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Thursday, October 15, 2015

No More Nudes in Playboy :(

In March of 2016 Playboy will no longer feature nude pictorials. I’m kinda sad about that. But in a way I kind of understand why Hef and company are making the change.

Anyone can find pictures of naked women everywhere these days, not just the internet. Regular women’s magazines like Woman’s Day, Cosmopoplitan, Glamour, and Family Circle regularly feature pictures of them. And almost every day I see on in a newspaper ad or an article with some naked or half-naked woman selling everything from cereal to soap powder.

Nude women can be found on book covers in paperback and hardcover. Heck, I’ve even featured them on book covers myself.  

Nude women are so prevalent in today’s society that you can even them live and in person in Times Square. What was once taboo is now mainstream. Why should a horny man buy Playboy for a picture of a naked woman when he can see a picture of a bare body in any regular magazine in a supermarket?

And women no longer need to aspire to be Playmates in order to launch a modeling or acting career anymore. I know of several models who post their own nude photographs on their official blogs and official websites. No woman needs to be Miss March at Playboy when they can launch their own brand with their own official website and their own self-published calendars made with a POD company like CreateSpace, or Lulu and other merchandise launched from or Cafepress. And they can pay for funding their projects with donations and Patreon. 

In today’s internet age Playboy found itself played out of the adult entertainment business. No longer able to sell with flash, now it has to focus on substance. And I’d have to say it’s a good strategy. As a regular reader of Playboy back in the 1990s I can tell you the articles are very well written. Yeah, they’re a little on the liberal side, but the Playboy Journalism team is one of the best in the country from the articles I’ve read. If the journalism team is given a chance to show what they’re made of I believe the magazine could resurface as a competitior again on the level of Time and Newsweek.  

Unfortunately, washed up celebrities are gonna have to find another venue to post nude photos to jump start their dead careers.

But there’s a part of me that’s gonna miss the Playboy Playmate Pictorials. Yeah, there are a bunch of pictures of naked people on the Internets. But they weren’t as tasteful or as well done as Playboy.

I’ll say this about Playboy: Yeah, they featured nude women in pictorials. But they were done with a fun artistic flair that put a distinct style on the nudes they featured. Yeah, they were airbrushed male sexual fantasies. But they were tastefully done with a unique balance of art and sexuality that gave them a personality and spirit all they’re own. There wasn’t anything like a Playboy nude in the world. That’ll be missed in today’s media.

 Yeah, there’s a lot of nudity on the internet. But outside of a few art photographers most of it is just uninspired pictures of naked people trying too be hard to be sexy.

Unfortunately, many taking off their clothes will never understand that sexy is something that comes from within and radiates from the outside. Anyone can take a picture of themselves naked with a cell phone or a video camera. But what makes a picture an artistic nude requires a photographer to have skill to set a mood and a tone and make a model comfortable enough to express their personality in a picture. A truly great nude makes the viewer look at the model’s face, not their body. It takes vision to create those kinds of images and more vision to appreciate them for the art they are.

I’m sad to see Playboy end nudity in their publications. But this change in direction could be the start of something new and great for the magazine. If the journalism team can continue to prouduce rock solid content on the regular this could be the start of a new age for the magazine. If Hef and co focus on hard hitting journalism, Men’s issues and topics related to MGTOW Playboy could be the magazine that men go to for substantive articles instead of flashy pictures of half-naked women.

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