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Thursday, February 12, 2015

R.K. Milholland’s Super Stupor-A Great Comic More Comic Fans Need To Read

 I’m a big fan of R.K. Millholland’s Something*Positive strip. I discovered the webcomic when I was working at City College’s Science Library back in 2008. And after reading my first strip and having a good laugh one Friday, I’d breezed through the first two years of Something*Positive in two hours! Since then I haven’t missed a Something *Positive strip in the last six years.

In addition to Something*Positive Randy also occasionally publishes two other strips, Rhymes With Witch and Super Stupor. For a few years he self-published a print version of Super Stupor. Usually he’d have a pre-order for them around the time of San Diego Comic Con. And when I had money back in 2009-2011 I made it a point to put in my pre-order for a copy of Super Stupor to show my support for his great work.

And it’d be worth every penny. A few months later I’d get an AWESOME comic with some of the best storytelling in the medium.

uper Stupor follows the adventures of various heroes such as Rumblebee, Arch-Angela and Punchline in the fictional town of Plight Heights. In between the adventures, there’s a lot of satirical humor that pokes fun at the genre of super hero comics in the style of Something*Positive. The humor and the storytelling work well together and make every issue of Super Stupor a boatload of fun to read.   

What makes Super Stupor comics great are the relationships between the characters. Randy has a way of writing that makes you CARE about the heroes and the villains in Plight Heights. The characters are so rich and multidimensional they leap off the page and become people you form a personal connection with. Instead of heroes in costumes you see the people behind the masks.  

One of the best issues in the series is Super Stupor #3 in this issue the survivors of the Cataclysm, an event similar to DC Comics’ Crisis such as Rumblebee Eye-Sore, and the Scaretaker are still trying to sort out their lives years after the event. After you read this comic you’ll never see a reboot or an event comic in the same way again. I highly recommend comic fans pick this one up, it’s a tear-jerker with a brilliant story.

Every issue of Super Stupor is a clinic on comic book storytelling. Randy Milholland is a brilliant writer with great skill in drawing panels and writing dialogue. He should have been hired to write comics for Marvel, DC, Image, one of these print comics publishers out here. He is a master of the craft of comic storytelling in words and pictures. Seeing his guestwork on other webcomics like Queen of Wands, Girls With Slingshots and Shorpacked! he maintains the spirit of other people’s characters while telling stories in his own distinct style. I’d love to see him work with some of Marvel or DC’s characters.

I’m eager to buy Super Stupor #5 whenever it comes out, But in between the daily S*P Strip his travels to comiccons, and Last Trick-or-treaters watercolors, Randy’s schedule is pretty busy. As an indie publisher myself who does everthing, I can understand. Yeah, that Temptation of John Haynes sequel is coming. One of these days. I just need time to write it. Maybe after Isis: Imitation of Life and E’steem: Back to School. Maybe.

I urge you pick up a copy of Super Stupor from Randy’s store. You’re definitely gonna love this series. Every comic you buy helps him pay bills so he can continue to keep publishing great comics. And I really urge everyone to Check out Something*Positive. It’s a great strip that you’ll l get you hooked on the first reading. 

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