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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I got a beef with some of these “Mixed” or "Biracial" actors and actresses, athletes, politicians and other celebrities. And I’ve had it for some time.

They audition for Black roles.

They star in Black films.

They star in Black TV shows.

They are featured prominently in Black Magazines like Ebony, Essence, and Jet.

To me, The Halle Berrys, Paula Pattons, Karyn Parsons Lisa Bonets, Tracee Ellis Ross’ Evan Ross’ Shemar Moores, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsons, Nicki Minajes and Persia Whites are BLACK. Even the Tiger Woods Kimora Simmons and Barack Obama are BLACK to me.

They were Black actors when they went to audition for these roles. They were Black actors when they want to be in these Black TV Shows.

They were Black when they won the Oscars, Emmys, and NAACP Image awards. And they were Black when they won the golf tournaments and promoted their clothing lines. And they were Black when they won the Presidency.

They take my money saying they are playing Black characters in these movies. They ask me to support their Black TV shows, their Black clothing lines. And they want their achievements defined as Black history. They ask me to vote for them when they run to be the first Black President.

But talk to them privately and they are “mixed” or “biracial”.

No, I’m sorry, that is some BULLSHIT.

Sorry but In America you don’t get to be BLACK when it benefits you. Blackness isn’t something you just turn off and on like a light switch. You don’t get to be Black when you want to be a celebrity, or when you want to be featured prominently in white society then go back to being “biracial” or “Mixed” in your real life.

Color isn’t a fantasy. Nor is it a concept. It is part of your culture, heritage and identity.

What really irks me is when these people whine and moan about all the racism they endured in white society when they actually benefited from playing both sides.

I’m sorry, too many FULL BLACK people died and sacrificed during the Civil Rights struggle over the past hundred years or so your MIXED UP CONFUSED ass can reap the benefits today.

Personally, I feel if Black celebrities want to play the mixed card in defense mode, then step aside when those BLACK job opportunity comes by. When a casting director says they want a BLACK actor for a role, step aside. When they are making BLACK TV show, go away because you don’t qualify for any of the roles. When a company is looking to hire a BLACK employee, then step aside. Don’t try to claim that you are Black in this great White society.

Compete as a full “Mixed” or a “biracial” person. See how far that takes you against those Euraisans, Half-white half-Hispanics, and Irish/Italians, German/French, British/Italian, British/German Native American/Irish Chicanos and other people who can take those ambiguous terms for diversity and apply it to themselves.

I’d like to see how many roles these Mixed-up “Biracial” Black actors get competing in that expanded interpretation of the category. Because the racist producers and casting directors who run Hollywood would twist that shit on their Black asses to screw them out of jobs and keep them from working.

Personally I’d like to see how many mainstream roles they get when they competed with A-list White actresses and actors by playing up their white side instead of their Black one.

*Oh wait, that doesn’t happen*

And that’s why these confused brothers and sisters have to go star in all those direct-to-video BLACK movies I see on Amazon these days. And if it wasn’t for the BLACK filmmakers HIRING them and the BLACK community supporting them, and paying BLACK money to see them in those movies they wouldn’t be doing anything but waitressing, art modeling, or whatever low-level job they could get before they became actors.

Y’know what? Shawn can pull that mixed bullshit too. On My mother’s side, my grandfather is Native American, My grandmother is West Indian. And technically according to that, I’m mixed, biracial or whatever the hell you want to call it.

But I don’t play that card because I know in racist America claiming those heritages still makes me a Black Man.

Just like it makes these mixed-up “biracial” actors and celebrities are BLACK. Let their asses go out on a highway in their luxury cars at night and they will find out how BLACK they are when the police stop them. Let em’ go shopping on Madison Avenue here in New York or even the grocery store in their neighborhood and they will find out how BLACK they are. Or let them run afoul of the court system in America and they will find out how BLACK they are in this great White society.

Don't come to me with that "biracial nonsense. Because you are still BLACK in my eyes.

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