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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


This is the last week for you to donate to the SJS DIRECTCover Kickstarter! At this point with $195 of $2800 raised I’m praying for an 11th hour miracle to get the project funded, but I’m staying positive.

Regardless of how the Kickstarter goes all four of the titles will be published. I’ve already uploaded for all the finished books on CreateSpace and Amazon’s Kindle, and all the Smashwords Editions of the eBooks have been formatted. All four books have been edited thoroughly and I believe are some of the best publications I’ve produced so far.

As for the covers that will be on the front of those books, that’s going to be up in the air. Isis: Bride of Dracula is set to release on schedule that will be early-mid April and will conclude the John Haynes arc in the Isis series. I’m gonna do what I can to put a quality cover on that book to finish the arc so future readers can recognize all the books in the arc.

But The Man Who Rules The World’s second Concept cover will probably be the cover for the book. To my surprise that cover is getting some positive responses. So it’ll go to print as is if the project doesn’t get funded.

Unfortunately, Isis: Imitation of Life might be delayed until later in the year. While I love the concept for Isis: Imitation of Life I believe this story is too important to publish it with a poor quality cover. There aren’t that many stories that tell the stories of Black heroes and Black history in the Pulp Fiction and Golden Age of Superheroes. So I’d rather delay it than publish it.  

 In the case of E’steem: The Witches of Eastland I may just do a big title cover like this:

I’m not happy producing big title covers with just a plain black background. But this is all I can afford to do right now for that book.

I’d love to continue giving my readers quality covers by professional artists like Bill Walko for every book I produce. But until I can get another full-time job or the funds to do that I have to work with what I have.  I’m just hoping that readers won’t continue to judge my books by the covers and actually give the writing a chance.

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