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Friday, January 8, 2016


The SJS DIRECT Cover Kickstarter will be launching January 11th! And this year I’m raising funds so Bill Walko, artist of the popular Webcomic The Hero Business can design ALL the covers for the titles in SJS DIRECT’S 2016 Catalog.

Bill designed the covers for the covers for last year’s Isis/E’steem Crossover and he designed the cover for Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess. I’m looking forward to working with him again this year if I can get the project funded.

There will be a several tiers of new rewards including eBooks this year!  And donation for just $5 donation can get a donor an eBook reward!  A $20 donation will get a donor ALL four of the books in the 2016 SJS DIRECT catalog in eBook form.

And along with the single paperback rewards, there are also going to be entry point paperback package rewards too! So a donor can easily get caught up on SJS DIRECT’S continuity quickly and affordably! With these 2-Book packages readers will be able to pick up new books like the upcoming Isis: Bride of Dracula along with last years’ Isis: Night of the Vampires. Or they can pick up a copy of 2011’s The Temptation of John Haynes and the upcoming John Haynes: The Man who Rules the World. Or they can pick up 2013’s The Thetas and the new Isis: Imitation of Life.

In addition to the book rewards, Bill is also offering Ten (10) single figure commissions to 10 lucky donors who contribute to the project! These commissions can be any character, Marvel, DC, SJS DIRECT, Hero Business, or whomever the donor chooses to have rendered. These commissions are highly sought after by comic fans at comicons and you’ll have a chance to own one when you donate to the Kickstarter.

I’m hoping everyone donates to the Kickstarter this year. Thanks to donors last year I was able to put two great covers on the books for last years’ Isis/E’steem Crossover and make a powerful first impression on customers all over the world. I want to continue building on that momentum and expanding the audience for SJS DIRECT books. I have four great titles planned for this year and I really need everybody’s help to make this year’s books a success!


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  1. I heard that they're turning James into a techie on Supergirl.