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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Spinsterella fans, Matilda Crowley’s story isn’t finished yet. While Spellbound chronicled Matilda’s Baby Bat years and Spinsterella told the story of her today as an Elder Goth, there’s still one story that hasn’t been told: That of Matilda in her Goth Prime.

The Legend of Mad Matilda will be the book that bridges the gap between Spinsterella and Spellbound. Set in 1995, it’ll chronicle Matilda’s transitioning from Mad Matilda the Queen of the Industrial Goth Raves to the early days of her career in The Pit working at Amalgamated Consolidated. Five years into her journey into the Goth subculture, the Columbia University senior will be out of her baby bat phase and flying high as Mad Matilda, Ivy League College student by day and aspiring event coordinator on the weekends.

The Legend of Mad Matilda will fill most of the blanks left between Spellbound and Spinsterella. In this story I’ll detail the reasons why Mad Matilda the left the Industrial/Rave scene of the Goth subculture and why she became a part of Corporate America. 

The Legend of Mad Matilda will be one of the darkest books in the Spinsterella trilogy, sort of like The Empire Strikes Back of the series. In this story we’ll see Matilda’s journey from a young adult to a woman starting to take charge of her life. There’s going to be a lot of loss and tragedy in this one, and it’ll take legendary courage for Mattie to get through the hardest year of her life as she deals with her struggles with bosses, family, and friends while she tries to maintain her Goth identity as she navigates a life out of the Industrial club scene into the corporate world.

As people grow older In the Goth subculture their identity changes. And the Goth they were at 16 is not who they are at 21. And who they are at 40 is not who they were at 16 or 21. This is why Matilda has three different Goth personas related to the three phases of Goth: The Black Widow, Mad Matilda, and Spinsterella.

The Black widow is the foundation of her identity as a BabyBat. Mad Matilda is the adolescent/young adult trying to figure out her place in the world and Spinsterella is the mature woman who is ready to teach and mentor to young women in the Goth subculture and be a wife to her future husband.

The narration I’m planning for Legend of Mad Matilda is two voices, Mattie’s and Matilda’s mother Muriel to contrast hers. In Spellbound readers saw Matilda’s Dad Jason express his concerns about his daughter becoming a Goth in the narration. However, in Legend, readers will see Muriel’s worries about Matilda’s future as an adult in the workplace.

In this story we’ll start to understand Muriel’s motivations for staying on those extra years at Amalgamated Consolidated. The retiring Muriel wants to teach Mattie what she’s learned about corporate America and show her how to navigate the world of White Men in corporate America and maintaining her dignity in the face of these corporate sexual predators. In Legend readers will learn why Matilda is known as the Black Widow and the Iron Maiden at Amalgamated Consolidated, and it all relates to her efforts to preserve her chastity in the face of many sexually promiscuous male co-workers.

The Legend of Mad Matilda will be about a mother passing down her history, legacy, and culture to her daughter. As her mother Muriel works towards trying to teach Mattie what she needs to survive in the business world, and Mattie making efforts to start teaching younger girls about the Goth subculture. Both women are doing their best to maintain their high moral position as they try to share their knowledge and navigate the changes in their lives.

With the success of Spellbound last year, I’m fast tracking Legend of Mad Matilda for publication. I’m currently working on the first draft and while I can’t say it’ll be coming this year it’ll be coming sooner than later. in the meantime get caught up on Matilda’s story in Spinsterella and Spellbound in paperback and e-readers today!

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