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Monday, March 7, 2016


Sometimes the inspiration for a book comes out of nowhere.
For the past month I’ve been doing a series on YouTube called Why You Should never hire a Mangina. And in that series I’ve been outlining the reasons why businesses shouldn’t hire Manginas and the numerous dysfunctional behaviors they participate in.

And many people have enjoyed that series. In the e-mails and comments I’ve received on YouTube Some people have even identified people on their jobs who participate in the unprofessional and counterproductive behaviors in their workplaces.

The video series is currently on its seventh going on eighth part. And I’m gonna put together a playlist for it soon so people can access it. But while I was working on the seventh part I came up with an idea for a new book that’ll be part of The Simp Series.

Stop Simpin In the Workplace is an eBook I’m writing detailing all the dysfunctional and counterproductive behaviors Simps participate in on the job. Each year Simpin on the job costs businesses countless hours of overtime and reduced productivity. Not to mention millions of dollars in court costs and damages from sexual harassment lawsuits.

And in some cases it costs people their lives with workplace violence such as stalking, murders from workplace romances gone sour, and mass shootings.

STOP Simpin in the Workplace is a book designed to help employees, managers and co-workers identify the behaviors of a Simp on the job. And to provide them with solutions on how to constructively deal with these behaviors in the workplace so they won’t disrupt the workplace, reduce productivity, and decrease worker morale.

The faster a manager or an executive deals with a Simp in their workplace the faster they can get their business back on track to being competitive. Every day a Simp is in the workplace he is wasting time and costing a business money. And the longer he stays in your business, the more it increases chances of that going out of business. A business owner can nip that behavior in the bud after reading Stop Simpin in the Workplace.

I’m working on the seventh chapter of Stop Simpin in the workplace and I hope to have the book ready for a fall/holiday release.


  1. Shawn, did you see the new Ghostbusters trailer? It was really a disgrace. Leslie Jones was, us usual, cast the giant, boorish gorilla of a stereotypical black woman, and doesn't seem to shut up. She's also the only one in the team who isn't educated or a scientist.

    We can't blame racist Hollywood. Black women in 2016 are deliberately cooning for attention.

    1. Saw it and *FACEPALMED* Leslie Jones ain't no Winston Zedmore. Ernie Hudson played the role with intelligence and grace.

      Not a fan of the Feminist Ghostbusters and I plan on voting with my wallet. Not gonna watch that HOT MESS.

  2. A new Ghostbusters movie could have been cool, maybe with Kylie Griffin (from Extreme Ghostbusters) leading a new team, but this... meh. My problem is more with Melissa McCarthy in the cast, because she only seems to play one kind of character (i.e. know it all bumbling fat person), and even before seeing the movie I could probably predict about 80% of the "jokes" that are going to be in it. Female cast is fine, just give me something new and different and not some tired old retread.