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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Myth of the Strong Black Woman

In the media when we see Black women it’s they’re often depicted hard tough and assertive. The strong independent female who can handle things on her own. She’s a superwoman who has her own career, her own life and doesn’t need a Black man.

We’re told she can do it on her own. That she’s strong and independent. That she’s doing it for herself by herself.

That’s the biggest lie ever told.

I’d have to say it’s the second biggest lie ever told to women since Satan told Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden and she’d know like God.

Sorry, but there is no Strong Independent Black woman. That is a lie from the pit of Hell dressed up with ribbons and bows. The Strong Independent Black Woman isn’t doing anything on her own. She never has done anything on her own.

The Strong Independent Black Woman has always had the help of a man.

A White Man named Uncle Sam.

Since the late 1960’s these strong Independent Black women achieved all their success with the help of Government social programs like Welfare, Food Stamps, Public housing, Section 8 Housing, College Grants, Child Support, Student Loans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages.

If these “strong” Black women were truly independent, that would mean she’d pull herself up by their bootstraps like our slave ancestors with NO support from a government institution, government program, or the help of a family member.

True examples of Strong independent Black women are Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, or Madame C.J. Walker. And even they had the support of other people to achieve their goals.

How many of these “Strong Independent Black Woman” over the last 40 years can say they’ve actually done something without the help of the government like these women?


The modern Strong Independent Black Woman is a concept made up by White Feminists, Madison Avenue, Hollywood and Uncle Sam to establish an enmity between the Black man and the Black woman. Modernizing the insidious divide and conquer tactics of Willie Lynch these individuals and institutions sought to establish a rift the Black man and the Black woman and shatter their unity. In their two-part plan they sought to destroy the institution of the Black family by brainwashing the Black woman and turning her against her Black man.

Soon after the Civil Rights act of 1964 was passed and the Voting rights act of 1965 was passed this plan was put into action. The first phase of this plan to destroy the Black family was to remove the Black Man from his home. This was done insidiously through welfare and other social programs which established policies that the Black Man couldn’t be in his home if a woman wanted to receive benefits from the government. With the Black Man’s income constantly being unstable due to the discrimination he suffered in the workplace, Black women eagerly sent their men out of the home for a more reliable stream of income not seeing the generational damage done to their families by Uncle Sam and his government programs.

Along with social programs, the removal of the Black Man from the home was also facilitated through the draft for the Vietnam War. By disproportionately drafting away most of the educated, functioning and capable Black men and sending them to war, many of America’s best and brightest Black men were killed off in record numbers.

With the responsible Black Man removed from the Black household there was no one to lead the Black family or protect the Black community. The men who were allowed to remain in the Black community such as dope dealers, pimps, junkies, ex-cons, gang members, illiterates, and pimp preachers were part of a bigger plan. With these undesirable and unethical males being the only ones available in the community to rise to leadership positions by default, the powers that be felt it would effectively sabotage future generations of young Black Males and keep them from achieving success. The boys who grew up to follow in the footsteps of these unethical men would grow up to imbibe their values as the norms for Black males, producing more undesirable, irresponsible, and incompetent Black males.

The second phase of the plan to divide the Black man and the Black woman and destroy the Black family was implemented when White Feminists began preaching their propaganda to Black women telling them they didn’t need a man and that they could do things for themselves. Not understanding that White women had White Privilege and that White Feminists were actually being taken care of by White Men who patronized them behind the scenes in their jobs, Black women bought into these lies and began distancing themselves from their Black men in favor of support from government programs.

The White feminists colluding Uncle Sam, Madison Avenue and Hollywood reinforced their propaganda in the media on television and movies by promoting negative images of Black men such as Black male criminals in the news and on television. With only the undesirable Black males left in the Black community due to the drafts and social programs, this media soon became a self-fulfilling prophecy that reinforced the concept in Black women’s minds that Black men were no good and they’d be better off on their own.

Feeling alone and abandoned by Black men who had either been killed off by the Vietnam War, forced out of the home by social programs or Vietnam veterans who had returned home from war drug addicted or mentally ill, the Black woman sought to achieve her own financial independence to take care of herself and her children. Ironically, this independence made her more co-dependent on the U.S. government and her new White man Uncle Sam.

As he offered her welfare, government grants for college, public housing, student loans, civil service jobs, and even mortgages, the Black woman began to delude herself that she was doing things on her own. That she was strong and independent. That she could take care of herself by herself. The lie became a mantra. And soon the mantra became the legend of The Strong Black Woman.

And for all their material success, Black women who buy into the myth of the Strong Independent Black Woman today are alone, lost and confused.

Why? Because she can’t find a mate. And she can’t figure out why.

There’s a reason why many of these Strong Independent Black Women can’t find a Black man to be their partner.

They’ve already got a White Man named Uncle Sam taking care of them.

And compared to his endless pockets and unrealistic standards for “success”, no Black man in this institutionally racist country will ever measure up.

And he can’t possibly measure up when a group of international racists refuse to give him an equal opportunity to compete against them.

What most Sistas don’t understand is that The Strong Independent Black Woman is propaganda from The Devil himself meant to disrupt the natural order established by God between Black men and Black women.

God didn’t make any woman to be independent or to do anything on her own. He made woman to be the help meet and companion to man. He meant for Brothers and Sisters to come together as husbands and wives. When man and woman marry, the two become one under the authority of God. And under his authority they manage their household together.

The Bible states “It is good for man not to be alone” and that’s why he made woman to be his help meet.

And just as God says it’s not good for a man to be alone, I believe it’s not good for a woman to be alone either. Because when man and woman are separated they are at their weakest and most vulnerable.

The Strong Independent Black woman is a concept that was created to exploit the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of a Black woman and present them as strengths. Did anyone ever notice the behavior of the Strong Independent Black woman? How she’s always so hostile and defensive?

I’ve studied these Strong Independent Black Woman types for a couple of years now and her whole game is defense. She always wants to keep everyone at a distance. Her clothes are like armor, her permed or natural hair is like a helmet, and her body language is always on guard; the rolling eyes and snapping of the neck meant to make people back away. She doesn’t trust anyone, because she doesn’t want anyone to get close enough to her to see the truth about her.

I know the Strong Independent Black woman acts this way so she won’t let anyone see how insecure she is. That she’s really scared if people find out the truth about her house of lies they’ll realize how weak and co-dependent she is on White men.

The Strong Black Woman doesn’t want to admit that she’s the help meet of Uncle Sam and White men. She doesn’t want anyone to know she actually gets her power and her rewards by helping him oppress the Black community. As the de facto Overseer of the Black community, the Strong Independent Black Woman’s job is to humiliate and belittle Black men and emasculate Black boys and keep them from rising to a position of power to challenge the White male establishment she depends on for her survival.

Seriously, does anyone ever notice where there’s a White man there’s always Strong Black Woman at his side? How at all these jobs there’s always a Strong Independent Black Woman in her armor suit assisting him in whatever job he does? Does anyone ever notice how she’s always there like his enforcer ready to attack and protect his interests with her snapping neck, loud mouth and bad attitude?

I’m thinking it’s because she doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds her. She has more to lose from not standing at that White man’s side than she would from backing up a Black Man.

There is no strength in a Strong Black Woman. She is more weak and pathetic than an Uncle Tom Black Man. At least the Uncle Tom knows he’s a sell-out who has betrayed his people to get ahead, so there’s no pretense with him. But The Strong Independent Black Woman is so deluded that she can’t see the compromises she’s made to get ahead in the world and still thinks she’s doing what is in the best interests of her brothers and sisters. Ironically, everything she does on her own to empower herself leads to the further oppression and emasculation of Black men and boys and the degradation of young Black girls.

Unless Black women today walk away from this false ideology of a Strong Independent Black Woman and and reconciles with her Black Man she will never realize the blessings God has for her and the Black Family. Only when the Black man and the Black woman come together under the authority of God can they actualize their full potential by bringing out the best in each other.


  1. Shawn, my good man, you've penned a highly inteesting and provacative blog this time. But by now, we expect that from you.

    There is a vertitable reading feast here, and whether a reader agrees or disagrees (I did both), there is so much to mull over here. I've made a copy and this is going to be my deep Sunday reading.

    You couldn't have written a mmore timely blog.

  2. 'Bout time another brother joined me in this fight to retrieve the stolen minds of our hoodwinked sisters. Thank you brother for a refreshing change of pace from these "P-whipped" black men who continue to molly-coddle and curry favor by supporting this egregious lie. Been stating this same thing since 1987. Check my book entitled "The Wounded Womb"

  3. A very factually based writing. "Funny" how the timing of the creation of the welfare program (Housing, WIC, Food Stamps, etc) came almost immediately after the government finally and reluctantly gave in to the pressure to create the Voting and Civil Rights acts. Even though black men were dying in Vietnam by the thousands, coming back from Vietnam with physical and psychological disabilities, returning from war and being refused jobs by the droves, and some subsequently turning to drugs, the government decided to "help" black women, ALONE, as long as the women did not use any of that money to help their men. The law of the land became: Black women who were poor were entitled to free housing, money, loans, food, etc. All she was asked to do was assist the government in removing her man from their home, and if she got "smart", she would be imprisoned. Of course the loss of the father almost always will be the demise of that home and generations to follow. To sweeten the deal for the few black women who still refused to sell out, black women were given the jobs that were refused to black men, and those who would profit from the black family's demise whispered "your a Strong Black Woman who doesn't need a man" moniker into the black woman's ear, and laughed at them behind closed doors as they repeated it and began to act on it like a drone. But as far as the black woman was concerned, it was a done deal. The immediate benefits were so good that black women fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. She sold out her man, her family, and her community. She sold her soul to the devil for things she could have had anyway without the devils deal. The men and women of the Civil Rights era prevented society from using the same old methods to keep African Americans in the servant class, so the enemy resorted to the tried and true divide and conquer method against us, and its STILL working. This is all well known, documented, and understood. I get all of that. But what still perplexes the hell out of me is that even though everyone knows that black women are being used as pawns in the game against the African American community, african american women are STILL falling for it. STILL belching out those silly slogans given to them. Still having children out of wedlock with low-life black men. STILL creating bastards to perpetuate the problem for the next generation in exchange for "child support" money . STILL filing fake domestic violence charges against black men and placing them in the criminal system in order to win trivial disagreements. STILL trying to convince the world that black men are sub-human. STILL assisting the enemy by instilling hate for their own race in their own children (the hair hatters, the "your daddy aint shit sayers", the "black men are dogs" sayers, etc.). STILL showing their eagerness to work against her own people. STILL

  4. holding her hand out and waiting for the white man's pat on the back for a job well done. STILL refusing to go back to their men in humility. And STILL the laughing stock of the WORLD behind closed doors. I am an African American man, born and raised in Detroit. Growing up, I knew nothing but african american women. My mother and my mother's mother and my mother's mother's mother and my mother's mother's mother's mother for as far back as the American slave trade went were all African American women. So of course I love my sistas, but so many of them are lost. Of course not all of them, but there are very few needles and its a big haystack, trust me because I am exhausted from picking through it. The reason I look, though, is because I feel I owe it to myself, my community, and my race to seriously search for a good African American woman as a mate. Its the honorable and right thing to do, and viewed it as a serious responsibility, and did it in earnest. I did my due dilligence, but what I found would make one vomit, and I refused to grow old perpetually looking for something so rare and illusive that the probability of finding it did not justify the search. So I decided I was done looking for the one or two diamonds in a trash dump a few years ago. Funny thing is that I could never abandon black women because if I am a king, I need my queen to create my kingdom. So I have not abandoned Black women...I cant. But I have, in fact, abandoned African American women. Its like having your child kidnapped, and after years of searching, finally accepting that your loved one is gone, and then having another child. You will always cherish their memory, but they are gone, and now you have another great love that you cherish. It took a while for me to accept the inevitable truth and not be bothered by the haters, but I returned to the motherland of all African Americans, Africa, for my Queen a few years ago, and I have done some monumentous things in my life, but I must say that so far it was one of the top three things I have ever done in my life. We live our married life together and work together in building our "kingdom". She knows and does her part, and I know and do mine. Now my life just feels right. No more drama should be my slogan. I can even sense my ancestors pride. Black men, there are some good African American women out there, but we have lost so many to the enemy that there are only a few of them left. If you can do the needle in the haystack thing, I urge you to continue looking for them, and I wish you good luck. But when you come around...I will just say this, your long lost sistas in Somalia, Erytria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Morroco, etc. await their king's return.