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Friday, October 20, 2017

E’steem: Ascension Cover by Bill Walko

I got another donation from a YouTube viewer this September and I used that money to pay Bill Walko to design the AWESOME cover for E’steem: Ascension. This cover pays homage to George Perez and Chris Marrinan’s BEAUTIFUL cover on Wonder Woman Vol 2. #36. Bill did an AMAZING job of paying Homage to George Perez, one of the greatest artists to grace the comic book medium.

I thought the story on that Perez/Marrinian Wonder Woman cover was PERFECT to showcase E’steem finally rising to another level in her relationship with Christ and the image of E’steem flying over Manhattan Island would be a great contrast to Paradise Island. In the Wonder Woman comic the cover is inspired by, the story is about a change in the direction of Diana’s life, and in E’steem: Ascension, the E’steem character is going to go through a major change in her life. BIG CHANGES are coming to the E’steem character next year; so you’ll definitely want to tighten up your chinstrap when you pick up the next E’steem series book!

There’s a lot I love about this cover, from E’steem’s sexy red dress to the buildings in the background it really POPS. And Bill did an AMAZING job of capturing some of the likeness of Salli Richardson-Whitfield, the actress who was the inspiration for E’steem. It looks just like an animation cel for a prime-time Morning cartoon (we can’t put E’steem on Saturday mornings with all her wardrobe malfunctions); every time I look at it I get PUMPED for an E’steem animated series with Salli Richardson Whitfield as the voice of E’steem!

Longtime readers will definitely want to pick up E’steem: Ascension because it’s the conclusion of the first E’steem series story arc. This book is the climax of several storylines that have been building up over the last seven years. Readers who have been following E’steem since the first Isis in 2002 and The Temptation of John Haynes in 2011 and the Isis and E’steem series will finally see E’steem’s character transformation arc come to a satisfying conclusion.

And new readers will definitely want to jump on with this story. Because it lays the foundation for some exciting new storylines that are going to be starting in the SJS DIRECT Universe in 2018. Then they’ll want to pick up the previous E’steem series books to see how E’steem’s journey from demon to diva started.

E’steem: Ascension will be available in Paperback and e-readers on Black Friday this November. And don’t forget the conclusion to the Spinsterella Trilogy, The Legendary Mad Matilda will be coming out this Halloween!

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