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Thursday, January 12, 2012

CUNY Office Assistant- Black Men Need Not Apply

The textbook definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result.

Sometimes it takes people a while to realize what they’re doing is crazy.

I came to that revelation Tuesday about the CUNY Office Assistant Job in Civil service I’ve been pursuing for three years.

I have been going to hiring pools and interviews at local CityUniversity of New York campuses for approximately three years. I thought I was doing the right thing.

I was a fool.

I have exhausted my unemployment and wore down a lot of my savings chasing a chump change $26,714 a year job. Buying Business clothes. Paper. Toner. Dry cleaning. Internet. Subway fare. Traveling from the South Bronx to far away places like Brooklyn and Queens trying to get a job pays $350 a week or $8-$9 an hour. In some cases talking to the same HR people over and over again. Gambling on the hopes that one day, a position in one of the City University of New York’s campuses will open up and work out for me.

Seriously, That’s crazy to do that for three years. Just delusional when you think about it.

Most people would have quit after a year. But me goaded by my family I used to think that this will work out one day. I now realize it’s not. And I’m not throwing good money after bad anymore.

When it comes to the CUNY Office Assistant position I realize it is crazy to keep my name on the list for a Civil Service job I’m never going to get. Looking at the pattern of the hiring practices at the City University of New York and who is in charge of Human Resources at the City University of New York it’s clear that I am never going to get this job.

At most of the hiring pools and interviews I go to, I’m interviewed by women. Women HR managers attend the Hiring Pools. Women HR managers run the HR departments at CUNY.

Women with an Axe to grind against Black Men. 

And from my observations, The CUNY Office Assistant is a position given to women HR managers to other women.

Black Men need not apply.

I now realize that a Black Man does not stand a chance of getting a job as a CUNY Office Assistant in the City University of New York Civil Service System. EVER.

Unless he’s a Homosexual. Then a man has the full support of all the women in CUNY. Cause Women love to have Gay men work in their offices so they can get fashion and cooking tips.

Sure, Government Civil Service says it’s not supposed to discriminate. But technically according to the law, they’ve met their minority quota for the CUNY office Assistant Position in most cases. Most of the times they’re hiring Black women, Latina women, or Asian Women for these jobs. That helps them meet the EEOC standards for diversity, while the occasional Hispanic Asian, or Gay male hire helps keep it look like they’re not overtly discriminating against men.

During my trips to hiring pools and interviews, most of the Black men including myself are mostly the ones who go home empty handed and told “your name will remain on the list”. And it’ll remain there until you quit. That’s right quit. When you decide to stop showing up for the interviews they take your name off the list. That absolves CUNY of any responsibility for their racist, sexist and discriminatory hiring system.

I realize this isn’t going to change. Why? Because most of the racist and sexist White Professors and administrators who run the departments at CUNY like it that way. The White Male Professors and Department heads are only comfortable with White women and minority women in office support positions.

Enduring this ordeal to get a CUNY office Assistant job I’ve come to the understanding that racists will hire Black women and minority women in support positions regardless of their skills because they just want to feel comfortable. A fat Black Chick named Unequa with a bad attitude and a big ass mouth will always get the job over a clean-cut on point brother named Shawn who works hard because she makes a White man feel easy about his position in life.

To these pseudo intellectual White Supremacists, a Black man can only either be a criminal or a degenerate, or some stereotype thug or hoodrat they see on the 11o’clock news. They can’t stand the idea that Hardworking educated professional brothers like me exist.

Why? Because those scared White boys know that the Black Man named Shawn is ready to COMPETE with them. He has broken through their walls, sees their mediocrity and is ready to LEAD by example rather than HIDE BEHIND POLICY LIKE THEY DO.

It’s clear to me the pseudo-intellectual White Supremacists at the City University of New York wish to live in denial about who Black men are and don’t want them working in certain positions in their university system. With a support system of Black women and minorities helping them they erect ivy covered walls to their educational fortress and pretend that Brothers like me don’t exist.

Which is why the only Black Man you’ll ever see on a CUNY Campus is a janitor or a security guard. And that’s the way the White Supremacists there like it. They won’t openly say this, but just take one look around and those are primarily the only Heterosexual Black men you’ll see working on a CUNY campus or CUNY property, outside of the occasional Uncle Tom with a token position to make things look diverse and “fair”.

Since 2006, I’ve gotten a lesson in racism dealing with the City University of New York. Now I’m going to teach other Black Men about the lessons in Racism I learned at CUNY.

And the first lesson for the brothers is to save their money and not spend $30 on the Civil Service Exam for the CUNY office Assistant whenever it rolls around again. It’s the start of throwing good money after bad. From personal experience I can tell you Black Men need not Apply.

Brothers, keep your money in your pockets. There are other better job opportunities for you to pursue than the CUNY Office Assistant position or any other civil service position at CUNY. 


  1. I found this article while looking for my payment schedule and I find it interesting.

    The reason for that is because I am the only white person in my office at a CUNY campus and MOST of the people on this campus are colored/black and I am the minority.

  2. I guess you didn't try Lehman College. Also if you're a white male, give up applying to any inner city CUNY school for a job. Racism doesn't just work against black people any more. I know from experience.

  3. I tried every Campus in the CUNY system for three years. If I could get a refund on that Civil service exam fee I'd do it in a heartbeat. If I could go back in tme, I'd avoid CUNY altogether in my job search.

    They discrimminate against Black men, and I'd say men for the CUNY Office Assitant postion. On that Job don't waste your time. Women, Homosexuals and Ethnic males like Latinos and Asians get first pick. But call them on it and they'll say it's unsubstantiated.

  4. I'm anon #1.

    I am a COA and I got my job no problem. Also, on my campus there are plenty of black/colored straight* COA men. Again, my campus is mostly run by the non-white community.

    I'm currently working UNDER a black man who has tons of power and respect on my campus. His salary would probably make me weep.

    You failed to mention the score you got on your exam and the fact that HR directors hire in the order of highest to lowest. If you have a low score, and someone interviews with a higher one, you're obviously not getting the job.

    Your article is extremely sexist, racist, and just all around discriminatory. You assume all sorts of bizarre things and fail to mention tons of actual facts.

    Also, three years? You were going for ONE job for three years?

    If you're not getting hired, then you simply don't have what they need. Get over yourself.

    *Sexuality has no play in this as you can't always tell someone's sexuality simply by looking or talking to them.

  5. Fuck it, I'm fucking through with CUNY and its bullshit hiring system which caters to mediocre people. Civil Service is a fucking joke for people who want to sit on their ass and watch it get fat.

    Shit, I don't want this dead end job and I'm tired of fucking chasing it. It's absolute bullshit the hoops they put you through for a lousy 25 grand a year.

    I'm just trying to keep other brothers from wasting their time and money on this nonsense.

    If it works for some of you then good luck. You're gonna need it when you wind up stuck nowhere in five to ten years making chump change.

    The CUNY system is a fucking joke and CUNY is a peice of shit. I'm never applying for another job there again.

  6. I have nothing to offer. Let me detail all I had to offer these LOSERS at CUNY:

  7. I have nothing to offer. Let me detail all I had to offer these LOSERS at CUNY:

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  9. Shawn James is absolutely right. Only a certain type of people get the Office Assistant position, and then_only_if they know somebody. All those people lined up to take the test are suckers. It's nothing but a money raising scheme for CUNY. On the other hand, blacke men get preference on the Public Safety position.

  10. There may be some validity to what Shawn James is saying about the CUNY Office Assistant Position. Here is my story.

    CUNY “Hiring Pool” at CCNY Yesterday - Feb.1 2017

    So Yesterday I attended an event called a “hiring pool” for a civil service CUNY OFFICE ASST EXAM #6058, which I scored a 92 on which I think is pretty good. Now this is where the fun begins! So the letter for the hiring pool indicates that you should expect to be there from 9am – 5pm(they really do mean that) which I think is really unfair, I will elaborate on that momentarily. So they have all of the prospective candidates sit in a ballroom while they call your name (in accordance with exam with your exam score) and then you go to another room to interview with which they term campuses/schools (prospective employers).
    Now, in all my years of interviewing for employment I have never been selected through this sort of process. In my opinion this sort of hiring process is EXTREMELY FLAWED. The reason it is flawed is because : 1)You don’t know who is actually interviewing you until you get to the room, which means you can’t really prepare the way you would for a company that you could research. 2)The positions they want to fill at certain campuses(schools) possibly could be beyond (sometimes way beyond) entry-level. A few people were denied appointments for not possessing certain skills when the civil service exam doesn’t indicate these skills are needed for the position. The positions that I was being interviewed for were basically customer-service positions under the title of office assistant. So If you don’t have some sort of customer –service background I assume you might not get appointed. Now on the announcement for the test it appears to be for back – office positions. However, maybe I misinterpreted the notice. 3) Some campuses actually leave early after they make their appointments or hires. Which basically means that the higher you are on the list (or earlier your interview is in the day) the greater the opportunity for appointment.
    So if your interview is at 4pm, your opportunities to secure a desirable appointment is greatly diminished by at least 80% if I had to quantify it. CUNY should really seriously consider stopping the interviews at 2pm or 3 pm. This sort of “hiring” process is EXTREMELY FLAWED because it is really unfair to the interviewee as well as the interviewer.
    part 1.

  11. Part 2. Feb. 1 2017 CUNY Hiring Pool

    One can’t possibly be at their best waiting inside a ballroom at 9am to be interviewed at 3 or 4 pm. The interviewers are not even properly invested in vetting the candidate, and it showed, even though they try real hard to fake it (My interviewer actually got up in the middle of the interview to say hello to a friend, so I know the person was just going through the motion at that point).The John Jay table was even more uninvested and egregious. Seemed liked they just wanted young pretty girls. Bronx Community College seemed totally uninterested later in the day as well.
    This is FAIR WARNING : The interview is not a formality. It is a real interview with some weird caveats included. So remember, if time has elapsed pass 3 pm the interviewers at that point are going through the motion. After 3 pm I didn’t witness anyone get appointed at all.
    It is extremely sad because every one of those candidates (which scored in the 90s) along with myself knew we DIDN’T HAVE A LEGIMATE SHOT THAT LATE IN THE DAY to secure an appointment to anything at that juncture because most of the positions were already filled. With that being said I’m very perplexed about my experience yesterday because I know I am more than qualified (I actually worked for CUNY before), so I know I can do the job. I maybe wasn’t “on” or maybe they just wanted a certain type of person or look, its all basically subjective anyway. Are they hiring rocket scientist to be an office assistant? I am not sure.
    I will say this, I am the part and look the part (no ego or arrogance either), I have never been ANYWHERE and seen people get hired who didn’t have professional attire for a job and that is all I will say about that.


    PLEASE SERIOUSLY REEVALUTE YOUR “HIRING POOL” PROCESS and put the “HUMAN” back into Human Resources.

    Cordially , QUALIFIED but OVERLOOKED!