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Friday, February 3, 2017


Last week And Archie Comics was just the latest comic book company to pass DC Comics by in the TV and Cinematic adaptation lane with their Amazing Riverdale series. At the rate DC Comics is going my SJS DIRECT publishing imprint will be passing them by in a couple of years.

DC Comics is supposed to be the Number two Comic book publisher in the world. But in the world of film and television and film adaptations they are in last place. With poor quality films like Man of Steel, Batman V. Superman and inconsistent TV shows like Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash it’s looking more and more like Warner Brothers is out of its league when it comes to adapting DC Comics properties. 

Seriously, what’s so hard about adapting DC’s Superheroes for the 21st Century? These are the world’s greatest super-heroes. Icons like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Many amateurs can produce films like Batman: Dead End that stay true to the spirit of the characters. And many more free-lance screenwriters like myself would love to adapt DC’s heroes so that kids of the 21st Century can see what’s great about them. So why can’t Warner Brothers with its billons of dollars, and some of the most talented and creative people on it’s billion dollar payroll get their heads out of their collective asses and create superhero movies and TV shows that can compete with Marvel Studios?

It’s clear there are people who can do this currently working at Warner Brothers. Bruce Timm can make cartoons that stay true to the spirit of DC’s characters. And Greg Berlanti on a good day can make episodes of his shows like Arrow, Flash and Supergirl that are just like comic books come to life. So why can’t they get their shit together and make quality product on a regular basis?

It’s a real shame when you consider that Warner Brothers reinvented the superhero genre with Superman: The Movie in 1978. And reinvented it again with Batman in 1989. But in the 21st Century they haven’t been able to get things into gear after The Dark Knight Trilogy. With all the talent and resources Warner Brothers has this should be a HORSE RACE between the Big two for the moviegoers’ dollars and TV Viewers’ attention. But thanks to years of incompetent leadership Fifth place Archie Comics is now starting to pull ahead of the Number Two comic book publisher in the world when it comes to a quality adaptation of their characters.

Embarrassing. Just Embarrassing. 

I have to wonder what’s wrong at DC? Why can’t they get it into gear? They have the best catalog of superhero characters. They have the budget and the resources. They can clearly pay the best actors, producers and directors. But when it comes down to the final product it’s just SHIT ON A PLATE.

Damn. Just Damn.

With the way things are going regarding DC Comics superhero properties on film and television they’re going to be in last place and remain there because their management is out of touch, and completely disconnected from its customer base and what it wants.

I know I could make a better adaptation of my own characters than DC and Warner Brothers are doing right now. And maybe seeing SJS DIRECT pass DC by will be the wake-up call Warner Brothers needs to get its shit together in DC Comics Television, film and publishing divisions. Because the way they’re performing right now is EMBARASSING.

 There needs to be a Housecleaning at Warner Brothers and DC’s publishing, film and TV divisions. And it needs to happen NOW.


  1. You seem to be a bigger DC fan than I am in some regards. I dunno but Popmatters doesn't seem to like Riverdale.

  2. Ol' Willie BojanglesFebruary 5, 2017 at 10:49:00 PM PST

    Hello dere Mister Shawn,

    Ooh I'd lub to see all yo' stories come to life in dat dere magic jump box! But I'se a little confused naw - is Isis a Negro or Mulatto? Cos she am mighty light skinned naw. She look like one a' Massa's Negro bed wenches back in de plamtation. And she gots dat good hair too naw.

    1. ...did you forget to take your medication today?

  3. I don't suppose anybody out there would mind trying to explain to me why the Dark Knight Trilogy is considered a set of good films? Because I've watched them and I still can't see what makes them so great to everybody else...

    1. I can say they were better than Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Batman Begins was a relief from those, not neccessarily the best, but man saw it as a relief. And Ledger bit the dust after The Dark Knight.

  4. Many writers and higher ups at DC have admitted that Batman is what they understand what to do with him. Dan Didio has admitted he doesn't know most of the characters at DC himself. Otherwise, they need to repeat the old gimmicks again and again.