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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Speech- Hollywood uses Gender to Deflect from Race

I didn’t waste my time watching the 2015 Oscars. But from what snippets I’ve seen the truth about how dysfunctional Hollywood is regarding race was on stage for the entire world to see. Coons like John Legend crying for Massa. And Academy Award™ winner Patricia Arquette looking for a way to deflect from the issue of race in Hollywood by talking about equal pay for women in AmeriKKKa. Oh, the things people do for those gold statues!

I find it ironic that Patricia Arquette wants to talk about equal pay for women when the Academy didn’t nominate Ava DuVernay, the Black female director of Selma for an Academy Award™ for Best Director. I guess equal pay for women actually means Equal pay for White women, because there was no equality in the way the nominations were handed out this year.

It’s interesting that the White liberals in Hollywood want to talk about equal pay for White women after the Academy and its Black female president snubbed Ava DuVernay and the cast of Selma by not giving any of them nominations on Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday. All this talk about equal pay for White women is a wonderful way to deflect from race.

Using the White Woman as a buffer, the White Liberal in Hollywood avoids talking about race and his blatant racism against Black people in his actions and policies. And at the Oscars 2015 America’s White liberals both male and female showed what cowards and hypocrites they were on Sunday night. 

You see when called on his racism, the White liberal goes out and gets his buffer Negroes like John Legend to be his first line of defense. And when their minstrel antics don’t pacify the American masses, he calls up his second line of defense, the White Feminist. The hope is most of the American masses will be diverted and divided by her deflections on sex and get into a gender war discussion. 

And those who see through the smokescreen of sex and persist to call the White Liberal on his racism will be attacked with shaming tactics by his White Feminist and her Mangina supporters. In this offensive attack the White woman will make herself a victim, calling the person who challenges the White Liberal a misogynist, a sexist, a homophobe, and hater of all women. The hope is that the masses will use peer pressure shame the challenger into silence and shut down the discussion on race.

Clearly the members of the Academy think Negroes are stupid. And many, unfortunately have fallen for the game. Because most Negro males will sniff behind the backside of any White woman who looks their way, and most Negro females secretly worship her and hang on every word she says.

Patricia Arquette’s little bullshit Oscar Speech was socially engineered to take everyone’s mind off the Whitest Oscars since 1998 by making a victim out of the poor White woman. A White woman who stands right by the side of the rich White man. A White woman has benefitted the most from Affirmative Action since the late 1970’s. A White woman who benefits from all the privileges in the entertainment industry by either marrying wealthy White men in Hollywood or working right beside them.

Patricia Arquette made it look like she’s speaking about all women in her Oscar speech. But any smart Black woman knows that when White women talk about women’s issues they’re usually not talking about Black women. Again, Arquette’s speech is just a smokescreen to deflect from race in Hollywood.

A-list White Women today like Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker are already paid just like the guys. And that’s because these A-list White women can open movies just like the A-list guys such as Will Smith, George Clooney, and Denzel Washington. Due to their ability to draw at the box-office they get the pick of top scripts. Some can even get a project greenlit. And most screenwriters want to write for them because it’s a guaranteed big payday for them. A script for an A-list White woman will pull a larger budget. And Three to five percent of a 100 million dollar production budget for a movie with a White female lead is a lot more money than three to five percent of the five to eight million dollar budgets most Black movies usually get.

As I stated before in my All About Marilyn blog, the Black actress is at the BOTTOM of Hollywood. She is the least paid in all of Hollywood and the LAST to get a project greenlit. And that disparity has to do with profits, not gender. Again, the Black actress is at the BOTTOM of Hollywood because she is considered the highest risk at the box-office. No smart studio executive is going to pay a Black actress $20 million a picture when she can’t even open movies with $8 million budgets. Moreover, she doesn’t have the star power to recoup the budget in the U.S. Nor does she have the international appeal to help a film open in foreign markets.

And the White Supremacists in Hollywood will never allow a Black actress to make equal pay to White Women or to have films with budgets on par with their A-list starlets. Hollywood is the propaganda arm of White Supremacy and they make their money promoting and selling the image of the White Woman as the ideal standard for beauty for the world to follow. Having a Black woman establishing a standard of beauty that is her equal is bad for the business of White Supremacy. As long as women all over the world are chasing the White Woman’s standard and Black men and nonwhite men are chasing her tail, White Supremacists are guaranteed to control the economies of the world.

If these White men in Hollywood were serious about equal pay for women, they’d be out giving the all the Black women they dated and married like Whoopi Goldberg, Tamera Mowry, Karyn Parsons, Halle Berry and Persia White leading roles in A-list movies like Angelina Jolie, Melissa, McCarthy, and Sarah Jessica Parker get. They’d be greenlighting projects with Black women in lead roles just like they do for Angelina Jolie, Melissa McCarthy and Sarah Jessica Parker. They’d be making every effort to elevate the image of the Black woman to be equal to that of the White Woman.

And instead of Black women playing the Jezebels like we see on Scandal, Empire and Monster’s Ball, we’d be seeing Black women playing complex roles like those Patricia Arquette and Amy Adams just won Academy Awards™ for.

But White women like Patricia Arquette don’t want Black actresses playing those parts. Because on a level playing field they’d have competition for those acting jobs. And most White feminists don’t like things being equal. As the Cheerleaders of White Supremacy, these hypocrites like to cry and complain about sexism to White men while they participate in racism against Black women.

All the talk about equal pay from the Hollywood Elite like Patricia Arquette at the Oscars was just a deflection to keep the masses from discussing race and seeing how racist Hollywood truly is. White Women have had equal pay since the late 1970’s and in some industries these days they actually get paid more than men. In jobs outside of the entertainment industry it’s easier for a White woman and a Black woman to get a job than a Black man like myself. The real issue Hollywood refuses to talk about is race, and the truth is the White Supremacists in Hollywood just don’t want anyone to see humanized images of Black people onscreen.    


  1. Interesting that she is talking equal pay for women all the sudden as March 4 is coming around. March 4 is when her new CSI series with Bow Wow comes out. CSI Cyber. Interesting enough Bow Wow & the other person of color-an Asian girl are not agent but former criminals getting deals to be on the tea,.

  2. Please go in on Empire! This Empire show might equal or surpass Scandal!

    Black People give the same lines about how they are happy to see other Blacks in lead roles on TV!

    This is begging for scraps!

    At least, if there were more balance, then I could just brush it off my shoulders!

    Everything isn't going to be The Cosby Show, but the only black shows on Network TV are with high class courtesans and dysfunctional families!

    The Goldbergs shows a somewhat dysfunctional family, but there is some stability!

    Its like you said: Black women (and men in certain cases) don't bring in the money like the Modern Family shows and How I Met Your Mother!

    Bounce TV has Family Time with Omar Gooding and Angell Conwell! The major channels wouldn't pick that show up! Let's make something that is Black-ish!

  3. Zoe saldana is A-List in Hollywood a beautiful multi ethnic mixed African ancestry women of color. The powers that be love her, she gets the same kind of action roles Angelina jolie gets, high profile magazines and the media constantly compare her to Angelina jolie and others.... She going to be the lead in all of the up and coming avatars movies, star trek, and others. Lupita N'yongo is people magazine most beautiful women in the world, and shes on all the mainstream magazine covers as the standard of beauty for dark skinned women worldwide. Hollywood LOVES HER! She's going to be the lead female character in the new star wars movie this year, and jungle book with Scarlett a major beauty contract with lancome cosmetics. So You Are A LIAR. Hollywood don`t just show European women as the standard of beauty.If they did N'yongo And saldana wouldn't be so successful and popular. ..

  4. Tyrell, I already went in on Empire in a YouTube Video But a blog may be coming soon.

    Zoe Saldana is B-LIST. And she's a dark-Skinned HISPANIC, not BLACK. She has NOT proven she can open a movie on her own. Columbinia anyone? without fantasy ensembles like Guardians of the Galaxy no one would remember her name. She's on the same track as Halle Berry.

    And Lupita is going to be forgotten soon. What has she done since winning that Oscar?

    The same thing Octavia Spencer and Mo' Nique are doing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Both are flavors of the month just like Halle Berry was.

    None of these women are making the money Kate Jackson made back in the 1980s or the money Suzanne Somers made in the 70s. Nor do they make the money Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore or Angelina Jolie Make. Compared to the women I mentioned who make HUNDREDS of millions of dollars, Zoe and Lupitia make change.

    And NONE of these women can get a film greenlit or sell it to a foreign audience. the way Angelina Jolie just got Unbreakable made, distributed and sold just on her name power as well. Nor could they get a TV series to air like Sarah Jessica Parker could for Sex and the City. So their star power is LIMITED compared to theirs.

  5. Shawn, Zoe Saldana is part black and Hispanic and I'm just happy that any multi ethnic woman like myself is on t.v. I am so sick and tired of seeing the same old boring fake blonde bimbo in the lead roles. We need to see more Asian, Indian, and Latina women in the lead roles, they always seem to get ignored, Hollywood bigots only see things in black and white and to hell with the rest, I'm a proud multi ethnic woman and I would like to see more equality instead of the same old shit!

  6. Zoe Saldana only has relevance because she plays the role many in Hollywood require women of color to adhere to. Her penchant for being thirsty for white men in the industry helps her stay gainfully employed; nothing more. I don't care for her because she's one of those actresses that likes to play both sides of the fence: black when she needs to be and Hispanic when she wants to pander to that demographic.

    Do you really believe she was the perfect person to portray Nina Simone when there are far more capable actresses out there more talented and resemble Ms. Simone more than her? Didn't think so.

    Shawn is right. Many sistas in the industry are looked over and grossly underpaid n like their white counterparts. They don't want TRUE BLACK WOMEN to flourish and be seen as role models or sex symbols to the masses of moviegoers. It's even worse for us brothas trying to get a nut. Heaven forbid a black man outshine a white one onscreen in an Alpha male capacity.

    Let's stop drinking the damn Kool-aid and see this farce for what it is. We need to realize that we are and never will be invited into their "exclusive" clique. We need to do for self and build from there...every other race has carved their niche in this genre while we BEG for inclusion.

  7. maybe if black men didn't suck up to the blonde bitch, and appreciate the ethnic women, than a woman such as Zoe Saldana wouldn't be with the white man, at least there are some white men that admire the multiracial woman's unique beauty, black men take note!