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Sunday, January 22, 2012

If you value your Children’s lives DO NOT ENROLL THEM IN A PUBLIC MIDDLE SCHOOL

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I give you some advice from personal experience in my life Parents:


Public middle schools are a black hole where the seeds of failure are planted in young minds. It’s a place where gifted and talented young people become troubled and disturbed. They are where potential is lost, and where children wind up on the fast track to teenage motherhood, drug abuse, and prison.

If you value your child’s life I implore you not to allow them to be enrolled in a public middle school. If you want your children to grow up to be productive individuals who will be able to function and compete in America, DO NOT ENROLL YOUR CHILDREN IN PUBLIC MIDDLE SCHOOL.

If your child is in the fifth or sixth grade it’s time to start looking at Catholic and private schools.

If you have children that are in a Public Middle school, TAKE THEM OUT and ENROLL THEM IN A CATHOLIC OR PRIVATE SCHOOL NOW. You may have a chance to reverse the damage.

And if you are having financial issues, it’s time to start looking for vouchers, scholarships, or a second job. This is no time to be stingy. The small investment in your child’s education you make now will last them a lifetime. It might even save their lives.

Public Middle school may be free but it will cost a parent years of grief, along with the thousands in legal fees and court costs in some cases. In extreme costs the time spent here it may lead up to funeral expenses.

Public Middle schools are the weak link in the American Education system. It’s a TOXIC environment where children wind up losing their direction in life. In some cases it’s where children lose their lives.

Academically Middle School is where children start going downhill in America. In grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 are where children don’t get the courses that will allow them to be prepared to need to compete in High school. Because they don’t get the classes like pre-algebra and science here they wind up lost and confused in High school in algebra and chemistry classes. Because they don’t get the comprehensive background in English literature they fall apart in High school when they’re presented with novels and term papers.

I can tell you from experience, a child who attends a public Middle school is a child who won’t be prepared for college either. Thanks to the garbage education they’ll receive in public middle school, They’ll be taking non-credit remedial courses trying to catch up. In some cases they’ll be taking these courses for years.

I can also tell you from personal experience Public Middle schools are not safe. A public Middle school is a war zone where children become filled with anxiety and fear. It’s hard for a child to concentrate on getting an education in a place where children are being terrorized on a daily basis by bullies who prowl the halls and criminals who stalk the campuses before and afterschool.

It’s a known fact gangs like the Crips and Bloods recruit boys in public middle schools. Drug dealers look for young men to be their lookouts in public Middle schools as well as couriers.

These thugs also look for girls to date and be part of their crew. Grown men as old as 20-25 look for 12-and 13 year old girls to pursue sexual relationships with. If your daughters will attend public middle school chances are she’ll be pressured into having sex by one of these pedophiles who lurk around the campus before and afterschool.

Public Middle schools are not a good social environment for adolescents. Unlike public elementary schools where there is some semblance of order and structure, a public middle school is chaos. Most of the faculty and administration there are apathetic and indifferent and will not look out for the needs and safety of your children. A public middle school is a place with no structure, no rules and no discipline. It’s the equivalent of sending your children to spend six hours a day in a prison complex unsupervised.

A Public Middle School is the equivalent of an Al-Qaeda Terrorist training camp for adolescents. The only things children learn there are violence, crime, sexual perversion or the start of a drug habit. It’s not a place where children learn the values that will help them grow into responsible young adults.

It is a place where a good responsible child will be turned into a juvenile delinquent, or start the path to becoming a hard-core criminal.

Public Middle schools are where good children become corrupted by bad values. Thanks to a failed liberal social policy where kids from multiple school districts wind up in one school good kids wind up mixed up with bad kids from severely dysfunctional homes. And because these good kids are in their exploratory phase they wind up adopting bad values from the dysfunctional kids that wind up staying with them for years. Worse, they wind up making mistakes that can impact them for the rest of their lives.

Public Middle schools are where good kids wind up turning into bad kids and the ones who struggle to remain good kids wind up invisible and forgotten. So much attention is paid to the dysfunctional children in public middle school that good kids are ignored and not encouraged to actualize their potential.

I’m urging every parent out there to start taking their child’s education into their own hands. Don’t feel compelled to keep your kids in a failing public educational institution for their academic career for any reason. The law may say kids have to go to school. But you have a right to say where. You as a parent have a right to choose the environment where your child is educated in. You have a right to make sure that the values you want promoted are part of that education. And you have a right to find an educational environment where your children will be safe from dangerous predators like gang bangers, pedophiles and drug dealers. Moreover, you as a parent have a right to a quality education that will provide an academic foundation that will allow your children to compete in high school and college.

There are alternatives to the toxic wasteland known as Public Middle school. Make every effort to find a Catholic or private institution to enroll your children in. And if that institution isn’t providing for their needs or safety, take them out until you find one that will provide for them. The seeds you plant today can grow up to yield bountiful fruit.

Or a bitter harvest.

I guarantee you the psychological trauma your child will get by spending two to four years in a Public Middle School will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Those scars will be next to impossible to heal, even with years of psychotherapy. Worse, the lessons in dysfunction they learn here could be passed on to spouses and their children.

Until the Federal Government and State and local governments pass laws that abolish the Middle schools as part of our educational system and replace them with something productive, it’s up to We The People to do what is best for our children. And that means removing our children from the American Public education system after grades 5 or 6.

Parents take your child’s education into your own hands. Don’t enroll your children in a public Middle School or Junior High School.


  1. This is a stunning blog, Shawn, and I'm sure you meant it to be. As an older adult, nothing I've read prepared me for these statistics. What can all of us who read this and who care about the lives and welfare of our children do to l) see that this information is disseminated, 2) get involved with school and community situations that bring on this kind of thing, 3) become thoroughly aware of what goes on in our schools annd do something about it. The outcome has to become vastly different.

    Thanks for your concern and caring. You are a beacon for us all.

  2. I normally enjoy your blogs but as a PUBLIC SCHOOL EMPLOYEE-I have to take great offense to this one.

    I hate to tell you this drug happy kids can pop up in PRIVATE SCHOOLS as well. Private school kids go to prison too.

    Let me explain to you why so many middle schools are messed up.

    How many smart kids go to the feeder middle school that is linked to thier elementary?

    In my school district-a kid can apply to attend 5 other schools. 1 boy's school, 1 girl's school and 4 magnet schools.

    So what happens when all you nerdy and behaved kids go to those other schools?

    You get a feeder middle school with all the trash from the elementary schools and a lot of the mess you listed. It also feeds into high schools.

    Another thing part of the reason why so many schools are messed is becaues parents don't ask for help especially African American ones.

    So a kid that might have dyslexia may never get tested in elementary because the school can't do anything without parental permission. So that kid gets lost in the shuffle.

    The middle school only gets what is fed to it from the elementary schools. You really want to fix them-demand elementary schools to help all kids and demand more from the parents who don't care.

  3. Sorry but as a product of the Public school system I make no excuses for them. They are breeding ground for criminals and baby mamas. A wasteland of failure.

    Private school kids may go to prison and they may have drug problems, but compared to in the inner-city Middle schools the kids come out funcitonal.

    Middle schools have been doing a shitty job preparing kids for high school and college. No math, no science

    70 percent of Black males in New York City don't graduate. 50 percent of Black females don't graduate.

    90 percent of Private school kids finish high school and go on to college.

    I went to a very good elementary school. My problems started in Middle school which was filled with violence so bad every day my grades dropped.

    I also had to deal with apathy from faculty and crap coursework that didn't prepare me for high school. I had to spend an extra year in High School due to the lack of Math and science preparation I got in Middle school. It was a miracle that I got through college,no thanks to the shitty Middle school education I got. I still can't do algebra to this day.

    I'll give you that the parents are part of the problem.These parents will not enforce discipline or care for their kids, so a good kid either winds up the victim of their kids bullying or influenced by their dysfunctional values.

    And that's why I feel people shouldn't enroll kids into Public middle school. It's a dumping ground for the learning disabled, juvenille delinquents and baby mamas in training. These hoodrats will drag a good kid down like an anchor. A public middle school is a toxic wasteland where kids learn to fail.

    I feel parents need to abandon the Middle schools and Public High schools. Maybe if enough people walk away from these toxic waste dumps, People in education will make an effort to clean them up.

    Middle schools are a cesspool.