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Friday, April 21, 2017

Progress Report

I started 2017 getting ready to work a short schedule. Due to my limited financial resources I’m starting the year forced to delay the release of several titles.

The first of two books released on the short schedule, Isis: Samurai Goddess did well in its initial launch. Thanks to the Bill Walko cover paid for by a donation by one of my regular readers, the book got an incredibly positive reaction from readers on social media and from casual customers and regular Isis series readers.

Isis: Samurai Goddess some sales in Kindle and Paperback and a 4-star review on Smashwords. I rarely ever get reviews on any social media platform so it looks like Isis: Samurai Goddess left a powerful first impression on readers. 

The second book I released this year E’steem: Little GirlLost did a lot better on Smashwords than Witches of Eastland. Little Girl Lost brought back the humor, the cheesecake and the wardrobe malfunctions, and it seems to have brought back the readers. Do people like the comedy? Or do they like the Demon strippers?

Even though I’m working a short publishing schedule, I’ve finished writing a couple of Isis and E’steem series books over the last few months. These include:

Isis: House of Isis, a story where The goddess next door takes on a Hotep Pro-Black priestess who’s out to exploit the Black community. In this story I ponder what would happen if a Nubian goddess ran into these Hoteps and these Pro-Blacks and make a commentary about the philosophy of the Hoteps.

Isis: Escape From Transylvania, a follow up to Isis: Bride of Dracula and Isis: Night of the Vampires. This is a FUN story where Isis and John Haynes take on Dracula and Dracula’s Daughter.  Oh, if I had the money I’d turn this one into a graphic novel!

And E’steem: Ascension, the conclusion If you saw the cover concept you know there are BIG changes coming to the E’steem character. There’s a LOT of feels in this story and you will tear up when you read it!

All three of these books are edited and ready for publication. Along with Isis: Imitation of Life which has sat on my shelf for over a year and a half now. I’d love to launch them this year but I just don’t have the money to pay for the covers. I’m hoping someone will donate the money to help pay for them or I’ll find another full-time job. I’ve been getting calls and going out on interviews, but no takers yet.

Since early February, I’ve been hard at work on the third part of the Spinsterella trilogy The Legend of Mad Matilda. I’m getting close to the climax and the first draft should be finished soon. Like the other books it’s in limbo because of the money issues related to the covers. I’ve got an amazing concept in my head for Legend and I’d just love to seen it drawn up by a comic artist.   

Spellbound did very well over the Holiday season, and the feedback I’m getting on it is incredibly positive. Goths and regular people of all races have told me they enjoyed the story and those who have read it are anticipating the next chapter in Matilda’s story.

Some people have told me that they’d love to see a Spellbound movie. Could you imagine Zendaya as Matilda Crowley? I think it could be her signature role.

Spinsterella broke 1000 downloads on Smashwords. The Goth N’ Lovely romance is the fourth book I’ve had book to break 1000 on that platform and its affiliates.

I’m very happy with the response to Spinsterella and Spellbound, These books meant a lot to me. I wanted to make every effort to present Goths and the Goth subculture in a positive light because I love it so much. 

Last year’s Stop Simpin in the Workplace also did well. And it’s gotten an incredibly positive response from many of the men who have downloaded it. A lot of men have told me that the book has helped them and given them perspective on the workplace. If that book helps one man keep his job I’ll believe it’s made a difference.

Due to my ongoing financial issues delaying the release of new titles I’m gonna do something different for my summer promotional campaign this year. A lot of older books are gonna get rotated in the free campaign on Smashwords instead of the newer titles I usually release. Right Now readers can download The Thetas for Free on that platform. The Thetas has never been free on Smashwords, but I’m hoping to build some word of mouth with one of my more popular titles.

 I’m mulling putting a book back on Kindle Unlimited and going back to doing weekend promotions, but I’m apprehensive due to the elitists and book snobs who have overtaken that platform. 

On the YouTube Front I broke 3,000 subscribers. The ShawnJames channel is growing, and I’m putting together a second channel just for comic, fantasy, and Goth Content. A lot of people say they like my comic, fantasy and Goth videos and I figure I’d make a second channel exclusive to that content.

This is gonna be a rough year. But I’m gonna persevere and do what I can to get new titles out. I’ve published two titles, and I’m hoping I can release the rest of the catalog this year.

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