible. Straight weaves, lost a lot of weight to try and get a thigh gap like those white girls, lightened my skin 2 shades. There were black men that hit on me, but I was never really attracted to them because all the black kids I knew except for my family members were not at the top of the popularity circle. I remember this one black boy in high school that was on the basketball team (everyone made the cut) was a bench warmer and everyone made fun of him. Finally, a white boy took interest in me, and I did everything sexually to keep him around. Eventually he would leave me for one of those white girls. The girls he would actually take on dates and meet his friends and family. I was so desperate to be accepted by the white kids, I would go against my own race. I would say things like, "Blacks are ghetto because they make a conscious decision to be lazy." Or, "Why do black people have to be so loud and unruly."--Especially in front of the parents so they would view me as that black girl that wasn't really black. I was in a sad and dark path of pure self-hatred. That is exactly how I view Tamera. When I got to college, outside of my super small town, I met such a variety of different black men. Thank God, my fiance, a strong, smart, successful black man brought me to a place of self-love. One day we will raise a strong, proud, and powerful family. I hope Tamera doesnt raise that son of hers as passing, who am I kidding--she probably will. Let's hope Adam stays with her.