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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Isis/E’steem Crossover is now Available on Smashwords!

The Isis/E’steem Crossover is now available on Smashowords and Smashwords affiliates such as Barnes & Noble and the iBookstore. Both books feature covers by Hero Busine$$ artist Bill Walko and feature a Smashwords exclusive trade dress! Both books are 99¢ and well worth the purchase price! 

Vampires! When E’steem is given a project that takes her out of the office, Isis fills in for her on the job at the Morris Phillips. While she’s escorting CEO John Haynes to a charity event the demon D’lilah and a brood of disgruntled Vampires crash the party looking to take a meeting with him. Can the goddess next door help her boss take care of business dealing with the undead?

Bad Girl Gone Good! Good Girl goes undercover! When E’steem and John find stolen boxes of Marshmallow cookies in a Bronx Bodega, she goes undercover at the Nabiskit factory in Philadelphia to find the employee responsible for the thefts. Can the Devilish Diva stop the cookie crook and put an end to their confectionary caper?

Note: There will be a video about Milestone Media and the heroes of Milestone Media in the future. Right now I’m doing research and digging all my old Milestone comics out of the closet to do that feature!

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