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Thursday, January 5, 2012


The epidemic of Simpin (spending large amounts of money on women) in the Black community has reached epic proportions. Why should brothers stop Simpin?? Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. It puts a big red target on your chest. Everyone on the block knows a simp. He’s the guy who tries too hard. He’s the guy who acts all goofy when a girl pays him some attention. Usually this peacock behavior marks him for all the predators who are looking for someone to take advantage of.

  1. Simps attract the lowest forms of female life to themselves. Because Simps are so eager for affection from females they often use their wallets to get a woman’s attention. Because they put their cash out up front, they wind up attracting the attention of the worst types of females. These parasites include golddiggers, chicken heads, neighborhood tramps, and baby mamas. These women are just out to use a brother, get some gifts, dinners, houses, cars and trips. When they’re through maxing out his credit cards and emptying out his bank accounts, they just broom him to the curb broke and bitter.

  1. It gives women a false sense of entitlement. Women who date Simps think that men are just supposed to take them out to dinners at five star-restaurants, buy them lots of stuff and give them the best just because they’re women. Sorrry ladies, but a date with someone isn’t a game show where you get cash and prizes for showing up . Courtship is about getting to know someone and if they’re compatible with you. Those gifts are EARNED as men and women build their relationship together, not given to buy a woman’s heart.

  1. Women do not respect a Simp. For all the money a Simp spends it won’t earn him a woman’s respect. When she’s out with her girlfriends or with people at work, she’s mocking him, making jokes about him or speaking about him with contempt. In her eyes he’s not someone she loves he’s just a joke.

  1. You can’t buy love. No matter how much money a Simp spends, he’ll never be able to buy a woman’s heart. Love is one of those things that doesn’t have a price tag. A man has to have things in common with a woman like attraction, chemistry and desire to form a connection and a relationship. These intangibles are something a man can’t get with money alone.

  1. A Simp is a human ATM machine to women, not a man. A lot of guys think they’re impressing women flashing the cash, but the ladies see these kinds of men as having their own personal ATM machine. Ladies know these brothers are gullible and they can whisper a sweet nothing in their ear like a PIN number and money will come out of his pocket. He’s the fool buying dinners at expensive restaurant, buying furs, cars, and even paying rent to impress a woman. She’s getting all the things she wants from him and all he’s getting is played. In a lot of cases women take a Simp’s money and spend it on the man she really wants to be with.

  1. A Simp is a second stringer. For all their spending, most Simps are not a woman’s first choice. No, a simp is the dude women call for dinner when the man she really wants to be with isn’t available. He’s the guy who gets called to pick her up when she’s at the airport coming back from a vacation with the man she really wants. He’s the backup who rarely ever gets to play, the dude who warms the bench. He’s the dead weight that gets cut when times get tough.

  1. Simps rarely get any sex from women. Simps spend and spend and spend in the quest to get attention, affection and sex from women, but because they don’t know how to assert themselves in a relationship and state clearly what they want, all they get is strung along. While they’re playing with their dicks and masturbating to pornography, the women a simp pursues are getting their pussies pounded by another man.

  1. Any Sex a Simp gets is usually sloppy seconds. If a Simp does gets sex on those rare occasions, it’s usally not that great. Any Pussy a simp gets has usually been run through and beat up by another dude the night before. Because a simp is the second choice, he’s only called for booty calls when her first choice isn’t available, or if a woman wants stuff that’s really expensive. For a woman sex with a Simp is just an ends to a means, not a way to express love or deepen a connection with someone. Once a Simp busts a nut, she’s glad it’s over so she can go to sleep.

  1. Simps give all their power away. A Simp thinks he’s buying attention by getting a woman anything she wants, but by saying yes all the time to everything a woman wants he’s showing he has absolutely no spine at all. Showing weakness is a turn-off for most women, who like it when a man says NO to them and stands up for what he believes in.

  1. Simps lose face in the company of other men. Simps think they are showing the fellas how much of a big shot they are by spending lots of money on women, but in reality men are laughing at him. Other men see a Simp as soft and weak for caving into a woman’s requests so easily. Because they see him as weak, mock him and make fun of him. In some cases they even make moves on his woman behind his back.

  1. A Simp’s wallet will be ten pounds lighter going out of a relationship than coming into it. Simps spend and spend on women and all they wind up with is an empty wallet and a broken heart. Usually Simps wind up having their bank accounts cleaned out by ex-wives in divorces, baby mamas in child support cases or gold-diggers who get all the stuff they want out of him. In some cases they wind up taking care of another dude’s kids. In some cases where their women are cheating on them they’re actually paying to take care of other dudes!

  1. A Simp is a doormat. At the end of the day a Simp is just a dude a woman wipes her feet on and closes the door on as she steps in the house he bought while she continues to have a relationship with the man she really wants. And when he’s all out of money, he’s tossed out into the relationship trashpile where his remains are picked at by the next female scavenger.

At the end of the day a man who is a Simp gets played like a record and glazed like a donut. This poor cuckold passively sits by and watches as the woman he pines for takes his money and has the relationship he wants to have with her with someone else. Brothers, don’t go out like that. Life is too short to spend it on the bench watching other dudes play while you wait for her to telly you when to get into the game.

Man up and stop the Simpin. Keep your wallet in your pocket. There’s a good woman out there for you. One who will love you for the contents of your character and not the contents of your wallet. All you need to do is be yourself and God will lead you to her. 

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  1. Very interesting article, Shawn. It provides a massive degree in the education of much of what is going on in the world today.SMK. The problem is the guy who is called a "simp" is probably basically a decent soul who just hasn't learned to look out for and value himself.

    This blog should go far in teaching him.