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Monday, April 17, 2017

E’steem Ascension Concept Cover

I’ve been recovering from a bicep tear for the last week. However I’ve been feeling well enough to do some drawing. And I had an idea for the E’steem Ascension cover.

To celebrate the major change E’steem goes through as her first story arc comes to a conclusion, I wanted to go with something bright. Something divine. Something joyus. This is a major turning point for the E’steem character and I wanted readers to share in the celebration!

The story for the cover is simple. A smiling E’steem is flying above New York City and feeling free of her past life. I got the inspiration from a comic panel George Perez did of Diana in her Themyscarian gear flying high above Paradise Island. When I saw that panel, I immediately got inspired to do something similar for the E’steem Ascension cover.

E’steem: Ascension is the climax of the story arc that’s been building in the E’steem series for over six years. This story chokes me up every time I read it, so you’re definitely gonna get the feels when you read it.

I’m really eager to get E’steem: Ascension to readers, but I just don’t have the funds to pay an artist to design the cover. So it’s one of four books being delayed until I can get the funds to pay for the cover. I’d love to hire a professional to design this cover because I believe it’s a concept that’d POP and really grab new readers!

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